Le Petit Princess 

2005年06月11日(土) 16時37分
Princess B wishes to have an aeroplane, so that she can fly to wherever she wants. Is it possible? Fly to Prince Dardar, that's what she longs for.

I miss you 

2005年06月04日(土) 22時17分
Dar dar, I miss you so much... When am I going to see you again? I dislike distance, I long to be at your sides every minute...


2005年06月02日(木) 12時45分
Dar dar, I have been wondering what's happened to me... I should not have been so wilful, and I'm afraid that you'll leave me one day because of my ignorance. I love you, and I'm so scared to loss you, and I can't afford to do so... I know my days will end by then... I really really really wants to see you, I miss you so much...

Happy Monday 

2005年05月30日(月) 11時59分
Dar dar, it's Monday... I look forward to seeing you on Sat... It's has been a long time since we last met. Although it's just a couple of week passed, it seems like 2 years to me... Love you always.


2005年05月27日(金) 17時49分
Dar dar, is my blog nice?
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