One campain to help someone! 

April 25 [Mon], 2005, 1:54

You gatta join this campain to help people in Africa.I totally agree with this concept not only a man in Japan but also as a humanbeing born in second richest country like Japan . I felt i can do nothing.. but my voice, my donation to this campain can make difference, i do believe. if you feel it, just go now!

Constantine tm 

April 24 [Sun], 2005, 21:48
That was good movie, 8to10.Clear message is..Dont Somoke ciger!Keanu Reeves,,Rachel Weisz ..great conbination of both actor but story could be boring for gals. "This is Constantine,Asshole.."Keanu said in this movie when he gatta do job; Ghost buster!!
It s totally ameriacan movie, christan movie. the bible tell you everythin about this movie. Point is... the blance betwenn two world Heaven and Hell is not well..and evils is coming to the real world in sevral ways, Using human body, they excit in this society. and there are some rules in this world..Do not excit by themselves only! but the half devil - half man fuck the rule then it was screamingly mess around there. that situation was shotted in this movie. Can you believe in Ghoast? Can you believe in God? do you think you can go to heaven? or ..hell? if you behaive yourself and commite daily principle, you are fine. but once commiting suiside, you are in big shit. Be careful accodring to this movie!

Cellphone and other gadgets 

April 12 [Tue], 2005, 22:38
Cellphone and other gadget really make our life more convinient? i dont think soof cause, sometime i appricitate this invention. wherever i go, i can communicate with people all over the world. but instead of getting this convinience, we have to pay for it, our private time... i strongly feel that 10year ago is more better and more great to live in this society. no need to get irrited because of no respond from my friend. at that time we gott wait for reply until mail man come. this theory is totally correct, if you wanna some benefit, you have to pay for it then give something as sacrifidfe.

So,,web blog and communication prob 

April 12 [Tue], 2005, 22:22
Webblog site,,Compare to other site, it s really great for us to output our opinion at loud. easy to use, update, and communicate with viewer sometimes. but as i mentioned, like this word media, 7% plus 38% can understand exactlly what i wanna say. of cause you cant get the voice from me, no body lauguage or facial expression. how can we communicate? i just wonder it. My guess is that reader can recognize, or just sometime misunderstanding what i m talking about, or just guess then, understand in their brain.. internet media or other one is of cause convinitent for us, but most of the time, it happen on us,, like misunderstaning, then, use time to get things straignt to understand each other. is it covinient tool?

Communication and this world 

April 11 [Mon], 2005, 22:07
Communication Skill is one of the most important one in this world if you want to say something to others or societythere are alot of books talking about communication skill.. or how to book. but i heard that communication is depending on 3 element; purely word,attitude and action, and torn of voice and way of saying.
7% of impression comes from purely words.55% of impression comes from attitude and action during speaker is saying something,.the lest,38% is torn of voice and way of speaking. you guys know about this date,but have you ever throught about it then communicate with people? the simplest thing.. in this theory, if you wanna communicate with people, you just care about attitude and action,, like foreginer , english native speaker they show us many body lauguage and facial expression. then we would figure out the meaning from that almost. 38% way of speak,, good point, if you wnaa tranmit more better, you have to have rogical way of speaking as you know and as many books say. just you need to care about word a little. Stick on your brain, lets practice it eh! i m doing .a nd hope you ll have possitive experice.

Sakura and the City 

April 10 [Sun], 2005, 21:58
Sakura-sakura...I love this tranditional sense of s totally different if you compare to the foregin country's one. Fuzei...I cant feel it.. the Sakura and the flowers like smile,,waiting for the spring's appears so attractive.
talking ab ou the difference between Canada and Japan,,Canada you can see Sakura everywhere....that's...I felt,,feeling low.. contrast,,Japan,,Japanses people have some vision about Sakura and city..really,.Sakura is the part of the city design,,everything is match our taste..Sakura-sakura..Nowadays i strongly feeel that i love this country.. and i m pround to be there,,living pround..

My consulting job and the company 

April 09 [Sat], 2005, 23:29
I was doing conculting job in Canda when i graduated the Marketing class of business school..the comapny call, Canada jornal which is managed by Japan Advertising finally bullshit me and giving me no credit and stole the idea withou giving any benefit to me.. they are so mean... and no moral to work...
I cant believe it..the boss..once he was a good boss for me, and i could do anything what i think i have to be done.. oh..that s so bullshit..I m afraid, i cant tell here all of things happen on me,, but maybe i can sue him.. just he stole...shit!!
I told him all about marketing in this field. then he changed everything which i noticed and output. then their website was dramatically changed into better,.but,,,how could this be??? OK, i m smart, this movement has to be cool and straight business. he will do business with me? i dont think so,, then, i have idea to bullshit back to them. Give back my great canada memory!!! he bullshit me, then everything went wrong...!!!shit!

sex and the city 

April 08 [Fri], 2005, 1:29
what do you think about sex? this activity is important for you?or just communication tool? what is the role of sex in your life?i was watching TV show of cause the title is,,Sex and theCity.. then Carrie cant help but wonder,,getting laid is important sometime cos that thig fullfill you. enrich ..i dont know what to say.. just feel like so good after having sex??? yes, for me, its important. and i love to say, i love to do that as long as i m a man and have potential to do that. it s not entertaiment or,, god, hell no! For me, the symbole of love, affection! and most fluent communication tool as well.

my bad habit and behavior 

April 07 [Thu], 2005, 1:21
I shouldnt do that again and again..I know it s bad for my bad habbit to eat snacks at once.. i bought some cos those one are all on sale.. then, open up whole one then,,eat up like pig!!! shit, i didnt work at all.. just watch my favorite show Movie Plus and Mtv...then,,my hand grab some snacks all the time...seriously i should think about this forrbitten habbit.. how could this be? I will sue some snack company..cos they are so good...know what i like. Snacks...get me fat fat fat.. and end up being chab... seriously you, dont do that...

MadTV and MTV 

April 06 [Wed], 2005, 0:26
MTV and MadTV is my favofite program in this worldI Love music,show, and some concert, and I love funny show especially Mad TV..this is the most stupid and maddest program..must check this out!
Recently i have here, hottest band call,, BOOM BOOM SATELLITES
. if you check the Mtv, you come across the song,,,coolest one done by Boom..
i m waiting for this cd for rent.
Talking about Mad tv.. they are seriously in big shit.. i mean,, they are so stupid worth to live this world.. that show makes me laugh and frastrate..
For my english, better effect rathar than any program..this is it!
anyway, check those tv ! you ganna freak out!
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