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April 16 [Tue], 2013, 18:02
There really is such a thing as Insufficient Glandular Tissue. There are even pictures of what women's breasts look like when they have IGT. IGT can cause a low milk production, and since I dealt with this, I tried everything. Pumping frequently, fenugreek, oatmeal, lactation cookies, barley water, you name it and I tried it. I guess I have a chronically low milk supply because it just wasn't physically working. We ended up going to formula and supplementing with breastmilk (it's supposed to be the other way around). I was able to pump and freeze 20oz, which is what some moms can do in just a couple of days, but that's what I got in, like, 2 weeks of pumping. I am still feeding my child, I am providing for him the best that I can. Do you really want to bash my decision and say I'm doing the wrong thing by formula feeding, or would you rather me continue breastfeeding and literally be starving my child Claire Hsu?

People always have input too, when you're a parent. Even the non-parents have something to say. If you've never had this happen, then consider yourself lucky. Women deal with it from co-workers, friends, family, even strangers. You can't even post on Facebook or Twitter without someone commenting with their advice, or what they did (which is always the opposite of what you're doing). It's weird to get "advice" from strangers, they have absolutely NO idea what kind of parent you are, or if there's medical issues or anything. I always get this look on my face when a stranger says something "advicey", a sort of "Who the heck are you?!" look. What right do they have to butt in Drop proof phone case ?

As a new, first-time mom, the advice from others if overwhelming. You go through the entire pregnancy being compared to your sister, your mother, your grandmother, your mother in law, the neighbor lady, the librarian's daughter. Why? Why do women have to constantly compare one to another? It's not a competition, there is no "Best in Show" ribbon.

My advice? (ha ha) Take everyone's advice with a grain of salt. Smile, nod, and then do whatever you want. You are the mom, you are the authority. If someone gets out of line, stand up for yourself. Don't get rude and nasty, but thank them for their advice but "I've already figured it out toughest phone case.
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