ecome the focus of attention. ken griffey jr shoes However, many people

July 19 [Thu], 2012, 12:02

Today, excessive levels of formaldehyde, home decoration materials become the focus of attention. ken griffey jr shoes However, many people did not find, hidden in the clothing of the invisible killer is threatening our health. Recently the Haicheng some members of the public to buy red underwear in Benming reflect, after putting on the skin to varying degrees, redness, burning phenomenon, Ms. Fan is one of them. Underwear she bought on the label that says the word "cotton", but to wear after a few days in the abdomen, legs are a burning sensation, and some spicy eyes, change into old underwear, these symptoms disappeared. At first, Miss Fan did not care, it was discovered that the original to buy a new underwear smells a bit pungent, which is excessive formaldehyde content of the performance. Recently, the reporter visited the Haicheng several large shopping malls, large clothing label only says the brand and size, composition and content of the raw materials used is rarely mentioned, and some even not marked. In a mens store, a T-shirt discount sales, "This shirt is great, 100% cotton, free ironing, do not fold, do not shrink, and my clothes shop are pure natural material, and how not comfortable with? "The shop owner said with confidence. In fact, in the clothing industry, cotton clothing wrinkle-free deal with more common method is the use of formaldehyde. Particularly strong because the corrosion resistance of formaldehyde, formaldehyde women griffey shoes become part of the fiber in the fabric of clothing, play a wrinkle, shrink-proof, flame retardant role after a special treatment process. In addition, because the formaldehyde to maintain the durability of the clothing, printing, dyeing, improve the effectiveness of clothing and feel, so the clothing fabrics often use formaldehyde. Experts, textiles made clothing containing formaldehyde, in the wearing process will gradually release free formaldehyde, and lead to respiratory and skin inflammation through the human respiratory tract and skin contact, but also irritating to the eyes, resulting in cough, chest tightness, tears and other symptoms. Long wear clothing, the light can cause skin inflammation, a serious cause nausea and vomiting, can also cause emphysema, hepatitis, and induce cancer. Especially for infants and young children, because they like to suck chew clothing, easier to absorb harmful substances, their physical growth and development impact through saliva. Spring Festival is approaching, this is the peak period for the purchase of new clothing to the public, is crucial to the prevention of toxic clothing. Experts suggest that when buying clothes, clothes taste for eye, nose, throat, mild burning sensation, you can basically prove that such clothes, excessive levels of formaldehyde can not buy. To buy childrens clothing, the best choice for a small pattern of light-colored childrens clothing, and printing is not to hard to avoid patterns of infant the crunch clothes, dyes and chemicals into the body. Bought back non-iron clothes, do not immediately hang the wardrobe, it is best to fully rinse with water to reduce nike air foamposite one the content of formaldehyde in clothing, do not wear should be non-iron clothes hanging in the air, especially not long-term wear-free ironing

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