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August 22 [Thu], 2013, 18:35
Gao Feng also noted that this huge shadow fox appeared, has been a curious bystander all forces on the marketplace but some sāo move, are to move over here, it really is that the parties sāo move. This is really in trouble, in any place and all the enemies are not always a good thing, Gao Feng turned around to see month incense, incense month he and friendship between master and servant is not only some, though these things Kitsune demon congregation weird, but that is the same family of incense month, month incense stand firm though, but can also be seen guarding the meaning of the same family. Go, now treasure with the owner of a collection, fly away, but it did not come back so many years incense month, and perhaps homesickness, to see what she meant. Really is in the expected Gao Feng, Yue-xiang face embarrassing God sè, turned around to see Gao Feng, and look up at that great day Fox light, hesitation, said: "statue on the green hill Gap in this neighborhood, now such a situation, job status want to go back to an account and then return, will not delay too long, the statue on ...... "moon face full of incense embarrassed look, with her everything is in order Gao Feng dominated xìng son, now to act in accordance with their own ideas, it is not do anything, but Gao Feng rush things, but she hastily leave, which is indeed a delay. Gao Feng thought for a moment, spoke and said: "I go back with you," Gao Feng Yue-xiang heard these words, first revealed the incredible God sè, it seems to me that he is not got it wrong, and then face the ecstasy expression, which was then a bit shy, so many do not understand Gao Feng's face changes in the end is why, but did not speak to him incense month. But rather turned to the Huzai Yu said: "I told you back Cheonggu Gap, not the day Fox make the withdrawal, the light days of rì, let my people in the North disgrace" It's very rude words, beard Yu arrested people face sè are ugly, but promised to go back to the words of incense month they also hear clear, the sky really make this day Fox truth does not exist. Hu Zaiyu back hair order. Fox tribe that several monks Tao is recoverable day Fox orders, this recovery is not to let the light disappeared, only to see that the power and influence of the air into an infinite group white shadow fox. In mid-air wind. Gao Feng clear perception that this light a drift, gather around the kind of momentum and stopped. Hostility and the intention to kill those who are also disappearing. Such a situation could not help but lament the hearts of people, whether it is North or the number of creatures are far less plentiful supplies Bactria, but survived so far, the development of their own strength and culture, but also has his reasons in. But Gao Feng still do not understand why they go back together and month incense, incense month will be exposed ecstatic expression, but also with a bit shy, do the Fox Family Channel Qingqiu so dangerous over there, you need to protect yourself. Is this time. Gao Feng Zhang Jiang conspire ear whispered jokingly said: "This is it led back to her parents-in-law, you are happy." Sounds sort, just to make incense heard that month, Gao Feng moment, then violently cough out. Month fragrant blush flourished, the two get along so long, also know each other's feelings, but Gentle Princess fragrance is also very close for months to accept, but this is the first time to pick out only, people embarrassed . It touches Huzai Yu Gao Feng looked frowning. Cold face snorted, for his reaction, Gao Feng did not go unheeded. Since going green hill Gap, Gao Feng is not a good line of God rapid, cable xìng is the dark horse also put out, people went to. Fox family's horse actually quite satisfactory, are the horses and large deer, originally Gao Feng thought it was a huge fox and the like. Gao Feng, who although dark North Face Fleece Sale horse, you can still walk, fox demon congregation are riding a horse race, superior, and it would taste a bit high score, even though we had just who is the stronger heart can understand. In fact, let Gao Feng and Zhang Jiang and other people really uncomfortable not this, but the demon fox family congregation kind of superior feeling, the feeling is like a very good race in general. One said starting Kitsune demon congregation two knights who protect the back of Gao Feng's about this team, both before and after Knight led the way up the rear, looking like escorts, in fact it seems to be escorted. "Respect, the undefined status of this family since days sake, always thought their own is the world's best ethnic, blindly arrogant, he is a joke statue taken it wants." Yue-xiang leaned helplessly. Think of this truth is, nine days fox is the North and even the entire world is one of the strongest presence, reincarnation tradition from generation to generation, the Fox family are naturally very high self-regard, however, Gao Feng playing in front of such arrogance, it is looking in the wrong place, nine small fox Hu said that the greatness of God how to go? "Please join you on the road." Musha broke into a Fox family said, but how to listen how awkward it Kitsune Warrior bruises on his face, an arm action is not agile, apparently just to eat at a disadvantage, natural there will not be any good attitude. Gao Feng face sè sank, not to speak, that dark horse in the treasure with the breath for a long time, at the moment is to Beastkin hinterland of the land, he burst into neighing. Canada Goose CG55 Trillium Parka Although just opened a dark horse Euro RSCG, can rank better than those Kitsune demon we all ride horses and large deer, long hiss onwards, in addition to Hu Zaiyu crotch big deer, the rest of the congregation mounts are demon fox family can not help kneeling down, individual or even directly incontinence, odor overflowing, embarrassing scenes abnormalities. Although this scene is a dark horse cause, but in the eyes of the Canada Goose Heli Arctic Parka congregation who demon fox family, which of course is Gao Feng tricks, glaring at a time everyone, of course, they also know they can not beat, but the atmosphere became tense again. Dark horse Changsi allows side played a feisty black wolf's mind, it also followed up Zhang Hao, black wolf howling dark horse neighing than they are different, the black wolf dragons dragon force, but also in the mountains grown out of the force, a howling, the sound is not only inherent in high wolf's power, even where the power of the dragon. The black wolf howling, those who have just got horses and big deer collapsed again, even those demon fox family overwhelmed by the public are forbidden, a half demon congregation covered his ears, and even Hu Zaiyu who are flashing light, apparently Yunjin resist. Relative to panic, Yunjin resist the demon fox family congregation, Gao Feng arrested people are calm, package Vicki some difficulty, but Gao Feng and Zhang Zhijiang hiding behind, but nothing serious. In fact, the black wolf howling, disturb not only the Fox family here, even the market there are some forbidden demon congregation overwhelmed, unshakeable giant tortoises are a bit alarmed, the strength of weak demon both public and mounts is sāo moving mess. Black howl over, men are naturally continue on the road, can those demon fox family's horse refusing to get up the congregation, timid, no matter how beat Kitsune demon urged the congregation are of no use, this scene may significantly not what prestige, but fortunately there is confusion lively bazaar, nobody noticed here, can also be embarrassing. Huzi Yu's face has become a green sè, Gao Feng naturally know this is why, he smiled and asked: "May incense, you know the way you Qingqiu Gap?" "Back to the words on the statue, undefined status of natural know. "month for Gao Feng Xiang always deferential exception. "You come to lead the way, let's go first" broke into, said Gao Feng, month incense curl Tingting salute promised, then the body floating, flying in front leading the way. Gao Feng men are proudly keep up with monthly incense flying speed is not slow, but Gao Feng, who also have to keep up, including Vicki and dark horse run at the end. Until dark horse from the team to go through, those who have been frightened horse dare Fox family activities, overwhelmed by the demon fox family congregation, too, that why these mounts are always afraid to get up because of the dark horse to make high-end first, in Wicked, and that this regulation was a priori. Gao Feng Which group of people march forward, while Hu Zaiyu Lord Kitsune demon congregation followed, seems to be the same attendant. After running up until the real, the demon fox family only to find not just the congregation attendant problems, they want to go to catch up, Gao Feng this state did not travel at full speed, as the dark horse and the package to ensure that it can keep up with Vicki, you can Even so, the dark horse at an amazing speed, Vicki leopard family pack more agility and speed is known, pushed the congregation Kitsune demon horse is unable to keep up, even more vulnerable. If Fox did not see the day to make outsiders look, this is clearly caught Huzai Yu Gao Feng, who went to the congregation and other demon Qingqiu Gap. This huge market really is not far from the green hill gorge, but not too close, because they are now in Gao Feng speed, has been running an hour only to see Qingqiu Gap entrance. From here, no matter what Qingqiu Gap sense is a great place to recuperate, three rivers around through, surrounded by high and low mountains, lush wooded hills and valleys is hidden in this mountain range , someone walked outside, and even difficult to find the canyon exists. Of course, now that summer and a large canyon on the same city, opened its doors open and aboveboard, in the valley there is a wide flat road through the hinterland. Gao Feng They Rumbler on this road, from time to time to see the patrol team through, and on both sides of the mountains, and even in the sky has a duty guards. Again within the walk, there is an extra wide flat valley, where actually, and the Grand Bazaar are somewhat similar places, buildings everywhere, very lively, Gao Feng immediately look out each other's differences, this valley of housing construction Despite the North's style, but the overall temperament and Shima was very similar across the street, people coming and going public dressed demon family also appeared to be very particular about, to see that this is a rich class. Say something more straightforward, this piece is more like the valley of the buildings in a city big summer, did not think this really is elegant Fox family, Gao Feng Rumbler in open asked: "Is this what Cheonggu Gap?" As here a canyon, but added that the problem is not, in the capital it may not just in the world zhōngyāng, flying in the air fragrant month is obviously a little trance, so many years did not return home, he saw the familiar scenery, it is inevitable memories and emotion into being. (To be continued ... If you like this work.)
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