that the European Union doesn't speak as a single body quot; Prange said.

October 08 [Mon], 2012, 16:29

WASHINGTON, Jan. 26 (Xinhua)-- A senior IMF official emphasized on Thursday the urgency for emerging countries to ensure a soft landing amid deepening euro zone crisis.David Hawley, deputy director of external relations department at the International Monetary Fund, reiterated the fund's policy action message to emerging countries at a new conference. "The immediate policy priority is to ensure a soft landing as domestic growth and demand from advanced economies moderate," he said.In its updated World Economic timberland boots for women Outlook Report released on Tuesday, the IMF said the near term focus for emerging and developing countries should be on responding to moderating domestic demand and slowing external demand from advanced economies.The IMF outlined policy options for emerging countries in the note it prepared recently for G20 Deputy Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting in Mexico city.It said that monetary policies could be eased in economies with diminishing inflationary pressure. nike mercurial vapor fg It advised economies with low inflation, high public debt and large external surpluses to increase social spending.The IMF cautioned that policy space would be more limited in those countries that suffer from both relatively high inflation and public debt. Still, if it comes to a vote, the French Institute's Pertusot believes France and Britain may well back a Palestinian statehood bid at the Security Council - with an important caveat. "They're not going to support any kind of resolution. So it all depends on the wording of the resolution," Pertusot said. Pertusot believes the EU's problem is partly a public relations one. "What the EU hasn't been cheap timberlands doing enough is to explain that the resolution is just one step and the peace process is going to continue after the resolution and that's where the EU can play a significant role," Pertusot said.The European public appears more united. Two recent polls show the majority of Europeans favoring Palestinian statehood. One of the polls, by the BBC, also finds 45 percent of Americans favoring a statehood bid at the United Nations, compared to 36 percent against. "I think they would like to have [a] Palestinian [state]recognized but on the other hand, they don't want to have a struggle with the United States and on top of that the European Union doesn't speak as a single body," Prange said.
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