2007年07月10日(火) 14時17分

I had sukiyaki for lunch




2007年07月07日(土) 14時22分


2007年06月21日(木) 15時49分
I have been germanium hot bath salon for month.

It is to enter one's hands and feet in the bathtub.
All I have to do is just keep still for 20 min !!

*speed up the metabolism
*treat constipation
*be sleeping well

I sweat a lot when I was taking hot bath.
And as pictuer, my hands and legs became red !

Father's day 

2007年06月17日(日) 23時39分
I asked my father to dinner
Because today is Father's day
He said ' I want to eat fish'.
So, we went to Japanese restaurant(izakaya)
which was called 'GINYA',

(uni, kurage, turban shell, salmon, cuttlefish etc)

They were very good
We drank beer and ate sashimi

I had not been to 'Izakaya' with my father once.
So, I worried 'What do I talk with him about?'
But we talk about anything, my mother and my family and job..

I enjoyed very much
I thought maybe he enjoyed,too

We drank too much.
I was intoxicated with alcohol

I wonder what to choose・・・ 

2007年06月14日(木) 12時02分
I want to change my handyphone
I search new handyphone, now

I hope

@ can watch TV
A color is white
B not too big

Which is better, AU or SOFTBANK

I want to decide it by the end of June

Risa's birthday☆ 

2007年06月13日(水) 0時00分

Today is Risa's birthday
Happy birthday 27 years old

Let's become nice woman

I hope you are happy in this year

ballet recital 

2007年06月10日(日) 17時24分

I went to see my co-worker's ballet recital in Kagoma

The recital's story is 'SHINDERERA'
It was big recital and very wondaful

My co-worker had begun ballet from 30 years old
(She is 36 years old, but she looks like younger than 36)
Her dance was very beautiful

I was impressed very much

I wanted to take lesson a ballet, but・・・・
My body is not soft

So, I decided to let my daughter a ballet lesson,
if I have a daughter

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