Painful Farewell 

November 29 [Sat], 2008, 21:36
2 weeks ago, i broken up with my girlfriend We were together about 3 years.
Looking back over the 3-years, i had many memories...

we went to many places, Lynn Canyon and Graus mountain in Vanvouver, Victria, Tronto, Niagara Falls, New york, Hokkaido, ..... and so on.

i also had many pictures with her. when i broken with her, i thought that i abandoned thier memories with the pictures. but i couldn't. this is because i realized they are precious one for me

i learned a lot of things from her. and she helped me grow up.

Good bye AND Thank you Kaori until now

This is the real full days of English ! 

June 27 [Wed], 2007, 17:14
These days, I read many English articles. I'm, of course, reading one of them now
Moreover, they included a lot of rare words. So, I took long time to read one article.
I finished reading 6 articles, so far. I was very tired
But, All of them don't have bad side.
I used my dictionary and PC then. This contributed to improve my vocabulary and reading speed of English sentenses
For th duration, this life may continue...
This is the real full days of English, not in game

Crosscultural Communication!! 

May 18 [Fri], 2007, 16:13
Nagoya University has a program to introduce an international student to a Japanese one for crosscultural communication. I've been interested in it very much
Today, I went to the Center for International Students in my university to ask about that program. There were many foreigners from lots of countries: Asian, Europian, American, maybe....African, and so on I thought as if I had been in overseas
Then I got explanations and I decided
Next week, I'm gonna enter that program. I wanna meet a new friend from overseas and communicate in English

Lesson 5
procedure (n) : an established or official way of doing something

ex) We should follow the correct procedure when we deal with poison.

My Golden Week 

May 10 [Thu], 2007, 22:01
I spent contrastive days during this Golden Week.
The first half was great I went to Kishiwada, Osaka with my girlfriend and her family This is because there are her relatives. They invited me BBQ I had a great time there. They are very kind, sweet and great, I went to Rinku Toun. There is a big outlet mall. I didn't buy anything, but it was fun to only walking around.
And....The last half...... It was hell I did just my homework for the rest in Nagoya. I didn' t go anywhere. I saw many people who had smile in their faces very much in the way to my university
Oh-My-Got....Please give me more a couple of days

Lesson 4
ascend (v) : go up or climb
ex) She ascended the stairs.

Golden?? Week!! 

April 27 [Fri], 2007, 16:19
From tomorrow, the long vacation called Golden Week stars in Japan.
This year, it's very long: for 9 days
'course, I have it. I was gonna thinking about many plans.
But.......before it, I got a lot of homework from several professors. Oh-My-Goodness My plans had gone
That's way it goes I'll do them lonelily

Lesson 3
stir(v) - move or cause to move slightly

ex) The wind stirred the surface of the water

Birthday Party!!! 

April 23 [Mon], 2007, 19:19
Today, I got up at 8. Normally, I was gonna get up at 9 on Monday. But I had a task today.
I left home at 9 to pick a cake up It was the birthday cake of my professor. He became 60 years
So, we held a birthday party for him. It have succeed He was very glad to us.
I thought the Festivity was amusing

Lesson 2
reluctant - unwilling and hesitant: disinclined

ex) She took her reluctant child to school.

today's activity! 

April 20 [Fri], 2007, 17:39
I finished my task in my laboratory. That's to make a Optic Rod!!
I took 3 days to make it so, i was very glad.
Buttttt My junior members of my loboratory.made it just for 1 day
I realized again that I was awkward
Good-bye my confidence. Good-bye my pride
So, I have to study more, and recover them!

By the way, I've had an idea
I'm gonna write down one English word a day on this page from the English-English Dictionary for improving my vocablary If you want to do this with me, see my dialy everyday

Lesson 1
alternative (adj) - available as another possibility

When applying for tickets, please give alternative dates.

Turn a new page!!! 

April 19 [Thu], 2007, 17:36
It took about 1 year since I came back to Japan from Vancouver.
Dring the time, I met many peaple and had many essential experiences.
They were amaging And I start a new page of my life

I'm in Nagoya to study Engineering at Nagoya University as a graduate student.
From now, I'll have more experiences, save them , and put them for my dream, a pilot

Drive- For- Sky

X'mas in Victoria 

December 30 [Fri], 2005, 13:41
Oh, long time no see I didn't renew this page about 2 months. This is because I was busy these days I got a part time job here and work hard.
Today. I'm gonna write down about this X'mas day
I went to Victoria, in Vancouver Island, to see X'mas illumination. It took about 4 hours to get there by bus and ferry. Victoria is a small town and has a lot of beautiful illumination as coming a X'mas day. Especially, that in Butchart Garden is excellent When I saw it first, I was moved I put some pictures on this page, so look at them.
I'm sure that I had the best X'mas day in my life


November 01 [Tue], 2005, 13:10
Halloween Party
Yesterday, I had a Halloween Party in WanWest, which was my school. I'd never taken part in the party before. It's natural because we don't have Halloween habit in my country, Japan. So, I'd been looking forward to having it. Actually, I graduated VanWest last month but I still have many friends there, so I decided to go to the party.
When I enterd the party, I was confused with everyone's changing and didn't know who he/she was first. But, their costume was so good and funny that I enjoyed it. Of course, I also change my outlooking, but it was a little bit.
Look This is Halloween in Vancouver

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