★Silly pics, Rainbow brite★

August 31 [Tue], 2010, 8:18

This post is about some silly pictures of stuff near my netbook I've just took (in my little "crafting" room)

I'm so busy because I've started to working for the conventions items... there's many stuff to do, too many
Today I made some star keys and double icecreams necklaces
In the next days I'll start to make some merry go round

Btw, on to the pics:

Hot pink 80's bunny plush that I bought for a very cheap value at a vintage market
This make me laugh, I love those funny sunglasses

My rainbow brite diary, directly from 1983 ; 3 ; It smells so good, old paper

Inside, there's a drawing of every cute character (look at the terribly ugly Lurky and Murky! )

A 1986 rainbow brite notebook

Here is my lovely friend A little doll of her!

Good bye, I'll continue to craft.... tasuketeee~

A room corner☆彡

August 20 [Fri], 2010, 2:53

Here are some pics of my dressing table
My lamp has no cover anymore, I've to buy one
When I bought this forniture, I thought it should have been someway a gothic look, so I thought I should put some black and ancient inspired stuff but now, I've definitely changed my idea, and now this is it, more childish, as everything after all

This is a little library near my pc area
I put here some of my plushies and the Lady lovely locks castle on the top
I hope you like it

☆ Nostalgic ☆

August 19 [Thu], 2010, 4:00

I've just finished to clean and organize my room, my closet and many other stuff and I'm tired
I don't have a big wardrobe, so I wanted to set all my stuff perfectly
Tomorrow I'll arrange my bathroom too
Here is a close up of a little cute corner in my bathroom

Kiki and Lala in a bathroom miniature!

Doing some poo!
Eheeh I adore Kiki and Lala
Good night!

Some 80's toys! ☆彡

August 17 [Tue], 2010, 22:27
Hi! Today I want to talk about my 80's toys obsession...
Since I was a child in the faaar 80's I was in love with those lovely and magical toys, made of pastel colours, different from the present one... I was used to dream about the most beautiful, the most expensive, and sometimes this remained just a dream...
So, now that I'm a *little bit* grown I have the obsession of collect them, and I usually catch them in vintage markets, internet auctions and old toys shops ehehe
I collect 80's toys since many years but I want more, more, mooore
Yesterday I'm gone in my childhood country house, I've root a lot about them and finally I found these lovely friends, I'm so happy!
I was searching for my Party Popples too, but sadly, I can't find him ; ^ ;
Here they are, a pink bear, a silly and lovely pink puppy, a lilac fairy tales bird and the magical lady lovely horse!!

I'm sad because the horse has no tail anymore
I love Lady Lovely socks, I miss the dolls! ; 3 ;
Fairy tales... I want more of these!

I'll show you my toys collection in the next posts, eheheh

☆ A day in the woods! ☆

August 17 [Tue], 2010, 5:43
I'm so happy today!
I'm gone to the wood near my country house with my parents and my boyfriend and I had so much fun! The funniest thing we did was the spider hunt, hu he he! There was a lot of spiderwebs between the trees and we threw some little pieces of twig on and then the spiders came out from their holes... I'm very scared by spiders, but I'm curious too (> 3 < )
There's butterflies, bees and also many others little lovely insects
I really needed a rest in that beautiful place
Now I came back home and I was searching some cuties on internet, I seriously want to buy a lot of swimmer stuff... *A*
I love this:

Too cute ne?
Now I'm going to watch a movie with my boyfriend, I'm very tired and I miss my woods ; ^ ;
Good night!!

My handmade accessories brand ☆彡

August 14 [Sat], 2010, 22:49
This is my first post here, I can say I'm just in love with yaplog easy and quick!
Today I want to show you the new jewelry I made for the last batch on my website -> http://www.cutecankill.com

I'm very happy because a lot of international customers seems to like them
My favourite are the Galaxy items eheh
Probably we'll do another update on september and we recommend to keep up to date joining our facebook fan page here -> http://www.facebook.com/cutecankill ^ 3 ^

Double Flavour Ice Cream ☆彡

Fairy Unicorn ☆彡

Fairy galaxy ☆彡

Cute Lollipop☆彡

Pastel star cupcake ☆彡

Double border ribbon with star ☆彡

Double flavour Ice Cream ☆彡

Fairy Galaxy Planet ☆彡

Fairy Moon and Planet ☆彡

Shooting star ☆彡

I hope you like them!

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