Tarrot's spirit 

2005年09月26日(月) 15時01分
This weekend is the girls' night out to Taichung.
and we decide to visit a famous Tarrot fortune telling.
Since I dont have a real job to ask,
I ask to see my future romance.

and the outcome was...
I will be single for the next 12 months.
Deep down, I dont know if it is a good news since I am turning 23...
but she told me I am too conservative to take passiev moves.
and I have a close heart blahblahblah

maybe it is true that I havent found the "one".
and my current priority is to graduate next year.
well, I guess it is still up to me nya.

PS I got the "nya" from Nic.

sexy grayish 

2005年09月23日(金) 16時08分
Today is the BIG day!!
cause we finally got our car.
we have been waiting for like 2 months.

and it all worth it!!
it is so god damn beautiful.
and I love the sound of the engine.

so there, this morning,
I drove to the school
and it feel so great like having AC in this hot weather.

congradulates me!
(and the car plate number is 5367EM.
there goes the mistery of lucky numbers.

lucky number!! 

2005年09月22日(木) 21時37分
After this very very long time of waiting period.
the cute cute vw car is finally ready!!

so now we got our new lucky number : 5367
yup yup

no more bad weather day,
and no more taxi expenses.

so there, its time to name the cool herbie.

Let's get something out of the gossip girl series I am reading.
probably Nate, the cutest guy of all.
or Blair, she can be a hotty.

what would you say?

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