What dream

March 08 [Tue], 2011, 16:25
Yes, but too hard so good Oh really very hard for the Front grandmother child support can not be too fast you know Zuoxiao leap grandmother and brother I said anything, - he said he also wanted a baby girl in the future that is Linger He can not be hard but I would not give him the world he did not know we even Linger probably can not save her grandmother too Yeah we do? Should we only look at Linger so as I embark on a road of no return it?

Not all will not end too grandma will step into the coffin will be arranged before Linger too grandma who makes everything thoroughly with Zhao end will not be a calamity will not be tired, descendants of the not a

This is the heavy sigh of intense drilling her countless times to her dream of an upsurge of disturbance.

Dynasty her mother and grandmother did not know what the injury could hear the mother's heart cry just know will be very bad mood in a moment of happiness and a better all be torn crushed out.

The next day her mother to ask why such things early in trouble after seeing the mother's gentle smile is still a dream last night, whining seems to be one of her ridiculous nightmare now!

What dream?

Although young, she also did not doubt they did not know to identify the mother to care about but do not know the midnight cry again gradually being depleted of effort. Until her mother had been found lying sickly smile lost their lives luster.

Father, mother, that time is beyond the Great Wall Dynasty grandmother called him to come back and say she can go to see him glances at ease

At that time she also knows not what is comfortable to go quietly as her young guard at the mother at her side day by day and then withered in her Zhanghuang of gradually closed in the eye to the stars with a touch of deep Unfortunately, taking hold in mouth drop the helpless tears of grief

Also at that time she understood what is broken

Father, but he finally came back to see the government's white silk garden full of the bitter sub-static ornamental engraving flower coffin is not the mother of the cold body of a coffin lid bright smile across her with him in the two world .

Dynasty grandmother sobbed quietly weeping eyes are cloudy one. She pulled the chapter house three generations of three generations of Miss Miss generation Hidetoshi died this fate or a curse? Little she did not know how mixed with one kind of story. Dynasty her grandmother because she could not interpret is so small!

Fu Ling and immediately heard her father called the implementation of long-piercing roar in the sky's the happiest sad day for such a rubbing shoulders with her forever away a pile of mud buried his father's happiness for her early experience to what is called the heartache and pain.

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