Very Busy Person...-.,- 

2006年06月21日(水) 23時46分
I'm VBP!!!The final exam is coming soon,but I haven't go over it yet,OMG!

On the other hand,I'm making my website's new layout.As the cyberspace that I used before,has something wrong with it,and the owner hasn't admin it for ages.So I'v found a new cyberspace,I'm satisfied with it,I gonna move my website to there as soon as the layout finish.

There's a bad news,a girl next class owns terminal cancer.She's in hosptial now and doesn't what's wrong with her,because her family and doctors don't want her know...Poor thing!She's still young!She has so much thing haven't try yet!

I wish her could get well soon and lead a happy life forever.

I's dairy isn't colourful...

#About Study(- -;;) 

2006年06月09日(金) 19時58分
To be honest,I don't like study at all,never.You know,I'm so lazy and I really hate Maths,Physics and Chemistry!!!I'v a mental block about Maths since I was studied in primary school.

Sometimes I feel really tired about study.And Chinese education is boring,the teacher teach,and you just learn.I think some of the things that we have learnt were useless,if you're not gonna be a architect or something,you won't try to figure out the complex calculation,right?

English is my best and favourite subject,though I always get the first place in this school,I know there's many people in other schools much better than me.

I'm confuse and don't know where my way is...

@@Children's Day@@ 

2006年06月01日(木) 21時33分
Today is Children Day,but it's none of my business at all,I'm 16 already!(nearly 17)

We have lunch in "長崎屋",a Japanese restaurant.The food there is okay excepy curry,my Daddy even cook it better.Next time I'd like to try the noddles.
Then in the evening,Mommy bought me some sushi!Well,it seems that I'v eaten a lot of Japanses food today.

My Chemistry go on getting a bad mark,I just wanna say"I hate Chemistry!!!" =口=

Happy Children's Day!!!


2006年05月21日(日) 17時45分
I began to write novel again.I re-write my old novel "Falling in your Arms"(the translation name),the content will be different and some of the characters' name will be change too.Chapter 1 has been finished,I'm quite satisfied with it.

These days,I'v read a lot of novels,they were all about vampire!So cool!

My new PS word:

I like their colour,and it's the pic of Aries.(though I'm Sagittarius...)


2006年05月16日(火) 21時15分
Last Sunday was Mother's Day,I've made a little gift to Mom by myself.In fact,I should put this stuff on that day,since the blog didn't work well,I couldn't.

It's a little card with lovely carnations on the cover,inside I wrote some simple words to thanks my Mom for how she took care of me these years.when I gave her the card,she said thanks to me,however,it's the day for me to thank her.

The greatest woman in the world is always mother.She belogs with you even if you are not come into the world yet,and she must pass through a hard time.Ten months later,you were born,she held you in the warmest arms and gave you the sweetest simle.She taught you how to speak,how to walk,and how to sing...In her eyes,you're a child forever,no matter how old you are.

There's a story about the God and the child's coversation.The child asked the God what's the angel's name that going to protect him."Her name isn't important,you can simply call her Mommy."the God answered.


2006年05月06日(土) 1時21分
Last week,I started to eat a tomato and do sit-up everyday.I feel some of the fat was out of my bingy now,hurray!So if I keep on doing this,I can be slim too!haha~~~Well,I hop it isn't just a dream.

I go to school with the money that enough for lunch or maybe a bit more,to stop me from eating junk food.We know it's not good for our health,but we still want to eat it.

Suki was the first one to leaved massage here,thanks for her support!She's really a kind person.

*~My Lovely Samsoon~* 

2006年04月24日(月) 22時45分

I wasn't insterested in korean teleplay before,since I watched "Full House",that changed my mind,as it is so funny.

"My Lovely Samsoon",which took me a great amount of time to download,is comedy and love story,really cup of my tea!It's about a girl called Kim Samsoon,works as a baker.She doesn't like her name and always wants to change another name,Kim Heejin.Her road of love is full of rock and hard to walk on,but she never give up.Samsoon is a lovely girl and I like her very much.I hope that I could be a girl like her oneday,brave,warmhearted and naivete.

Well,I'm still watching this teleplay now.I'll go to sleep as soon as this part finish.Good night~~

Say Hello *>o<* 

2006年04月23日(日) 20時16分
Well,from then on,I'll write my English diary here.This blog is clean and nice,but the thing I don't like here that is it runs too slow!And it's a bit difficult for me to use this blog,as it is Janpanese.

Let's talk about the "Project Runway",an American TV show.Daniel Vosovic is my favourite,he's such an amazing and talented desiger!Many girls think that he's handsome and his smile is so sweet,so do I!Erm...that one thing is...he's gay...anyway,I still like him.The show in America has been finished,the final winner wasn't Daniel Vosovic(he got the second place) but Chloe Dao,actually,I like her style too,it makes you feel comfortable.
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» *~My Lovely Samsoon~* (2006年05月05日)
» *~My Lovely Samsoon~* (2006年05月05日)
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