It is such a that I am, I

May 29 [Fri], 2009, 18:51
It is such a that I am, I
Sometimes I think of former me, does not understand that sad, does not have sorrow. Will also look for by oneself happily! The passage of time, time growing up is mixed with a lot of colors. Dream that make far, know when be end! Sometimes I always love the whole universe of illusion, much the much happiness, much the much happiness. It is actually really a kind of happiness to imagine.

Sometimes I am like that give up the the whole universe in one second, because it is very sad to live. There are sad a lot. In this life circle, there is feeling that can not say. Happy and sad to hover gratuitously in mind, in the country of the love, one's own detached common customs, no longer involve in entering easily. Never wish eagerly to have too. The greatness of the kindred lets oneself be moved, what I can become to just calculate the good daughter, the devotion in the face of sisters, I only tell oneself to create the miracle carefully, advocate destiny bravely. Whom I have much responsibility is will grinning in I take every step well. fashionlife99

I feel oneself in the past live so innocent, time that face nowadays give oneself limitless challenge sometimes, but I know this is a test to me of life, I am a strong girl, I one so brave to lack strong people once in a while even. A No. trials and hardship passes by, but will never give up smiling!
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