~*Devon is so~ Bipolar/ Jamaican Beast xD*~

October 11 [Mon], 2010, 14:02
Well me, Rena, & Asia went to Church with Ravyn & we did all of these fun activities in till Devon ruined it all >.>
Cause Asia took his phone & Saw what he put & she showed me & I was like "Dang Devon, you must be really desperate for a girl right now"
I know it sounds rude but you should of seen what he put O_O
& Asia came out of no where saying "C'mon just leave the Jamaican Beast alone xD"
Im sorry but I had to laugh.
& Devon was laughing too but all of a sudden he got mad & like ran out of the room.
I didnt do anything cause he said it wasnt me it was Asia that did it & I was like "Oh, but you know we wasnt laughing at you we was laughing at your name"
& he didnt say anything after that.
But hes really not Jamaican he just put that on his text messages all the time & I dont know why though.
But it was so hilarious how he ran out though & Ravyn mom went to go check for him to see if hes okay & she came back saying "He just had to go use the bathroom & _______ xD"
& at the end of the day we was outside & Rena made up the song & half of the dance & so did Asia & we started dancing it outside in till we left.
& we saw Devon looking or should I say spying on us through the window.
We saw his glasses & the blinds were moving.
& he was spying on us the whole time!
Ugh, then all of a sudden hes gets all happy & then he gets mad.
Like wtf, that is so irritating.
Hes is so Bipolar >.>
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    ・Chatting-Play soccer/Drums
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