The working principle of Vertical roller mill

March 25 [Wed], 2015, 15:57
Slag material grinding vertical roller mill disc is composed of two parts, a small part of the new high water into grinding slag and most are grinding too has lower moisture non refined slag. The scraping device and the rotating centrifugal force distribution in disc. The non refined slag is larger because of coarse grain powder selecting machine after separation by return.
Under the action of centrifugal force, distribution in the disc is guided to the auxiliary slag grinding roller compaction following preliminary. Forming a material layer for vertical roller mill device.
Through the hydraulic system loading, by the main vertical roller grinding material layer to complete the. After grinding slag powder by hot air is conveyed to the powder selecting machine, in the process of conveying powder material drying, the quality of the larger particles through the wind ring from the slag discharge opening into the circular hopper lifting system.
Vertical roller mill cage type powder selecting machine is a kind of air separator. Mixture of powder and air before entering the powder selecting machine by vertical upward into a tangential flow.
In the range between the guide ring and the rotor blades, the centrifugal force formed by the rotation of the rotor will powder and air mixture separation. Large particles (exceeding the prescribed size) is thrown outwards and sinking under the action of gravity. Leave the field of centrifugal force, be collected again returned to the mill for grinding a collector. Finished powder with guided air through the rotor blade vortex, the powder selecting machine air outlet in the dust collecting system.
The fineness of finished powder selecting machine depends on the angle of the guide vane and the rotor speed.