LG Innotek plants 63,000 pine trees by installing LED lights

July 20 [Wed], 2011, 17:22
LG Innotek plants 63,000 pine trees by installing LED lights
Nighttime view of LG Innotek’s Paju LED Plant, which has adopted LEDs for all its lighting needs

LG Innotek (CEO Hur Young-ho) announced that the installation and operation for one-year of LED lights for all lighting sources at its Paju LED Plant translates into the effect of planting 63,000 pine trees. This volume is equivalent to the amount of trees it would take to cover an area the size of Yeouido Park in Seoul.

LG Innotek’s Paju LED Plant installed LEDs for all of its more than 10,000 lights, including those at production lines, welfare facilities and streets, and initiated the plant’s operation as an eco-friendly site in July of last year.

The Paju LED Plant comprises LED factory buildings, various infrastructure facilities, including administration and welfare buildings, and dormitories covering 182,000 sq. m, equivalent to the size of 26 football pitches. It is the world’s single largest LED production complex, with a total of more than 3,000 staff members.

LG Innotek’s Paju LED Plant adopted various eco-friendly, high- efficiency LED lighting modules, including ModulA, a plane panel lighting module, and ReflectA, an indirect reflection-type lighting module, which the company developed in-house.

The amount of electricity that LG Innotek has saved through the use of LED lighting at the Paju Plant over the past year amounts to 753,000 kW, which is just 20 percent of the energy that would have been consumed by conventional lighting, including florescent lights.

When this amount of electricity is consumed, 317 tons of carbon dioxide is generated. Assuming that one pine tree absorbs 5 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year, the saved electricity translates into the effect of planting over 63,000 pine trees. And, assuming that a newly planted pine tree occupies 4 sq. meters, these trees are more than enough to cover entire Yeouido Park, which covers 229,539 sq. meters.

Unlike florescent lighting, LED light does not contain harmful substances such as mercury and treatment gas, and effectively reduces the generation of waste due to its lifespan, which is five times longer than the former.
An LG Innotek official said, “LED lighting is the best lighting source currently available, as it is akin to solar lighting, but does not emit ultraviolet light, and can be used for a long time. It can also change color according to the lighting environment.He added, “High prices, which were considered the greatest obstacle to the expansion of LED lighting use, are being addressed quickly due to the development of core technologies and the expansion of production capacities.