Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson

December 13 [Fri], 2013, 16:14
Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson did not understand who told him the world was 6:15 in the morning on Thursday.2013 Cheap Jerseys
"I am the way to work, the phone," he said. "I saw it from Arlington, Texas, I think," Why me? "

"I picked GM Jon Daniels, the Rangers and he told me they drafted me, I do not even know that I was qualified."
Texas Rangers draft choice Wilson 5 rules. Formal, Wilson or baseball Colorado Rockies, but the Rangers said Wilson small amount of $ 12,000.Cheap Trade Nike NFL Jerseys
"It's a cool thing," Wilson said. "This is my third time in the baseball draft, which is a blessing, but obviously, my focus is on football, Mr. Daniels know."
Daniels also know that he just generated 10 times or more publicity by selecting the NFL's rising stars. He also knows that he just received a high-character individual can serve as a motivational speaker, and his young players.Cheap NFL Men's Custom Jerseys