March 27 [Sun], 2005, 23:10
Today went to Tsuen Wan to drink tea with may father's side relative at Maxism...the food was quite ok and with a lot of variations...quite good.
Afterwards went back to Lingnan to see my babies. Surprisingly saw Leo when running towards the bus station...Talked with him for some time...he said that he had something wanna talk with me later...what does he wanna talk with me...so nervous!!!!!!!
Bought some Kinda choco eggs for the babies...it seemed that they were really happy about that...I was really happy when they said 'thank you baby' to me altogether, including Bong Bong...hehe~~~ They liked played with the toys, and they gave the toys a name, e.g. 邦邦獸、合成獸...they were really very funny indeed.
Had a happy night playing with them, esp. Bong Bong and Little Bong...We stayed in AM109 until 00:XX...
A really happy night...


March 26 [Sat], 2005, 23:57
Today slept until 11...great~~~This can recover the loss of sleeping hours this week~~~
Had lunch again atゥ~ュケォホ, eel rice with sashimi set meal...a really very tasty meal~~~~
At around four I went to MK again with mom and aunt 2 to buy a birthday present for my nephew. First we went to Trendy Zone. Finally bought a Doramon chess set for him. $168...beautiful but expensive. I bought 2 T-shirts{Tシ?ツ} + 2 shirts + jeans + star hair pin there.
Afterwards went to McDonald's to have a drink. In Sai Yeung Choi St I saw Benny...so surprised~~After the drink I saw Benny and Parkson there. I went to talk to them when my mom and aunt were shopping at U2. Had a quite happy talk with Benny and Cat...at first.
Tonight had hot pot as dinner. Watched a quite good film by Li Hang-hsiang produced by Shaw Brothers. Although this film is quite old, but the actors and actresses are very good. Great~~~~
Tonight received Father Napo's message. He is really very shit. I don't wanna talk to him anymore!!!!!!{プ?スカ}{プ?スカ}{プ?スカ}{プ?スカ}{プ?スカ}{プ?スカ}{プ?スカ}{プ?スカ}{プ?スカ}{プ?スカ}

1st Day of Easter Holiday 

March 25 [Fri], 2005, 23:30
Today was the first day of the holiday. I got up at 10:15 and then rushed back home so that I could practise piano for a while before having lunch.
After the lesson I went to CWB Plaza to take a look of the Porter polka dots bag{?物}. Then bag was not really very good...the look was too normal without any specialty...After going to Kimberly I went back to MK to see if there's other Porter bag.
I went to King Wah Centre and nothing could be bought...so shit. Today's like that and yesterday also{プ?スカ}{プ?スカ}{プ?スカ}!!!Then I ate some siumai and then a very very very very spicy fishball...{シ?ック}I told the lady to give me non-spicy fishball and she gave me spicy ones...so shit!!!!!!!! I needed to buy a cup of drink{???ソーダ} at ウ\ッd、sto ease my uncomfortable feeling...Then I went to ?ケF to buy a new game for my PSP{コ?ト?ー?ー}. It is a music x puzzle game and I think this game is more suitable for me to play...
After dinner I talked on the phone{?電話} with Gun{?ケット} for nearly an hour...what we talked about was about Bong Bong and Cathy...hoho. We were afraid that Cathy would treat us as her enemy because we played so closely with Bong Bong yesterday night...
After leaving I went to Olympic City 2 with Mom. Mom bought me a (Russian) diamond ring and it costs $58...the price is really very reasonable...

Very Happy Day 

March 25 [Fri], 2005, 5:44
Yesterday I slept at 4 without brushing my teeth and washing my face...As I was too tired that I skipped GEC317 again...
After getting up, I went to vote and then to the AD Forum...something made my bad emotions come out...
After having brunch at Mcdonald's I went back to my room. As I really wanna buy something and so I skipped TRA216 and went to MK with Alice...This week I skipped a total of 5 lessons...really very shit.
On the bus I slept and my head always hit on the window of the bus, but I didn't feel any pain...We went to Langham Place. Shitty Alice persuaded me all the time to pierce two more earholes...We left and had dinner at KFC at around 8. After dinner I took the bus back to LU because I wanna hear Uncle Bong sing...haha.
At 23:3X Gun called me and ask if I wanna talk with them in Wing On Plaza. Then I immediately went down to Wing On Plaza from the room to join them. When I arrived, Gun was persuading Uncle Bong to go to sing K with them. Of course I joined the battle...hoho. Gun pulled the strap of his bag and I held his arm tightly in order to prevent him escape. We said that if he didn;t go we would made his 'dream comes true' and then sat by his side and laid our heads on his shoulder and called him Bong Bong. After some time I ordered my babies to carry him out. Little Bong held his legs immediately then and Gun and I carried his armpits. However Uncle Bong was too heavy then he fell on the floor. The all the babies and I surrounded him and made him feel itchy and laugh. Finally he surrendered and agreed to go with us. He then sat on the upper floor of Wing On Plaza. Gun held the strap of his bag and I held his wrist and swang his arm...haha. During that time Gun and I played with his face. Finally Uncle Bong didn't go and escaped with his bag left to us and all my babies went away with him...so shit.

Consulation Day 

March 23 [Wed], 2005, 17:11
22rd March 2005 was the consulation day of the proposed cabinet of the 38th LUSU Executive Council. The consulation finally ended at 06:1X and afterwards I went to drink tea with them before I had the 08:30 lesson.
At around 00:XX today something made me cry. The incident was a complicated one. At first, Brown Brown was touched by the answer of Sandy of a particular question. We walked to Wing On Plaza and had a talk on this. When she was talking, she couldn't help and so she cried. I held her and let her cry and tried to comfort her. During the process, we herard the crying voice of Gun, and so we ran back to the place where they were having consulation. I couldn't stop my tears flowing when I saw Gun cried when she was answering a question about account letter. We sat down and calm ourselves down. However, when Jeffrey asked a question and said why ten of them do not have communications and why three of us have, Brown Brown cried out loud again and I tried to hold her and comfort her and couldn't help let my tears flow. Uncle Bong saw that and required a break. During the break when I saw Gun run to the smoking place I ran after her and held her and let her cry on my shoulders. After she had stopped crying, it's my turn to cry. Uncle Bong asked why I was crying and Gun told him that I am one of the three. After we went back to the consultation place Wincy hugged me and I couldn't help crying again...
I was really angry and disappointed about that...I swear this is the last time to cry for the fxxking Stand for You guys...JeffreyTracyManChris...you four are really very fxxking...

Happy Gathering 

March 20 [Sun], 2005, 23:10
This moring I went to watch Million Dollar Baby at Olympic City2 Broadway with Mum and Dad. This film was really soooooooooo good. It's a touching and sad film actually. The first half of the film was quite encouraging and excited, just as we were one of the fans or friends of the female character Maggie. However, after Maggie got hurt severely in a fight with a world championship, the film became sad suddenly. Maggie hurt her neck bone and her lower part boday was paralysed. The reaction of her boss Frankie was sooooooooo sad but he needa pretend to be very happy. Finally Maggie wanted to die in a way that no one could take her dignity and so she begged Frankie to end her life and Frankie finally agreed in a very unwillingly and sad way. That really made me cry...I couldn;t stop crying until the end...
After the film we went back home. At around three we left and went back to Tuen Mun, Dad went back to hostel with me to carry my dirty clothes away. At five I left the hostel and started my journey to Prof. Starr's house. I arrived at 17:4x after taking the minibus to新墟 and the minibus 43A. Prof. Starr and her wife were surprised that I came early.
Their house is really very big as there's only one flat each floor. There's a balcony with a very good seaview. Great~~~
Prof Starr and his wife are really very very nice. His wife is a butterfly lover and their hose has many Chinese decorations.
Prof. Starr's wife prepared a lot of food for us, fruit, chips, cakes...the number of dishes were not a lot, but the amount was huge. The cakes , brownies and cookies were all made by her and the taste was really marvulous and superb, especially the ring cake. I ate two pieces. I was really very full. After some food we all heard Prof Starr talking about the SIEP stuffs. I met some new friends here also. This gathering was really a good one and I wanna attend again and again~~~

Hair Cut 

March 19 [Sat], 2005, 22:56
Today went to have hair cut with Mom, Emily and my aunt. Before going, we had lunch at the Japanese restaurant. The set lunch is really very tasty,
As we made a booking at 13:00 in Yaumatei and we were still in Tai Kok Tsui at 12:55 and we took a taxi finally,
We stayed at the salon for around four hours because all four of us had a hair cut (my mom was finally persuaded by the one who cut hair for us). Sam was the one who cut the hair for us. He cut a lot of hair from me and made my hair become thinner. I quite like the new hair cut~ The one who blew hair for me was a talkative and funny guy. He always laughed when I told him something in an exagerrated way. Nice~
Afterwards, mom and I went to Langham place as I wanna buy a pair of shoes for tonight's dinner. Finally I bought a pair of katie Judith's yellow round-head shoes (with butterfly at the front) at i.t. of $590. It sounded expensive, but it was made of 皮 and mom said it's reasonable.
Tonight we needa go to the birthday dinner of my father-side-aunt's father, at a Chinese restaurant in Fanling. The food was really bad and it's too salty....

Finally Finished 

March 18 [Fri], 2005, 1:39
Haven't write here for a long time...I will find some day to put all the stuffs back here...
Today was my turn to have Criticism Presenation, I got up quite early today...at around 8:40 in order to arrive early. However, when I arrived, there's people using the classroom and so I waited for a long time in AR 1/F...just like a crazy guy...
Finally, I could enter the room at around 8:25...and I realized that I was the only one who was going to have the presentation...how come?
The presentation was quite ok, but I was really too nervous. This was really a fruitful lesson.
After this presentation, all my presentations were finished!!!!!! Great~
After all the lessons, I really wanna relax. Therefore I didn't go to the recruitment talk for Disney and the tutorial lesson at 18:30. However, I finished the assignment of Lit. A before I went home.
Tonight I had dinner at Genki in Tseun Wan Kam Wa Shopping Centre. The sushi of Genki is really not as good as that of トソコレ; and the service was bad, also. The pairs beside me were also very strange...damn!!! Afterwards I bought an ice cream at Papagalleo, the rosy strawberry flavour, but it also tasted bad...too sweet...shit!!!!

Visit To Langham Place 

December 19 [Sun], 2004, 1:41
Today I got up at 12:XX. Ten hours of sleep. Good~
After writing seven Christmas cards and having lunch, Dad and Mom and I went to Langham Place at around 15:XX.
Langham Place is very huge and consisted of around 15 floors. From B2 to 8/F are some brand name shops and from 9/F to 12/F small shops could be found.
Today we only walked up to 10th floor because no escalators could be found starting from 9/F and there are only spiral stairs. As Mom and I were already very tired and Dad already got the seats at Watami and so we left.
I bought two pairs of earrings, a cropped pants at O。DP。DA and a T-shirt, a woollen sweater, a knitted cardigan and a floral print cropped pants at bread n butter, with a total cost of around $15XX. Thanks Mom.
Afterwards we had dinner at Watami with one of my cousin. We had a happy dinner and we laughed a lot.
Then we went back home after dinner.


December 18 [Sat], 2004, 1:21
As I said before, I slept at 7 in the morning. However, my mother called me at 11. As I didn't wanna let her know I slept so late, so I woke myself up and talked to her in a woken - up - and - working voice. After hung up, I couldn't fall asleep anymore.
As a result I got up and continued my knitting until Gun{?ケット} called me to accompany her to have something to eat{食?}. After waiting for her boyfrined and waiting until he finished eating thery went to the market and I went to the library to borrow books for doing theory paper{??}.
Afterwards I went back home and went to Fanling to have the dinner of celebrating Grandmother's birthday. Today everybody came and there's a total of 42 people. Such a big group of people. Therefore we needed to wait for all the people came before we can eat. We waited until 21:XX. The food was not good. In my opinion. too salty.
Finally we went back home at 23:XX and we arrived home at 00:XX.
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