Vivian Hsu "徐若瑄" 

April 21 [Thu], 2005, 10:22
long time long see 可愛い Vivian Hsu. About vivian hsu; she was born in 1975,03,19 Taiwan,Taichung. she is the second daughter in her family, so far, she has a borther studying in Japan college. I heard that she said her borther is かっこいい .poor Vivian hus when she was young. her fiamily used to move house over 30 times. so she told herself if she could make a lot of money. the first thing to do is buy an own her house. Now I am gonna introduce her new CD on her new CD subjet "狠狠愛" means unyielding for love as you can see her new style sexy, cute, and cool. go to lintening it.

Taipei Miramar 

March 25 [Fri], 2005, 10:56
Miramar Entertainment park 美麗華百樂園 It is like department store, but also inclusive entertainment. Additional on the top you can see 摩天輪 daikanransha in Japanese maybe.. It is pretty high to get on the top.. what a becatiful building in Taipei Miramar

Taipei 101 

March 25 [Fri], 2005, 10:43
Beatiful city of Taipei 101 The greatest challenge in designing a statement building is not the construction technology involved, but how the building reflects the culture in which it functions. The spirit of architecture lies in the balance between local culture and internationalism.

In the West, a tall building demands respect and attention from the spectators. To the Asians, it symbolizes a broader understanding and anticipation of things to come: we "climb" in order to "see further".

The architect of Taipei Financial Center, C.Y. Lee, has found the appropriate and original expressions from oriental elements. The height of Taipei Financial Center is reached one step at a time, like petals of a flower unfolding or sections of a bamboo rising from the ground, and it offers a new perspective to the residents of the city.

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» Taipei Miramar (2005年03月27日)
» Taipei 101 (2005年03月27日)
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