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Finally YeFan hurriedly call at the boss got two root (with) her legs up the chopsticks storm subsided. "Old iron lobular this Wolf rat herbal soup worthy great strength, alas! Indeed as if returned to the army times." JiZhenTao sighed, to army life pretty recalling, an up of hard feelings."Old together, you did you shouldn't leave the army, let's HaiWan drinking, eating meat at how great strength. Special go to the northwest to tour the Mongolian meat, when the horse (with) her legs chew. Drinking nets crowded of milk. That flavor, ha ha, didn't have to say. Alas! The government of a broken officer have what good when, too many rules. Not free, not great strength, didn't already made a head, "iron head as they ate mice leg side said. "Alas! Now say the and useful at all. Not say don't say." JiZhenTao forlorn . YeFan dull feel JiZhenTao the bitterness of the heart, and have one share body not from already feeling. He was not willing to estimate how out of the military, maybe what reason to force he from . "Alas! There is a skeleton in the JiZhenTao expensive is a province. The standing deputy coach online governor of the province, south blessing tens of thousands of officials, that can only use look up to describe. But as he has many annoyances like, perhaps more than I'm not free. Family also have extended family trouble and in some form. Half an hour later, everyone also some drunk, talking to also released some. CaoWanNian didn't find the opportunity to JiZhenTao pull on words. Or that he didn't even dare to open his mouth. To strike up a conversation that protects the fear of JiZhenTao antipathetic. The claims not lost, so only to build I sometimes whisper in one or two, other the time is in with smiling face. Of course, that smile is out, but also show very normal to just go. YeFanDu his one eye felt this for the old elder brother cao something force. "JiShu, sit around you that two are my iron rod friends. One is CaoWanNian, are MoXiang city office. Another organization department is all mouth, MoXiang the municipal public security bureau chief, ha ha YeFanXiao the raised his glass, years to build and to minister said: "The two old elder brother, let's three from MoXiang city, the governor is let's together the leadership. Of course it is to lie between several layers of the kind of mountain. I think cao old elder brother, in old elder brother, let's three people going to worship, just use this leadership a cup of wine forget it." "That is should, together with the governor, I built I propose a toast to you." CaoWanNian know YeFan looking for opportunity, this kind of opportunity but elusive. So also no regard too much, hard head or built with in princes hurriedly lifted the cup, people, of course, is the respectful stood up.

"MoXiang city, well! A drink! You are in the bottom very hard JiZhenTao light swept two people one eye, also get to YeFan a little face, after all is the brother of iron. Besides his son all day in the side also monkey jawing, so also lifted the cup light to pour a be in return. "The iron head, I built with I propose a toast to you." CaoWanNian and princes built in and worship of the male to up the iron "You in any position (SDMR)?" Iron accounts for the male asked. "The iron elder brother, he is standing vice minister of." YeFan to said. And the king than north methods "Ha ha ha" standing deputy minister, the location is very important. Do it. Lobular in your hands after you have to give him and add burden, this boy. Spare the rod and spoil the child, ha ha iron with a smile of a male dry. At this time JiZhenTao greatly to the profound glanced cao all face and smile like very much, also estimated guess out tonight on booze CaoWanNian sitting in the purpose of....... Because MoXiang just organization department minister candidate recently but has many people find the JiZhenTao, so one eye will understand. Heart way: "this boy, originally arranged HongMenYan, a little meaning or, where is please I eat meat, it is the Wolf rat alliance. But this relationship was pull your naturally, this boy cheap coach handbags pull there many heart "MoXiang the municipal public security bureau, the previous tianshui bazi that case do well. "JiZhenTao suddenly so a word. "Come on, this is governor I'm flattered us public security bureau shall do. But in the case YeFan is well, won the" Chinese outstanding warriors award. And the "three classes. This case medal of the half of the credit should belong to him." I hurriedly micro devoting to build said. "Leaves a few" leaves a few "is in tianshui bazi that YeFan at that time?" JiZhenTao suddenly asked. Make a table people into zhang two monks, confused. "Yes!" In building minister also don't understand what's deputy governor, can only be honest answer a way. "Good boy! Dare to scold me, finally to I think up. Say, you at that time the son eat heart the leopard bear bile is be not?" JiZhenTao suddenly strike table, the table to jump, pointing to YeFan harsh voice shouted. "Old together, you do that for? My brother YeFan eight pole with you also play not, as was the first time we meet tonight, how he scold you. You tell me." Iron colonel is also get the puzzling, smile and asked. "Old iron you may not know about this, you NiuQi brother!!!!! A few months ago like or what tianshui bazi that village a village officer. That is not what level prisoners rob antiques. Heard from inside the tomb dug out what baby.

The ErLengZi breakneck followed up, were reported to the provincial party committee, I was also is entrusted by the provincial party committee temporary head constantly pay attention to this matter. At that time MoXiang currency call from secretary of municipal committee of the report say the name of the village officials YeFan not listen to advice. Determined to go to die. So I just on phone ordered him to return the tianshui bazi, you know the boy what said, that he himself about to share an NiuQi? "JiZhenTao a joke of the squared off a out. YeFan in the mind a cool, his forehead that black line very rough. Heart way: "strange! I had scold a neat deputy governor? I want." Mouth of course hurriedly sophisticated way: "at that time, I think confused, some can't remember." "Don't give me a careless eye, honesty to speak at that time you put up let old iron also listen to. This shouldn't be sent straight to JiZhenTao over, is never pass YeFan posture. "Dad, at the time, maybe is never to chase the eldest brother after confused, nonsense." The monkey hurriedly is YeFan explained. CaoWanNian and princes built in the brain also innuendoes crawling with black, estimate the worse. Also want to what climbed together deputy governor fellowship, if YeFan really called qi deputy governor, joint with his two people estimate that will be his jealousy go up of, is really and come home shorn. ,, Thanks to a few of the monthly pass a brother, in the hope of this final greatly three days the dogs can son a monthly pass up to four. The dog will be satisfied with the son. For months, if a monthly pass to, four dogs on old son, even more, more, never slip of coach outlet online tongue, throw caution to the wind. Nine tianxiang eagle voted 6 pig walk six voted Beat up brother voted The lightning voted Stray small Taoist threw three votes Chapter two hundred and sixty-three called the broken governor and zha of "Ha ha ha! Scold the good, old younger brother. () bold to iron elder brother say. Don't panic. Scold old together the broken governor and zha of? This is a brave man, the male of iron. I good brothers called blew, scold who can't scold, scolded also deserve it. Ha ha ha. Iron is complacent unceasingly to account for the male and the anger of the show JiZhenTao, in the mind very glad. "Eldest brother, you still say so, call I how can mix in the future, JiShu if one anger the za this caterpillar would have to fly to don't know where the YeFan hurriedly put poor want to smooth it over. "Well! No! How do you call him JiShu. You but I of the brother of the iron, called his elder brother, not to the za white issueing also joint the descend a generation of male suddenly thought of this iron bifurcation things up, YeFan hurriedly call now. "It YeFan mumbling. The heart way over, the dust still how do literature.