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February 04 [Mon], 2019, 1:58


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No me dio miedo😂😂
This movie reminds me of Iron Maiden's fear of the dark album cover
warhol after the party
After! the, Lethargy. khatrimaza
bra 30 the after bra
Afterdark is trash kkkk
after six the dessy group
a Jeeper Creeper ? lol
Watch how this movie trend on Netflix
Guess what kind of add was at the start of this? A TRAILER FOR ANOTHER MOVIE WTF?!
This is about an hour and 20 minutes of my life i'll never get back. The movie is so bad.. 70% of it is just pointless filler dialog to give you some back story of certain situations that are just irrelevant. It's not entertaining in the LEAST.. No jumpscares, fails at immersing you into a creepy atmosphere, 3 main bland characters in the entire movie. Who thought it was a good idea to make this?! I've seen some baddd movies, but this definitely makes top 5 easy..

Finally. Some revenge on those people who like to knock on your door on Saturday mornings. Witch: Go away, I'm sleeping in!
after the burial merch
Well this looks like crap
After the. Lethargy. Online... Putlocker


Needs a V/O. Or, maybe no money to spend on promotion? Moving on to something better.
does anyone think that the bye bye man is gonna be shit based on the horrible name. they cant be expected to be taken seriously with that shit


After... the, Lethargy, Full. Movie, Online, Free
Holy shot the cage dive film look terrifying
well done film , enjoyed it
Don't don't knock my door. Haha good movie what a plot twist 😁😂


No jeepers creepers
That actress is brad dourf aka chucky from child's play daughter


the morning after pill coupon
After, the... Lethargy, in… hindi. dubbed, hd


so maybe I should knock 10 times?
it's really very scary
I'm so used to seeing Fiona Dioruf in Dirk_Gently it's hard picturing her in anything else
0:34 omg, I'm so sorry - Worst acting ever
donde se pueden ver las peliculas que subes?
people serieus question please serieus answer. The release date please of this fantastic movie. I love the darkxxxx

Just don't knock yell someone will hear u
After, the. Lethargy? Film? Online
this looks good.
as if shallows was t bad enough we get another horror shark movie I literally shat myself watching it
after the storm painting
Who are they? special Cadet forces lol
Is that bald naked dude wolverine now
looks pretty good.
Looks like a load of old blocks
ET bang hot chick


this looks so cheap and stupid

is this supposed to be like the rake creepypasta?


The comments are more entertaining than the trailer

Me : knocks twice Me : do you have time for our lord and savior Jesus Christ?




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