Exam Month 

2005年01月13日(木) 22時35分
I'm so sorry for this long blank. To tell the trueth, I had been just razy. Exam Month has just started today. I had one Mass Communication. I think I could make it. One of students tried to cheat. But it's fault. She'll get all F for all subjects of this term. かわいそうに。でもしょうがない。

Donnie Darko 

2004年12月31日(金) 9時59分
I rentaled a DVD Donnie Darko. It was misterious. Not so much gross. Hey, we call the adjective gross guroi in Japanese slang. Sounds very similar weren't they? Guroi's pronunciation would be groy in English sounds. I wonder it came from English gross.

Yesterday, a small package arrived my home. Mom brought it to my room. That's mail from Jessie, who is my oldest friend oversea. Maybe over 7 or 8 years. She gave me two pieces of pierced earing. I used to wear 3 pierces each. But I don't for now. I think I put them through my pencase. It'll be adorable accsent.


2004年12月26日(日) 0時35分
I'm listen to GO!GO!7188's 種. I love this song. I knew the song but I haven't know its name and author. Now that I know it, I have to rush to rental CD!!!

X'mas Eve 

2004年12月24日(金) 23時06分
I'm making homepage for a successor to this blog now. I'll stick pictures of me or some other things there. Wait for a moment.

In Bad Shape 

2004年12月21日(火) 21時28分
When I woke up, I found myself very ill. It's quite rare that I get sick. "I have to go to school. My speech pertner of spanish class needs me today." I thought, in bed. It was 7:00 a.m. The speech was supposed to be started 15:00. I had enought time to get better. But it didn't seem getting better. I brought myself to the nearest hospital. Doctor gave me small packages of antiflatulent and antifebrile after I got an intravenous drip injection. Quite boring day, today was. Over 10 hours in bed. Just sleep. I want to do something productive.

Well, I've started to write another story. I'm sure it will be completed. I got clear imagination of the story from start and the end. The middle is vague for now. I think I'll be able to get on the work tomorrow or later. I hope I will get better soon.


Dear J 

2004年12月20日(月) 22時21分
I read your email. I think I can write to you by 27th December. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. I really appreciate your patience.


2004年12月20日(月) 7時52分


2004年12月19日(日) 7時51分


2004年12月18日(土) 7時50分
学校:広告論 社会論

Have a party 

2004年12月17日(金) 17時28分
I'm gonna go to have a drink with my seminor members from now.
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