2008年02月17日(日) 20時45分
Feb 15, 2008

Today I dine with Ms.Long at Angela's Cafe after I come off duty. This meal is delicious. We chat during our meal. I'm reli happy coz we know more about each other. At last, I need to thx Ms.Long for treating me to dinner and accompanying me on the way to IPM.

Today I have english lesson. Susan teach us again! Actually I'm reli say when I knew that Susan taught us again coz she give me low mark! However, I must accept it. So I just promise myself that I will pay more effort to improve my english. "Work hard, Xania, you can do it!"

Feb 16, 2008

Today I got Jan tips. Wow! I got $100 more than before! Happy! After I come off duty, I dine with Ms.Sheng at Rose Garden Cafe. It is a coincidence that Mr.Ma is having lunch there. So we have lunch together. Mr.Ma say sorry to me coz he talk with me in a loud voice and bad temper this morning. However, I don't mind coz I am used to be talked with in a loud voice and bad temper. Mr.Ma also say that I am fatter than before. Yes! I admit! I've eaten more and more after I enter GPG!

After lunch, I go through changing pass formality in CTS. The formality finish in a few mins coz there is not many people waiting. I will get a new pass on Feb 29, 2008.

At night, I quarrel with mum coz I feel she treat me is not as well as my sister, it's unfair. Then she keep on blaming me. I feel reli sad and angry coz she don't understand what I mean and what I want. I hope that we are soon reconcile.

Feb 17, 2008

Today Milk tell me that the result of exam have been shown. So I see the result immediately. I feel a little bit surprise coz the mark of HR is not as bad as I guess. Actually I'm satisfied with those subjects expect english coz I get 67 in the exam only. However, Joyce get 83 in the exam. She is reli good but I'm reli bad. How come? Sigh, this is truth, I must accept it. What I can do is to improve my english. I hope to achieve my aim ─ scholarship in BA.


2005年11月13日(日) 18時17分
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