I'm back... 

2007年02月27日(火) 13時57分
...and let's hope I'll stick around for a while this time.

Not much to say about my absence, except that I've been busy and feeling extremely lazy.

I'm glad Naruto Shippuden has started. I must say Gaara looks smashing at the end of ep3! I can't wait to see him and Deidara in action, which will happen this Thursday I'm sure. I love the new opening song, I think it's called "Hero's Come Back" by Nobodyknows (there's a little cross at the end but I don't think there's such a key on my keyboard...) It'll make good workout music ^^

They've already started to release Shippuden merchandise, like games and cards. I got me two on Yahoo!Auction, there's another one I need to get though...

p.s. I've been eating lately, and I want to start a food blog...

*flies around the room in joy* 

2006年09月12日(火) 23時09分
Okay, I was wrong about the ebay seller, she did send the shoes, a while ago too cuz' I got them today. I'm just glad that I held off the threat emails I'd been planning for a while ("If you don't send me the item I'm afraid I'll have to take legal actions against you"; "You're sofa king dead!"; "Don't think that you can get away with this just becuz you're in Italy and I'm in Japan"...actually, she could)
Anyway, I was planning on leaving some negative comments in the feedback even if I do receive the shoes but after seeing the shoes...oh well........all I can say is that my ultimate shoe fantasy (for now) has been realised, thanks to her. The shoes are so beautiful...*cries tears of joy*

I'm sofa king* pissed! 

2006年09月11日(月) 21時59分
Rang up the courier company today, the package is from New York (yes, more shoes, I'm hopeless T_T). So that confirms it: she still hasn't sent the shoes. *shakes fist* It's been over 10 days! What's she planning? Surely she knows about Paypal's chargeback system and that she can't rip me off?! Or she doesn't know or think that I don't?!! If she continues to ignore my emails I'm gonna have to contact Paypal about the chargeback.
But I don't want my money back, I just want the shoes!!!*sobs*

*In case you're wondering what the hell "sofa king" means, try to say it quickly, what does it sound like? Thanks to the ladies at Purse Forum, who came up with it.

This is ridiculous! 

2006年09月10日(日) 21時36分
5 or 6 years ago I saw a pair of YSL shoes in a fashion magazine and they were the most beautiful shoes I ever saw Unfortuntely I was a student then and YSL was somewhat out of my humble budget. 2 weeks ago I stumbled upon a pair of those shoes on ebay auction and I instantly knew they were going to be mine. And I won them! After paying the lady through Paypal (she's in Europe) and not hearing back from her I emailed her and politely asked if she could give me a tracking number once she's sent the item. She replied, rather unhappily, that she "of course will! I'm going to send them on Monday - when the post office is open..." Given that was a Saturday evening I thought it was fair enough and even felt a little silly for asking. Since then I havn't heard from her.
I'm not really worried about the money since I can do a chargeback with Paypal but I really want the shoes! If I could only have one pair of shoes in my whole life I'd go for that pair (I would also completely destroy my feet within one year).
Then yesterday when I got home from work I found a note left by a courier company - they tried to deliver a package to me while I was at work. The note doesn't say who the sender is so I'm not even sure it's the shoes from Europe since I ordered other stuff online too. But the shocking thing is: on the note it says that I have to pay a customs tax of 7000yen (60 US dollars)! The bitch never told me about this!!! After visiting the courier company (DHL)'s web site I can be pretty sure now that it's the shoes because DHL is based in Europe. I wouldn't have minded paying more for the shoes (cuz I love them so much!) but I would've appreciated it if she'd told me about the tax. I wonder if she did it on purpose, how much did she declare the package to be worth?!!! (I'm glad I didn't buy a 2000dollar bag from her) Why doesn't she just use ordinary post???
To top it off, DHL is about the worst courier company ever:They're closed on Sundays; and they don't let you specify the time of day you want your package delivered, only the day (cuz' we're all unemployed and can sit home all day waiting for them). It's not entirely impossible though, but they do charge a fee for that

My first pair of Manolos ^o^ 

2006年08月25日(金) 17時36分
I know I've said no shoes no bags until next year but I just couldn't resist it...
What I said last week:
I hope I'll have enough self-control to last 4 months
HA! More like 4 days!! Last week I also ordered two pairs of shoes from a store in America and I'm still waiting for them to arrive. I'm so dead...... >.<
I was talking to someone the other day and he said to me: "It seems like you have a lot of control over what food you eat and how much food you eat but when it comes to spending money you're completely out of control." Thanks Akihiro, that was very well-said
I wish I hadn't gone shopping today but on the other hand I'm so happy! I got my first pair of Manolo Blahnik heels today ^^ To be honest, they're beautiful beautiful shoes and they're handmade in Italy, but some of my other shoes are just as nice and cost about 1/10 of the price. I bought them simply because I think every girl needs to have a pair of Manolos (well, every girl like me maybe). Ever since I saw Sex and the City (don't really care for the show, I occasionlly watch it to see what the ladies are wearing on the show) I've wanted them. I guess you could say I've just accomplished one of my life goals...not so ambitious am I? Okay, I know my toe nails need repainting...

Saint Seiya returns! 

2006年08月21日(月) 17時10分
Kurumada Masami is working on a new story arc of Saint Seiya for Weekly Shonen Champion. The arc is entitled 聖闘士星矢NextDimension冥王神話 (Saint Seiya, Next Dimension: the Legend of Hades). The original Hades arc was my favourite Saint Seiya arc! I just saw the new issue the other day, it looks awesome, the pages are fully-coloured! The arc is based on the Holy war that takes place some 200 years before the original Saint Seiya story. I don't read Shonen Champion but I'm definitely getting the tankoubon when those come out ^_^

Yay to toe cleavage 

2006年08月19日(土) 20時13分
You know how sometimes you wear pointy shoes that are too narrow in the front for your toes your can see the base of your toes? Today I saw someone at TPF referring to it as "toe cleavage". Didn't take too long for me to work out what it meant as I'd already heard the expression "butt cleavage" ^^;; English is such a convenient language - there is a word for EVERYTHING!
Toe cleavage well-executed!

Poor Kitty T_T 

2006年08月17日(木) 23時58分
I came home from work today and he was there again, my favourite cat! I ran all the way home, put down my bag, grabbed my "cat food bag" (complete with paper plates, plastic forks, napkins and spare plastic bags for leftovers) and went back to where he was. Poor thing probably hasn't eaten for days, he ate more than half a can of cat food. I gave the rest to the other neighbourhood cats although I'm really not supposed to as one of them is really overweight.
It was not until later when I looked at the pictures I took today that I noticed there's a few nasty wounds around his neck. Poor thing! I'm really thinking about adopting him! I'm sure he'll make a lovely pet - after a trip to the vet to be defleaed and neutered. I love that cat, his face exudes a certain kind of innocence that's hard to put into words.
That's it! As soon as I move into a pet-okay apartment I'm going to "kidnap" him and bring him home with me ^^

To Sariachan 

2006年08月16日(水) 22時41分
To Sariachan:
The fillers will end in October? I dunno if it's true or not since I havn't been reading Shonen Jump for 3 weeks... Hopefully it is.
Scan the doujin? I don't have any plans because I'm busy at the moment and will get busier come next month. I might scan a few pages the next time I turn on my scanner to scan my latest picture which has yet to be drawn!
I have to update the fanclub too >__<

This is getting out of hand... 

2006年08月16日(水) 13時33分
I've become totally addicted to brand name bags, thanks to the ladies at The Purse Forum (hereon referred to as TPF). The slogan of TPF is "Shallow Obesession Strongly Encouraged" - what a way to put it! I'm always obsessing over looks, weight, clothes, shoes...not to mention nice-looking 2D characters! I suppose that makes me shallow which is okay with me as long as I'm not hurting anybody by being shallow. But it is hurting my bank account balance >_< It's been less than a month since I got my last bag and I've already got a new one. I couldn't help it - when you're spending every waking moment of your life thinking about something, in this case, the creme Chloe Paddington bag, you know you have to get it.
SO! I've decided that there will be no bags no shoes for me until next year. Hopefully I'll have enough self-control to last another 4 months!
I saw a lady (in her late 50'S or early 60'S on the train today and wow! I guess you only get to see this in Japan. She's dressed in a hot pink (I repeat: HOT PINK) top and matching pink miniskirt, beige coloured FISHNET stockings (thank God they weren't black or pink) and knee-high red boots. Her bag is a LV monogram in the courier style (I don't know the name for the bag but you wear it across your torso like a postman). Around her neck was an LV monogram mobile phone case and at least 5 or 6 Swarovski crystal necklaces. Matching bracelets adorned her writsts. Her face was painted...... a pink colour I suppose was originally intended to match her outfit but somehow her cheeks were a darkish red from wearing too much blush? Anyway, she's talking on her phone while standing in the middle of the train. The other girls on the train and I were like o_O;; Kudos to her for daring to make a bold fashion statement

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