I just came home... 

2006年03月24日(金) 21時38分
[ Music | AnCafe - mousou aikouka ]
[ Mood | ureshii~ ]
[ Current | just something... ]

Yes, I just came home, and now I´m just updating my yaplog like you can see. I tried to study japanese yesterday, but it wouldn´t go any okay then. I can japanese a little, but I still need to learn more that I can go to japan and speak only japan, without using any english.

My brother is going to japan on next spring.. With hes friend and they promised to get some stuff there
Well Timi said, he could do it, if I give him some money for its.

Yay, but now I think there is nothing I write now more..

Bai Bai !!

Yohoo !! 

2006年03月22日(水) 2時14分
[ Music | 12012 - Suiso no naka no Kanojo ]
[ Mood | Mushroom !! ]

I was tired when I came home, I had fun-time with my webcam.. Therea are the results !!

This day has been good, for now I quess it´s good, but later it can be a big BOO !!
I hope everything is going well like often does. NO, not often, sometimes.


La Li Hoo !! 

2006年03月22日(水) 0時51分
[ Music | Gazetto - Nausea & Shudder ]
[ Mood | panda-kun ]

I took some pictures by using my webcam again, I can post those here, like I always do Here we go !!

Yes, I was littlebit pissed-off when I took this pic and it seems. x___x

This is more better already ^-^;;

Here are my keys, featuring BLOOD´s Kiwamu

I have 5 NewType magazines, there are always some good posters on those.

Today I need to go to sleep earlier than yesterday, cause I was so tired this morning. So I quess this is my last post today in here.

See you later at this week maybe...
Bai Bai !!

I´m not feeling well now... 

2006年03月22日(水) 0時43分
[ Music | 12012 - Koorogi KOOROGI ]
[ Mood | dead and tired ]
[ Current | chatting with friends ]

Again.. I weel sick T^T I have to try to get my self back in normal feelings...I don´t know how, but I´m going to try. First I listen to Panic Channel, 12012 and AnCafe
I love those, so I hope those will make me happier and more like normal again.
Now I feel my self like a... BOO !!
Is there anyone who can make me feel happier ??
Hope tomorrow is going to be better day, so I can go to school and continue my week like normally, often do.

I think I just need some cup of coffee...
Or maybe it´s that my bestfriend hasn´t answered on her cellphone.. And I really need to talk with her.

More webcam caps again !! 

2006年03月22日(水) 0時42分
[ Music | Panic Channel - Shizuku ]
[ Mood | ]
[ Current | Waiting to get something to eat... ]

I just took more pics and I want to post it here...

I know , xDD but I like to take pictures and post those in to my blog

See you soon !!

Still feeling sick ;__; 

2006年03月22日(水) 0時42分
[ Music | Kagrra - ayashi no hikari ]
[ Mood | ]
[ Current | putting make-up ]

I´m still sick, I couldn´t go to school today, so I can be here another whole day I love my computer and surfing in the net, It´s fun !! It´s my hobby

My mom is at work now, she said she will come back about clock 16:00
Before that I´m going to take much more caps with my webcam

Bai Bai !!

C A N DY H O L I C // G R E E N !! 

2006年03月22日(水) 0時40分

[ Music | Dir en grey - Machiavellism ]
[ Mood | ]
[ Current | *hating MSN* ]

I would like to eat as much candies as I ever can *OOO*
But I can´t, I don´t have any candies ;__;

Tomorrow school starts again, and I need to get up earlier, so I can´t be here much any longer today
Oh, it´s sad...

I am a frog !! No I´m not... I quess. o__O;;
I need to pack my stuffs today already, cause tomorrow morning I just wake up and eat some breakfast..Then I have to leave for school.

But now, I am a Jiiiru-Man !!

Good night for you guys !! Anyhow, nobody reads this

More webcam caps !! 

2006年03月22日(水) 0時39分
[ Music | Plastic tree - Crackpot ]
[ Mood | but still ]
[ Current | nothing !! ]

Haha !! And again I put here some pictures of me taken by my webcam xDD

Maybe I soon got something clever to write here...

I would like to... 

2006年03月22日(水) 0時39分
[ Music | Mr. Children - youthful days ]
[ Mood | Cherrying !! ]
[ Current | chatting with old friends ]

I thought that I would like to start collec "everything cute//kawaii"- stuff. I like to shop in flea markets and there often are lots of kawaii stuff I´d liked to buy.
Now I decide that I will start to collect them ^OOO^

I hate MSN, it so useless... Or not. Anyway I hate it. I don´t like it.
Next weekend in Helsing, there is "Bucca"-meeting, I think I should go there, I have been away from every meeting for a while. About four meetings have been missed already.

So I decide that I´m going there. It takes 20 € to go to Helsing and back to my home. And then I need some money for food and other goodies like I´m going to spend lots of money when I go to BLIPPO shop !!

I hope I will get enough money at nextweekend from my mom.

Bai Bai !!

My charts now !! 

2006年03月22日(水) 0時37分
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