Im about to get illegal ticket. 

January 10 [Tue], 2012, 23:23
I got to know some students 3 weeks ago. Two working people came to oklahoma who spent their life last year in Oklahoma to learn English in ESL class in Oklahoma city university (OCU). They missed oklahoma friends and people and they came over here using their short winter vacation.

There are a lot of friends in OCU so they guided Japanese two visitor from Tulsa in the north to Chickasha in the south not to know what to do with their time. For me, I entertained them with Chanko Nabe and oklahoma beef steak. Finally they have return to Japan since last week.

But I had accident.
Last day they left oklahoma, we went to best Chinese restaurant in oklahoma, Fung's kitchen to eat dinner, what a burger along the May Ave which is recently opened, and after that we went to student house who was earning from his workforce. We tried to say good bye while reflecting on the road they spent time in oklahoma. We parked our car near his house because he told us the place was safe. But there were some policemen who were checking something over other car. I had bad feeling. Just to be safe, we politely asked the police whether we could park there. He said "Yes, No problem!" According to students, policemen patrol the community because illegal parking is increasing in OCU campus. We spent two hours to chat in his house.

In the way on home, I noticed strange sounds somewhere so I checked my car after I reached my home. Then, there are something between the wiper and front glass. Finally, I was ticketed for violation!

Unbelievable!. Why did I need to get the ticket! The ticket said
"Expired license plate, $50 fine.."

Oh my gosh! My plate license was expired at 12 Dec.
I did not understand that means because I did not know I should renew the plate license once a year.

AAhh I was so depressed and I told Karla, coworker about that.
"I am so sorry." In addition, she said "you might avoid the fine."
What? What do you mean. Because there is sentence period for 30 days after plate license was expired.And she started to call DMA to negotiate the ticket. But the agent told us "you can avoid late fee but you have to pay the fine because police man can give the fine during the period. " I was depressed again.

I asked Karla again where should I go to pay the fine?
The ticket said I have to go OCU police office. But Karla also find small sentences you can appeal this ticket if you have justifiable claim. So I explained 1) I am visitor to OCU to say good bye my friend. 2) I just arrived to oklahoma and bought new car recently and I did not know how I should renew plate license. 3) I asked OCU police man whether I can park here. 4) This is first ticket that I got in Oklahoma.

At the first claim she said "You are visitor to OCU?" and "Hmm OK I will cancel this ticket".
Oh my goodness!. So finally I did not have to pay the fine.
I am really happy now.
This is recent story.
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