Jelly Bean Is Coming to Verizon's Galaxy

December 17 [Mon], 2012, 13:30
If youre a Verizon Galaxy S III user, then the carrier has the perfect holiday gift for you: the latest version of .

Galaxy S III smartphones on Verizon will be upgraded toFriday.

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Jelly Bean brings a number of new features to the Galaxy S III including Google Now, Googles built-in digital assistant resembling Apples Siri.Jelly Bean also updates notifications on the phone, allowing you to return missed calls and email from directly within the notifications window.

With Jelly Bean the camera on your Galaxy S III will also see an upgrade, adding a number of built-in Instagram-like filters to the camera app. Videos you record with your phone can be started and stopped as well, allowing you to create one continuous video clip with several different shots.

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The Jelly Bean software upgrade will start being pushed to phones Friday.Customers will also be able to manually download the upgrade through the settings menu on their handset next week.

Image courtesy of Samsung

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