happy wedding !! 

2006年02月28日(火) 14時01分

new clothes

one of my friedns got married !!!
We are planning to have a surprise party for her next month.

now, the marriage average age of Japanese women is 27.6 year's old.
I still have enough time to brush up myself to be a good wife and good mother.....


2006年02月24日(金) 22時39分

How does the feeling change after it's satisfied?

Does it become lesser ???

Is it sure that a full moon comes again?

chotto samishii.......

rainy day 

2006年02月20日(月) 23時10分

accessory for moblie phone (made by CHIE)

it was a rainy day today.
i have nothing to do.....
my part time job was suddenly canceled.....
i didn't want to go out such a rainy & cold day......

i stayed home all day and made accessories for mobile phone.
this is the first time i made it.
i want to learn many styles of knots.

i know some people think making this kind of things is waste of time.
but i like making these useless things.......
it helps me to escape from my days without pleasure especially when it's raining and when nobody answer my call.....
why i can't reach you???


2006年02月18日(土) 20時51分

I made this basket

I like to create something.
I like the time when I concentrate on creating and forget other things.

I hope....
oneday, I will be able to create things which can make somebody happy.

Valentin's day 

2006年02月12日(日) 23時32分

I baked a carrot cake

I helped my sister to make cookies and chocolates for valentin's day.
She has seven boyfriends to give presents..... 
She finished all her poket money... hehehe.....

one week 

2006年02月11日(土) 11時41分

I made a cup cake for tea time

one week has past since i came back from Malaysia.
I tried to be busy......
But I feel empty about myself everyday.

Time doesn't fly in a same speed.
one week when i spend in Malaysia fly too fast.
one week when i'm in Japan fly too slow.....


2006年02月10日(金) 22時10分

My team mates

I played volleyball at my university.
I'll graduate this team this March.
But actually, I won't go to practice anymore,
so, today was the last day to play with them......

I hope I can play volleyball with my children one day....


2006年02月09日(木) 23時23分

Jasmine tea

I like to be busy normally.
But some times, I like the day when there is nothing to do.
Today is the day!!!

I enjoyed having a cup of tea and some sweets.
I can feel a small thing happily on such a day.
Today, my BF called just to hear my voice.
It made me so happy.....

Thanks god for giving me such a pretty day.

Tom Yum Kung 

2006年02月08日(水) 20時14分

I cooked it for dinner

I went to see my grand mother today.
She was pretty fine !!

My ground motehr was used to go abroad for travelling.
but recently she had heavy headache, so she couldn't go out....
Now it's getting better. I think she completely recovered.
I'm very glad to see her laugh and talk alot.

I hope I can go to Malaysia with her one day.....


2006年02月07日(火) 20時01分

My car and garden

It was so cold today.
I was in Malaysia just 4 days ago. The temperature difference between Malaysia and Japan is over 30 degree !!
Ha.... I relly miss the hot wether and strong sunshine .....
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