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September 17 [Tue], 2013, 12:32

Secular many helpless, tired all around. Liu Yiyi, sad the next month, day is approaching, the situation to diffuse, dust everywhere, the bright moon, parents can have an good? Don't rush has half, one two, more time, no more on the home, a tastelessstable vpn.

Move the branch, with separation, as beauty, Qianshan, could only be screen, a thousand Li Nian Lang million bid, day is cool, multi wash clothes, meal can eat, eat better, being, not tired... Read out the total similar between Yingying tears, pour into.

Quiet silence, no one place, a zither sound around, Tsing Yi Piao, thousands of kinds of landscape, choking, think long, alone to look at the bright moon, across a river -- sightable but inaccessible, the distance a, circular residual Ying Huan worry, try to solve what like? The relative material, shadow, two vastLocal Express.

Read the wedding day is approaching, cup empty not intended, in internal Huai, Si Qie Yi is thin, the secular world many helpless, tears in her room, with few sorrow, borrow some sweet, red paper to send letters, and pro word poly, heavy mountain across the horizon, warmth is very close, drank together happily, warm and rainStorage for toys.

Midnight moonlight shining stars twinkling, sorrowful, pour cup invite loneliness, and to phase V, with whom Chang Huan, choking choking in the throat. The wind and rain for more than 20 years, Gao knee a few back? Run daily, from poly Huan less fleeting youth, speed, half, when? Parents would have been difficult to silently, hair has become the cream? The sunset clouds, old still, dust have troubles, rustle tears collar, in the end is helpless, helpless, how this gap? Swab the cheeks of tears, hold a pen to order, long stand expectantly, for years, the dream another autumn.

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