March --- A Month of Exhibition 

2006年03月25日(土) 5時46分
Wow~It's getting warmer these days here in Seoul though still a bit cool. Spring's around the corner. The weather is so good that I can always see the Seoul Tower (南山塔) so clearly during day and night. My fds told me it's raining and wet in HK. Oh, I hate that kind of spring weather.

Received the emails from CU OAL staff and some of them have been arrived in Seoul n now staying in COEX Intercontinental Hotel. Another group of them will be coming on Mon n staying in Lotte Hotel near Myeongdong (明洞).

March marks the coming back of Spring, and also lots of exhibitions in which CU participated.

Here comes my schedule in late March:

25/3 Korean Student Fair 2006 @ COEX
28/3 Dinner Gathering with CU OAL staff @ Myeongdong
29/3 Cocktail Reception @ Lotte Hotel
30/3 IASP Exhibition @ Korea University

There are endless homework + readings piling up on my desk as well.......sigh...


2006年03月18日(土) 20時44分
It was already abour 9:30 when I got up. Revised korean until 11:30 and had lunch in the dorm cafeteria. Came across Ming, Xiaoyun and Jingxia there so we enjoyed our lunch, or brunch, together. Ming and Xiaoyun went clubbing with other exchange students yesterday late at night. No wonder they were sooooo tired. They asked me y I didn't go. I just answered clubbing didn't interest me at all. For no reasons, I hate the smell of wine and the club atmosphere that it seems I don't belong to those places. N I don't like drinking or I'll defintely throw up...

Revised again after lunch but I don't y I'd been soooo tired today that I took a nap n it was about 3:30 when I was awake....

Received an email from CU OAL about the staff going to Seoul in late March and our dinner gathering. Well, no ideas about about places recommended to have dinner...The staff will be staying in Lotte Hotel near Lotte World, I think, and they wanted to have dinner nearby. But it would be Tue and the dormitory curfew time would be 11:00pm.....How can I rush back to my room if we have dinner in such a place far away from Ewha? (Taking about 1 hour to go back to Ewha, I guess...) Discussed this matter with other CU mates on MSN but we hadn't reached any conclusion...

Did laundry after dinner and typed this entry. Well, I've been thinking of translating the entries in another blog into Eng on this one but always don't have time! ~~SIGH~~

Current playing--> "Only Love" by Trademark + "Right Here Waiting"

Long Long Time...... 

2006年03月13日(月) 19時01分
Well......About 10 months passed since last update.....

New Blog 

2005年05月29日(日) 21時38分
With the help of Ryoko, I got my new blog tonight
Xanga really lets me down........sigh
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