Where is happiness that agreeing

May 29 [Fri], 2009, 17:17
Where is happiness that agreeing
The quiet heart becomes lonely in quiet day, can't leave this years in baffled melancholy, go far about memory of love from me gradually, pursue, complain, expect again, one sits on such a quiet support cheek, in the face of the computer, open the space, open the blog, the silent one is reading others' story, the bit in the story, seem to have met before, it is oneself that it seems to write, only want to let a person love oneself, ache oneself carefully, believe oneself insist, can get happiness, look on as result like before eyes all the time, but the tears can not flow, the heart has already become dust. fashionlife99

You have come into my world, has understood my story in the happiness that agreed, have brought to me and hoped, your commitment, yours is good, yours is bad, let me unable to support your enticement, I letter, real letter, you weave one bright dream, in fact really kind to hope, can finish these dream with you, seem now, may be really a dream, just I am still unwilling to wake up, at this late hour, I do not really know how to try to persuade putting down by oneself, cry? Of no use, no one will sympathize with, does the grievance demand perfection? Will you still accept? I who am present have no principle more and more, remember seeing you for the first time, you hold me, I have not resisted, because how I am expects that there can be a shoulder letting me settle down to depend on, because I am tired, really tired, only want to find someone to depend on, you ask I say that see you being disappointed, type that that look for that you want, where is I can be disappointed in fact, that type is that I say with mouth, but you write heart straight, whom I want very simple, hope, have individual can ache oneself, have forgotten the nightmare in the past.

The day later, dull but very happy, you let me forget all sadness, it is everything here, what is proved? You say you love me, should love dearly me carefully, but you are irrational to pay no attention to me, a word was not even left, that day you said it was impossible for us, don't go down, do you know what kind of mood I was at that time? That kind of pain of falling at the bottom of valley, do you find out about? As I dry the tears, while respecting your decision, you say that joke with me, I was surprise and happy at the same time at that time, but was also thinking whether this was also another joke at the same time, but in a few days, you are a word like this, you say that does not joke this time, I am stunned, I scold oneself innocently, scold oneself sillily, go to believe in each choice, in fact it is that you are joking with me too this time that I am really easy to hope for. Why is so unexpected? Why is so firm? Why can you be so calm? Does not why leave even the last chance to me? Are you sorry less than a silk? Will you cry? You will cry in the heart when see me crying? Will I see and start? Why is so uncomfortable in the heart? I am the people I am not the god, if I do not really mind, I will not speak the words again, why pay an intact heart, what is got? Is there love in this world? What what has been believed is worth? Where is the happiness that agrees? Where is the commitment made? Look at your gray QQ head, any trends in often your space of understanding every day, often opening QQ and chatting and recording, that is ever talked about, always appear before eyes, so real, but now? In fact your online, you have been here all the time, we meet in the network, is this line really broken? Can not lead this section of feelings of ours again, you who are present are glad? Happily? Will you still see the words? The characters that you say me let you think I am worth your going as what I do, but can the characters keep you here? Can retrieve you? I am still putting such hope on, so innocent a dream

Do you say that will also meet me again, know? Will I believe? Though so, we will not meet again either, I suppose, we are all free, I do not use again either sad for you, well, I return to you freely, return oneself too freely, all everything had is out, out
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