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August 07 [Wed], 2019, 12:19
Pure Heater Hire is a UK based domestic and commercial heater supplier offering portable heaters on hire throughout London and the Home counties. Winter is landing with a cold hard snap this year, so don't get caught out in the cold: boost your warmth without piling on the energy costs. Portable heaters are designed to fill the gaps, quite literally - being placed at strategic intervals to bolster the overall heat where radiators cannot reach.

Pure Heater Hire offers its portable heater hire at prices that make added fuel costs look stratospheric - which of course they are. The company has bought in a brand new range of portable heaters for the specific purpose of hiring out to bolster heat in winter offices, without making a massive dent in winter fuel charges. Hot on the heels of the news that most of Britain's mainstream business energy suppliers are preparing to put their prices up by almost 10% (despite having made 33% more profit in three months than they did in the previous quarter), the unveiling of Pure Heater Hire's portable heaters option looks like the ideal way to keep the bank manager happy this year without freezing into the bargain. For Immediate Release
safer wholesale electric bikes Winter fuel bills look rosier with Pure Heater Hire Portable Heaters

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, December 1st, 2010 - British heater hire company, Pure Heater Hire. That's basically because a radiant heat source can only heat so much volume of air before it becomes ineffective.hireheaters.

Pure Heater Hire is also supplying domestic portable heating solutions, with similarly pleasing effects on home heating bills is making those fuel bills look a lot less vicious for a lot of businesses in the South East of the UK this winter.

When you try and increase the heat in a large space by putting extra demands on a central heater system, you simply run the boiler into the ground and pay twice as much for the energy you need to use: without really seeing any beneficial effects on the ambient temperature of your office.
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