February 28 [Thu], 2008, 23:29

run around and sweat like a pig , 

July 14 [Sat], 2007, 13:52

its a lazy saturday afternoon once again
and i dun feel like mugging though i should be.

rahrahrah how to in such a weather !
and im in such a grouchy mood still.

so am going to binge and watch my dramas.

anyway i love going out with the cousins. !
been such a long time since i did anything with them.
so happy :DDDDDDD and i wanna do more!

im not making sense again. MUST be the heat. haha.

too much feelings and too little words , 

May 14 [Mon], 2007, 19:53

lets just say the j2s ended their bandjourney with a bang (though most of us are hoping to continue! hahaha.)

gold with honours.
this is all i asked for, and we deserved it.
thanks to everyone in the band who made it possible,
really thanks for the sacrifice, time and effort everyone put in
especially to my section and the jtwos.


thank you and thank God.

now that a beautiful lie; 

April 20 [Fri], 2007, 2:36
dwindle my days away with my eyes halfopened,
and apparantly, im not the only one.

please please please.

everyday gonna filled with band band band
im not complaining -i know we need it.
im just wondering how am i gonna squeeze studies in between the pracs.
haha cos it just hit me that i cant really wait till SYF is over to start.

and hell, i do believe in time management. :D

and you know something?
when you work hard for something
you will hope that everyone who is working with you is putting in that amount of effort.

so sorry if i show my pms symptoms
its not easy to curb all these when it accumulates.

i've been looking
but the star dun seem to shine
i've been searching
but i just cant seem to find.

its been awhile, 

April 05 [Thu], 2007, 1:03
when i was walking home today, i just felt like going on and on, without an aim, throw myself in nature's hands and see what she gives me. its been awhile since i last felt the bliss of being alone and enjoy how the quiet relax around you and you can blend in completely with the nothingness around.

have you felt it before?

the despondency i felt today was the most extreme and i found myself going back on words that ive said. but im really drained and all i wanna do is to run away from the fact that in less than twenty four hours i have to face it again.

and tell me how am i going to encourage the others when im sticking a knife at my own wrist?

and the worst thing is, not even smiling and see smiles can help.


grow old with me, 

April 01 [Sun], 2007, 2:09
it just came to me in the toilet just now how hard it is to be a parent.

(toilets are one of the best places to sort our thoughts man, haha.)

its not easy to be responsible for another life.
making choices with another's best interest at heart and at the same time you have to consider what he or she really wants

although you know that is the BEST thing for him,
how are you going to decide whether you are going to force him to do that certain something or are you going to let him have his way?

and how are you going to make all these decisions when you already have the problem of making the best decision to YOURSELF?

and how many will really last throughout the whole journey?

i also found out that before becoming a parent, there are many other ways that indirectly you will assume the responsibility of another person.
isit some sort of training?

and im surprised at my own oblivion yesterday during band. like the whole thing was just a film and im passing through, failed to notice the details.
im just hoping that everything will be over soon and everyone will be smiling again! :DDDD
must be the stupid aircon.

rah cheryl! this is my useless attempt to revive my blog!

and i really want jclife to end SOON SOON SOON
cos i need to get my life back - i never really was a great multitasker.

ohwel. nights.

somewhere in between , 

March 03 [Sat], 2007, 1:52

today the jthrees got back the alevel results and needless to say, the stress just started settling in again. looking at the different reactions i started asking myself how do i want to see myself this time next year, which is a rather 'duh' question since who doesnt picture themselves as jumping for joy OHMYGOD I GOT 3AS! but everytime these thoughts creep into my head, the horrible reality, that im just not NOT ready to sit for the Alevels, will just sink in. the biting of nails, pulling of hair, welling up of tears and stoning thinking what have i done to my life will just start. all these are happening more often than not these days. annoying, tsk. but yeah, its the time of the year to really start prioritizing and deciding whats important and whats not. maybe what you can do without first and what you cant. or maybe is which is more vital (?) to ur future. and where do i really want to go? i do have an end in mind, which is a good thing according to msmabelchia, but the lack of faith is making it pointless.

but on a happier note, i saw MONDAY today. probably the last time already and thank god, he looks really good with that dyed hair and eyes. gosh i could melt. but fangirling should stop now and move on. bye to useless fantasies and daydreams. hmmm i wonder how did he do?

anyway congratulations to the jthrees who have done well and those who have not, good job anyway ! whatever it is, there will be a way out alrightes. :D

and i wonder why do i lose friends so easily.

band at 0730 tmr. this is almost murderous.

always look on the bright side of life , 

February 08 [Thu], 2007, 14:42
a superhero is an ordinary person who believes that he cant fail.

mych is really happy these days
and everyone be too !

especially the jayones.
we'll be keeping our fingers cross! -crossesfingers.

need to stay awake in chems later.

and thanks for the very wonderful present.
i love it :D
ohyaohya! happy eighteen !

im starting to miss people. ):

do you see no love at all , 

January 20 [Sat], 2007, 9:39
nowadays it feels like im sitting on a bench
watching everyone run past me
and although i wanna join them
my legs just dun let me.


i wanna go back to firstthreemonths laaaaa.

anyway im up so early
cos i was supposed to go for band to teach the freshman.
but my freshman messaged me to say shes not going.
so haha dunno whether to feel happy or angry :|

haha sectionals was damn funny yesterday.
tried futilely to take a chorichori video.
after getting bored with celtic.
spastic people lah !

den went to dance with CYN.
sorry for being late ):
but anyway we just cannot get the legs movement and kinda look retarded.
hahaha but it was tiring fun.
we'll practice alrightes ! and get it ! woots !

den went for pizza with landis.
wahseh guilt sia. HAHA.

not gonna let stress get to me.
nonono !

NAN CHERYL and FUNG should be running around bishan park now.
WAN should be getting ready at labrodor park.
haha all of them got camp lah.
and im stuck home :|

alrightes. gonna go for band.
den maths tuition i think. yawnzXz.

hollerbacks ;
weihan eh hello ! how are you? and how on earth did you get here? hope you are fine too !
landis will link soon lah. lazyyyyyy. hahaha.
marie haha thankxZx for caring ! sorry lah. it was a wednesday so bad mood. LOL.
charms SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU TOO. although only saw ur head -.- haha. see you again soon ! :DDD
weiyang/cheryl haha CHEERED UP ALREADY :D thanks and LOVE.
van yea u work hard too !


January 06 [Sat], 2007, 9:53
feeling down recently.

but new school year had started.
sianzXz never felt so sad in the beginning of the year before.

but anyway
things will turn for the better soon ! :DDDD

happy new year everybahdee !

run for band now !
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NOT retarded
trying to get goodgrades -.-


very easygoing

for anything else, theres you <3
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