August 05 [Sun], 2007, 1:52

Müllermilchバニラ = ♥

new '_' 

July 22 [Sun], 2007, 0:22
今日はhappy dayです!

Got a webcam! \(^____^)/


no music 

July 11 [Wed], 2007, 4:26
- no life.

And we all know it.

I wonder if ai-chin knows how much her music can give sad people?

No matter what happened, no matter what made them cry - everytime I show them one of her PV's, they say 'Thank you! I'm feeling better now.' ...
Someday I wanna tell her about that. いつか.

丸い丸いビー玉にうつるは ピースサインのあたしで
いつかまたのぞいた時も きっと笑ってるんじゃないかな



July 09 [Mon], 2007, 5:00
Talking to friends and thinking 'I love you' while meaning it... feels weird.

I want to see him, now.
Listening to his voice and knowing that there are less than 2 months left is driving me mad. Slowly, but it is.
Hard to describe it. That urgent feeling of 'I want to see you. I want to see you so badly that it hurts' is so hard to describe. It's always, no matter who is 'you', but the strength and meaning of it depend on the person called 'you', doesn't it?
It even does not reach the feeling of 'I want to see ルキ with all my heart, and this dream comes true in October'. Hmm, hmm..

... why am I posting this here? \o/

Feels like a stranger in my own head.


July 08 [Sun], 2007, 20:45
暁の車 by FictionJunction YUUKA = LOVE
such a beautiful song - another masterpiece by 梶浦由記さん。

Layout changed. <3

Going to meet my father today. Long time no see~...!

Wind Letter 

July 08 [Sun], 2007, 20:21

Firefox decided to delete all my bookmarks - ダンケ・シェーン!
Now I have to collect everything again. /(-_-)\
*missing her ドーリスマリィ OHP*

Only 2 school days left - やった!
Tomorrow 4 lessons and Tuesday 2 + final ceremony - FINISH!

MANA + me. I met him! \o/


July 06 [Fri], 2007, 3:05

Pic of the week!

I love his smile. Love, love, love it...


July 02 [Mon], 2007, 0:36
Okay... Sey is back in Japan. Good to know *laughs*

... and the winner is... ルキ.
Good job.


candydive heaven ☆ 

July 01 [Sun], 2007, 22:06


デザート = おいしい! *_*
The only part of the food that was okay - everything else was horrible. (T_T)"""

But the bride was very beautiful, and her dress was the only wedding dress I've ever seen that I liked. (>_<)


My dear beautiful cookie will be in SHOXX soon. Aww! Have to buy it, I really have to...
Let's hope that it will be in the issue of a month when LuLu aren't in FOOL'S MATE, because otherwise I have to buy both - and I don't have much money lately. (T_T)

I wonder what happened to Sey. Didn't see him online for about 2-3 weeks now. *missing him*


June 30 [Sat], 2007, 21:10

Finally something about the rest of the week.
Let's call it the 'Uruki' week, 'kay? XD
That picture is from Tuesday - waiting for the train.
Eastgate is so~ big (=__=) and everyone looked at my plushie as if it was some sort of monster (T_T)
Oh, and Rukikun had a fight with the PUNICA bottle. First it seemed the bottle won, but then Ruki beat it. After that he felt nauseous.

Poor Rukikun.

Thursday... I finished work too early, so had to wake up Uru.
We went to shizu's workplace - HelloKitty everywhere. But there was this beautiful jacket, awww. And it's just perfect for concerts - 'visual' is a great word for it. ♥

Mum said that she will buy it for me, as well as a CD. I can't decide which one I should choose (T__T) I wanted bis' album Belive in style, but I just noticed that STACKED RUBBISH will be released in a few days. Well, she said that she won't buy both things at the same time, so I think I will wait and ask her to buy STACKED RUBBISH.
Lucky me that I didn't fail at my exams and that my sisters went to school trips this week.

Oh! I just notice that the passed exams mean that she will pay for my Japanese lessons again, too! \(*_*)/

*has to get dressed now* W___W
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