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November 20 [Wed], 2013, 17:09
In comparison to contribute offensively, Nicolas Sarkozy did likewise worth noting at defensive end. In first-round nike air max thea outlet matches, France's defence was Ukraine finished blasting, old Abidal is playing around, kesiqieerni eating a red card to leave the stadium. In Italy, but the stadium incident, two RAF Vallone and Cenozoic Defender Nicolas defense tight, play excelled Zozulya was completely frozen, especially at high altitude the ball on a scramble, Sacco did not leave opponents little chance of superior physical fitness.
But have to admit, Inter Milan and Juventus, and Mazar now built in Naples are still lagging behind, overall ranking illustrates the problem. "Juventus won the Serie a championship in the past two years, Naples may have changed coaches, but they are the basis of Euroleague runner-up, and morale. They are ready to fight for the Championship until the end. Inter Milan's situation is completely different, there's nothing comparable, we're just trying to progress, and try again in a short time grown into a competitive team. I have confidence in this. "Mazar explained. Inter grades, Mazar has its own perception: "win? I'm not going to have boasted about what one can do, you know, I was a team from scratch. Tohir requirement in 2016, the Champions League final? Think about the way we ended last season, compared to what we've been doing a lot of work, laying the basis of reconstruction. President has a clear goal, nothing wrong, can be realized depends on you how to run it. ”
In addition Roman Commander ludijiaxiya now sees the Kwame r Cabrera, who now plays for Juventus striker and another in Rome still has a list of names on the list: deyuejieweiqi, Kalou as well as Cvitanic. While Rome may be big in the transfer market and buy one, but not less important players in the nike air max 97 uk team's comeback, or is equal to imperceptibly adds strength to the team. In an interview with SKY SPORT24, Roma keeper de Sanctis, Francesco points out that the 2 key players-the team Desterro and Francesco Totti will return will make a great difference to the team.
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