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February 05 [Tue], 2019, 14:13


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1:26 dog walks into the camera
BEST MOVIE EVER❤️...I give it 10 stars...⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Aliyah and Chris went to their roots with Gospel songs. Both of them showed what type of music they truly grew up with and come from. Aliyah hit all the right notes and all the right emotions. Great job! Grade A tonight! This is going to be the hardest season to 'eliminate' 4 people from the show after tonight!!!!.

An Amy Grant cassette tape? Yeah, I'll pass.

Just saw this movie two nights ago. I was worried it would be one of those that didn't look as good as the trailer. I was wrong, this is the best Christian movie I've seen in terms of plot, acting and overall entertainment. Still thinking about it now, it was just awesome..

I like his haircut.

I usually don't cry with emotional stuff but I got to say this got me. It sounds like a really promising movie and like real story. I can't wait!!!.

Moved by this song :) Praise Jesus!

108 Soul's, I will pray for you. Jesus is the way.

Saw the movie last night in South Africa...what a wonderful story...with tears.Love this song so much...even if it was written a while ago in USA.🙌🙌🙌.

Beautiful song and well done !

Seen this movie this weekend..... wow what a story.....A beautiful tale of the complications of the father- son relationship and how we are all broken in this world but ultimately to God in unity we belong one day till then..... as Bart beautifully states we can only imagine amen and God bless!.

A beautiful melody and powerful lyrics ... praise God !!


Such a hard movie to watch but I recommend it

Originally Andrew Garfield was supposed to do this movie but he couldn’t commit because of his schedule so they took Chris Evans.

OMG I can't believe this song is on the voice❤️, Christian songs are amazing.

“You wanted me before I was smart.” E X P O S E D

This song always gets me thinking about going home to be with Jesus, where real and eternal life begins!

i love that song because i am Christian and that song is talking about Jesus

I just watched it.. a bit late but here I am, this movie is fantastic, brought me to tears!! very touchy and heartwarming and funny!!!

Beautiful song I love you Jesus

The best song ever

I thought this was a Matilda remake at first...

who am i ,,,to have this grace and mecy from God .lord am so gratitude....
Amazing!!! Tks God!!!
Love the lyrics. So passionate 😌
Thank God for his Holy spirit
The great thing is all of this family r genius!!
I don’t like the way she did the song kinda made it as no special as it is
i saw this movie. it is hands down the best movie out right now. although it is sad and i cried there are funny parts to the movie. this movie is so inspirational. it teaches you to never give up no matter what anyone says and even though there may be bumps in the road everything will work out. i 100% recommend seeing this movie..

Well I think that he really acted like he was living it being abusive and he really makes it a really good movie and expesile because it is a true story give me 💯 likes to make my grandma in the hospital feel better.
This song completely wrecks my heart every single time in a different way each time. ❤
I can’t lie I cried like a baby during the movie some happy some sad a lot of sad tears
We played this at my Father's funeral, he died August 28th 2018, on my 53rd birthday. My birthday's will never be the same, but this song will be in my heart forever.

Is this part of the MCU?. Is it before or after Infinity War?.


Every night... before I sleep .. watching this VEDIO
Is it just me or does Cap look like Nathan Drake in this?
The best movie ever in my hole entire life!!! It is sad and funny and very entertaining and interesting. Want too watch over and over again.
what a awesome powerful song. God is good all the time
this is a brilliant song & I too get goosebumps when I listen to it. it is a great worship song.
I guess Captain America's super strength passed on to his kid as super knowledge.. *definitely how genes work

She should do take me to church

I can only imagine.... #Thank you JESUS

I cry every time I here this song....
Incredible, just incredible!!!
I love this song, it's one of my favorite worship songs! Praise God.
God will always be by your side ❤
His life sounds like mine. Glad he found something to hold onto.





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