On August 18, what Liu soared suddenly back

August 26 [Thu], 2010, 11:55

On August 18, what Liu soared suddenly back a match and allow the sponsors that Liu soars to start a crisis public relations, is called the group of Ao Kang that"Chinese shoe king" Wang Zhen Tao guides is also the sponsor business enterprise that Liu soars, the Ao Kang early and early worked well two hand preparations and worked well two advertisements before competing, ignore Liu Xiang successfully win still accident's bowling out can cope with from such as.If Liu Xiang wins a champion, the Ao Kang will continue to use current advertisement edition-let the whole world listen to Chinese step.Once Liu Xiang didn't win a champion, the Ao Kang then would change-as long as there is still in the heart dream, wanting a step has never stopped bottom, you are a champion.Be full of estimate, dependably steady style to the business environment indetermination, more the Ao Kang Zhang disciple Wang Zhen Tao's principle of management is as inseparable as management philosophy, let me walk into this"Chinese shoe king", see his to start a business the way of process and study his management.

Ao Kang all through the night rushes through to make a new advertisement to continue dint stand Liu Xiang

"Each one steps is full of a challenge, believe the strength of dream, will be better tomorrow!"On August 20, is the group of Ao Kang of one of the sponsor that Liu soars to all through the night rush through to make new advertisement publicity slice, continue to support Liu Xiang.

"I think Liu at this time soars more more difficult than any person who concern him lead, for expressing encouragement and support that soars to Liu, we specially created for him new advertisement publicity slice, the slice of connect down will continuously broadcast in the central television station and other place sets.The new advertisement language is our common true feelings, we not only support, comprehension Liu Xiang present to mind, more want to embody on the actual activity."The group of Ao Kang related representative director says to reporter, the group of Ao Kang is at the horizontal that more than 3000 catena monopoly stores in the whole country will also hang "Liu Xiang, we support you forever", hope to inform the true feelings that support, comprehends that Liu soars to the consumer.

According to know, after the morning of August 18 knows that Liu Xiang backs match news, Ao Kang group the president and chief executive officer, Wang Zhen Tao, immediately mean the Ao Kang will support Liu Xiang forever and declare further at the same time Ao Kang will according to the original plan, the dint invites Liu to soar as a special image ambassador, the start specially establishes for appreciating boon teacher of"ten good Olympic Games champions of Liu Xiang Ao Kang enlighten a coach prize".In 2009, the Ao Kang will also continuously invite with Liu Xiang, the cooperation still will continue.

"Chinese shoe king" Wang Zhen Tao's history in the hair house

Wang Zhen Tao with lend he or she sharp market to touch, feel process for 16 years of unremittingly make great effort and pursue, finally established to own 600,000,,Buy cheap and discount nike shox from our nike shoes online store, get free shipping ! get nike airnike shox !000 dollars property, the year production value created one of the biggest run by private capital system shoe industry in China groups of the benefit tax over 100,000,000 dollars more than 1,500,000,000 dollars-the group of Ao Kang.

The daring behaves first and expand enterprising

In 1988, Wang Zhen Tao's east that don't accept defeat toward the destiny put together west to gather together 30,000 dollars, established always shoes wood's factory of Jia Ao and started his hardship of the run by private capital system shoe industry trudging.After unremittingly making great effort of 16 yearses and pursue, the Jia Ao factory development of shoes wood always becomes owning 600,000,000 dollars property, the year production value creates one of the biggest run by private capital system shoe industry in China groups of the benefit tax over 100,000,000 dollars more than 1,500,000,000 dollars-the group of Ao Kang.

Fire after burning"shoe in Wenzhou" of brave enter

The Wang Zhen Tao brother and sister are four, the financial situation is needy.When just reading at him senior high school was grade one, although the result was excellent, oneself was only because an elder brother but dropped out from school to lighten home burden, was with all strength provided for sister-in-law to go to school.The first work that 67-year-old Wang Zhen Tao's egress makes a living is to learn carpenter.Do the carpenter's Wang Zhen Tao saw many Wenzhou person of hometowns in Hubei, they were promoting an electric appliances, clothing and shoes, while the income compare do-it-yourself carpenter many several times, hence Wang Zhen Tao's decision changes profession to do a shoes to promote business.

There is sudden change of fortune on sky.Proper Wang Zhen Tao promotes the business of shoes to do red fire fire, a violent storm hurricane that rounds the Jiao"shoe in Wenzhou" in 1987 gobbles up a whole country.Shoe in Wenzhou became to counterfeit false inferior pronoun, adult shout a dozen of lead street rat.

The fire burns the storm of "shoe in Wenzhou" and makes many shoes factories in Wenzhou change flags in succession, but Wang Zhen Tao didn't shrink back, he did to have "always Lin Xie Chang of Jia Ao" with the quality idea of "the product embodiment personal character, personal character decision product", be want to use"Olympic" spirit as to do factory standard, come out numerous shoe factories in Wenzhou near imitate the turn of"famous brand" start You, create a brand of Wenzhou.

In March,The new discount golf clubs cost me a lot of money, but I think that but it' s certainly worth it. 2001, Wang Zhen Tao is in the vegetable have China first street of call of"Nanking road" up open shoe industry in Wenzhou of the first catena monopoly store, aroused to biggest cause a sensation in Shanghai, did for business enterprise military advance Shanghai in Wenzhou model.Till 2003, the shoes of Ao Kang has already successfully set up more than 2000 monopoly stores in the whole country, and blow Chinese the shoes industry implementation catena to particularly sell the tornado of permitting specially the management, also draw lessons from for the change of Chinese shoes marketing mode providing.

Move Italian car into Ao Kang

While galloping about a local market, Wang Zhen Tao throws taste toward the international market with the breadth of view of the strategist's vision, race entrepreneur and take aim at shoe in the world all Italy.In 1999, he establishes to design center in Italy, will most ex- the shoe industry information for following bring back China by quickest speed;In 2000, he establishes a branch in Italy, Holland etc. country and beats the product of Ao Kang into the international market, September, those early years, about ten thousand pairs of Ao Kang shoeses carry to Sydney, the shoes of Ao Kang headed for a world along with Sydney Olympic Games;In 2001, he designs Italy the famous master with the price of 1,000,000 annual salaries please get to China and serve as the Ao Kang chief craft teacher and accelerated the product of Ao Kang and being in line with of world trend;In 2002, he puts the Ao Kang monopoly store flag at New York, the United States, the Ao Kang sets up about 20 monopoly stores in the grounds, such as Europe and America and Southeast Asia...etc. now.

However, China after joining WTO how raise the additional value that China makes brand, is the big topic that each entrepreneur faces.The strategy of Wang Zhen Tao's persistence and international top-grade brand strong cooperation.On February 14, 2003, he with Italian shoe industry first brand GEOX sign overall cooperation agreement, since 2003, GEOX company product's expanding in the market of China is been responsible for by the full power of Ao Kang, GEOX company's selling into Asia and product and assistance of the Euro-American market to design is been responsible for by the Ao Kang, at the same time, both parties sell a network resources to share, this is the product of Chinese manufacturing for the first time be allowed inside international top-grade brand to order in 50000 sale nets of 55 nations in the world.

Generous investment the west develops

Development in the west is the strategic decision of national establishment.Wang Zhen Tao actively threw in the west by a sense of responsibility of entrepreneur and mission consciousness to greatly develop of construction in.After many times to the Bi mountain on the spot investigation and again and again argument, finally make a firm decision foreign land to extend, at pole have the Bi mountain of developing the potential establishment production base, create "the west the shoe is all", the purpose lies in promoting an industrial upgrading and creates thing to combine, consociation development of economic structure and form.The group of Ao Kang spends 1,000,000,000 dollars to create "shoe in the west of China are all" and made a show of a shoe industry entrepreneur investment in the east the west construction of generous, also drew back eastern entrepreneur to invest the west at the same time construction of prologue.

Wang Zhen Tao's saying that the group of Ao Kang decides to invest Bi mountain , on the other hand and for responding to the call that national west greatly develops, is Chinese shoes profession and western region to does some meaningful matters;Is the niche and industry advantage that has a liking for the region on the other hand, hope to pass western shoe of construction all and raise consciousness in the market and brand consciousness of the Bi mountain shoe industry and carry out the east and the west allied move a development.He also means at the same time, the industrial park sets up the formation reasonable after being built up, perfect function, market prosperity, environment beautiful, flourishing culture, serve top-grade China the west biggest, have the gathering of influence shoe industry research most , train, develop, produce, sale the kimono work the shoe industry industry base that turns for the integral whole.

Urge to living run by private capital financial group in a house

At Ao Kang high speed growth of at the same time, Wang Zhen Tao but sensitive ground discover, in times before Wenzhou is a to deliver advantage first have already started weakening, the restriction of geography environment, and tightly lacking of the energy, resources and the talented person's short of etc. problem more and more put before the human face of Wenzhou, in his eyes, business enterprise in Wenzhou only unites to put together, so as to break bottlenecks, such as funds, resources and talented person...etc..Therefore, Wang Zhen Tao's proposal establishes an investment entity that acrosses profession, Wang Zhen Tao's assertion soon get agreeing with of a lot of entrepreneurs in Wenzhous.On June 16, 2004, nine leader business enterprises of different professions in Wenzhou note to support China the first establishing to have no regional financial group together-"medium Rui financial group" nominal quotation operation.These are two words in"financial group"s the first time and appeared on the earth of China.

The financial group establishes and carried out the important breakthrough on the system of private enterprise management in China, win the Rui financial group can integrate of 10,000,000,000 operate funds, let private enterprise can together numerous stateowned business enterprises are similar, constuct item in the national point up exertion equal important function.

The cat of Wenzhou treads

"Wang Zhen Tao" is silently having no voice interest ground to change own knowledge structure.

Wenzhou is a vibrant city that is located in the segment in the southeast of China coast, gold coast line.Bring up this city at present, project in contemporary and Chinese brain of image be, a naturally of business person.In the middle of reforming a liberal spring tide, Wenzhou at the earliest stage 蹚 a full of district special feature of development road son.

Entrepreneur in Wenzhou once was divided into four stages of the run by private capital economic histories in Wenzhou after 1978:Toward stem, open stem(is public), put stem and hand stem.In fact, the turns and twists of history before go, make the business behavior become a social boundary in China:Inside the rule and rule outside.The ages that is called "the speculation pours a pair of" in the business, person in Wenzhou with borrow bold and crafty, made the gene environment of business cell in the place sturdy vitality, the special of this environment beat branding on each entrepreneur.In 1982, 35-year-old"screw big king" Liu Da Dun Yuan rises early to go shopping, behind and then 2 people tail.When he sees the significant slogan of "malicious stroke in the middle of the economic realm serious crime activity" that the wall ascend to paste up, inwardly scared.He made the most rapid decision take advantage o a person unprepared in all his life drill into an alley, go home to take out 70,000 dollars cash to arrive at river bank, jump into a mobile small wood ship, Wu life limits of the earth.Liu Da Dun Yuan's recollection says that his body is last to be dressed in vest and shorts while escaping.

This history turns into dust, but the style of "concentrate on studies situation, for the sake of a certain and concrete business" of person in Wenzhou, still go deep into the mode of thinking of entrepreneur.BE stressing an actual Wenzhou person to see, the situation is always a kind of resources that can be used by oneself.Before, they set up the new image of the market economy"vitality vanguard", now, person in Wenzhou's cat treads to head for international satge.Wang Zhen Tao's long sleeve danced well to display lately being like of Wenzhou.

Dissimilarity of BE, now, to owner in Wenzhou, the golden age of creation miracle ended.At Ao Kang high speed growth of at the same time, Wang Zhen Tao but sensitive ground discover, in times before Wenzhou is a to deliver advantage first have already started weakening, the restriction of geography environment, and tightly lacking of the energy, resources and the talented person's short of etc. problem more and more put before the human face of Wenzhou."The private enterprise house of Wenzhou, pass by good have no culture so much."This kind of astonishing language describes ex- stage's pouring is the most quasi-.One in the region is new now of parlance BE:The head packs much, the pocket packs much.Two words a front one empress accurately explained the change of Wenzhou.

Wang Zhen Tao is called "Chinese shoe king" at present, its strategy situation, order the Shu of solving the Xuan machine to be rated as "everyone".After fire burned leave shoe, Wang Zhen Tao's"creativity business" again and again goes on stage:In 2003, the Ao Kang invested to build up the special feature industry"the western shoe are all" in the park in the Bi mountain county in Chongqing;The leading business enterprise of the Ao Kang consociation 8 different professions in Wenzhou in 2004 established "medium Rui financial group";In 2006, Ao Kang Huang Gang in Hubei invest the construction"Hubei first street";And vibrate local EU litigation case to also show unintentionally the implication that plans everyone in everywhere.These Wenzhou intelligence undoubtedly facilitated the growth of the business enterprise of Ao Kang.

But Wang Zhen Tao also feels keenly shortage, he successively grinds in the Hangzhou college of commerce, industry and business international college, Yangtze River college of commerce and country in Central Europe.The Stanford University greatly leads dint class continuing education.When classmate, a famous company of his college of commerce in Yangtze River of old always invite him the visit leads to go into of Toyota type management, he sees the warehouse of 7000 square meters shrink 7 square meters, produced a speed ratio to raise before 3400%, the touch is biggest.He feels keenly the importance that the modern system manages." I don't know that the other people am how to thinks of,I am what you will be; I was what you are,and I am air max 360. I have never had already seen the study as gilt.Each lesson I diligently listen to."Wang Zhen Tao says that"sound probably and have a little laughably.I big parts of time is going to school.About have monthly 20 in the school."

To 42-year-old Wang Zhen Tao, study and creativity still have no place not at."I think that this am the ages that the creativity excels efficiency.The creativity is shoulding integrate to a lot of concrete details.Even if in the stanza day off, we the time in 2005, even play joy all work hard.While wanting to take out the gift that oneself like most and writing own name in the top and putting in a basket, walking, everybody will be got hold of by another employee, this is the predestination.After every year, on each evening party, we all have make people's expectation of fresh activity, so we aren't the problem that opens an evening party, we got more." Wang Zhen Tao's"four roads"s

From start a business up to now, Wang Zhen Tao to he or she tally up for a while, totally walked"four roads", at the same time, this"four roads"s are also four stages of the Ao Kang group developments.

The not afraid capital is small, afraid head empty

When Wang Zhen Tao just started a business, there is no own factory premises, rented the somebody else's old house to make factory premises, eight people, 30,000 dollars, he recalled a way, poor must be pitiful at that time, he made a wooden board and wrote ascend a few word-Ao Lin Xie Chang.

When he registers trademark at the industry and business bureau, "Ao wood" belongs to international owned by public, can not register, hence change to today's"Ao Kang".Wang Zhen Tao thinks that time, this"break shoe factory" one day and definitely will is like "Olympic" in the future similar, is as synchronous as Olympic Games.Although is very poor at that time, can Wang Zhen Tao's pocket the poor head isn't poor, he thought at that time of combine be much more than sold a few shoes, the Zheng was a few money, but what to think is Zheng come of money is used in setting up factory building, so living that time was always all very simple, took wheat a round flat cake as staple food to fill satisfied belly, felt nice-smelling, living get very happy.

Wang Zhen Tao at deliver for employee of say in the message, the pocket is poor not terrible, but head not the ability is poor.Have to be understand, satge is just as big as mind.

The not afraid point of departure is low, afraid the state is low

In 1992, the south of Deng Xiaoping comrade cruises to talk after putting forward "the development is a hard truth", Ao Kang's comparing other people but speech don't attend to before fixing attention on a benefits, dead the hopeless situation hold tight bitter hard bitterness Zheng come of a few money don't let go, but use it to extend reproduction in.Determined Wang Zhen Tao's a conviction this time:Must do the Ao Kang strong to do greatly, also understood a truth at the same time:Is loose to open of own of will be more.

The Ao Kang breaks a household management, leads off to carry on a share system reformation and builds up a modern management system in 1994.Extension factory premises in the application land of Wang Zhen Tao in 1999, thought of Ao Kang several years of development and road in the future change to set up a problem, he the very firm Ao Kang is certain ability

Wang Zhen Tao says that the young man wants to dare to think, dare be, have a little greed.The vision has to be a little bit farsighted, the state has to be a little bit high.

Isn't afraid to have no time, afraid don't innovate

Along with the development of social economy, the market competes also more and more vigorous, the Ao Kang is similar to meet a lot of difficulties in the development.Wang Zhen Tao thinks that being not afraid of has no time, afraid don't innovate.In 1998, Ao Kang the pond town of Jia county always open the catena monopoly store of a first shoes in China, the head opens a shoe industry the catena particularly sell it first river.From 2001, the Ao Kang carries on brand management and successively releases Kang dragon, beautiful beauty brand.In 2006, the Ao Kang successfully develops "quantity feet settle shoe machine" again and puts forward a night of the speculation that opens 3000 air monopoly stores, while this target in the near future hands over to become realistic.

Wang Zhen Tao thinks that the innovation can let the foot road walk more far.

Not afraid don't go, afraid have no breadth of view

When each local business enterprise is still robbing to have an only China market, the Ao Kang adopted the way that"two legs"s walk after standing firm the heel in the domestic, with Italy one shoe industry GEOX walk ascend the cooperation totally win of road, come out entrance to a country to eat real"ocean meat".Someone says that Ao Kang and foreign cooperation are "bring in dangerous foe"s to, in fact and exactly the opposite, cooperate with them, the Ao Kang learns the thing that a lot of domestics could not learn.

Once, the Ao Kang Ou northland border brand industry park answered a batch of slips in the United States, the order price compares former Gao Chu's USD 5, but has very strict request, and even the Ke engraves.The being responsible for the leadership of the item makes a phone call for Wang Zhen Tao and say this customer obstinate, don't preach a reason.

Wang Zhen Tao gives out the employee's a message to write a way like this on the second day:The customer of complaint is the best teacher.After receiving this message, the being responsible for the leadership of this item immediately delivered a message for Wang Zhen Tao:"Wang Zong, I know how to do".

Passing an outside company is so-called"obstinate", our production level, craft etc.s all raised.Wang Zhen Tao thinks that who stand steadily, who see far, who the breadth of view is wide who will win.

"Quantity feet settle shoe machine" of Wang Zhen Tao of strange think strange notions

He"the poor kid is from", 15 years old then stop schooling.Before starting a business, he is through 3 years, carpenter and 2 years, shoes salesman, now then an entrepreneur with well-known whole country, in many people's eyes, his story is the sample product concerning"individual struggle".He claims to be his own success to come from his brave, diligence and loves to excel of personality, also have something to do with he many in the last yearses insisting studying

Wang Zhen Tao is a person with controversy in the industry-like his person says his"longer than marketing plan", don't like that his person says his"love to make a show, show off".

What to can not deny BE, he really once did some affairs that have to cause a sensation an effect.In 1999, he with burn 2000 pairs of dozen leaves to accept to pay in Hangzhou come of counterfeit the form of the shoes of Ao Kang, is a shoe positive in Wenzhou.In 2003, he cooperates with Italian shoes brand GEOX and is responsible for GEOX brand's luck camp in the hinterland.In 2004, he participates in Rui financial group in a set of Taipei First Boys School, and serve as a pair president and news spokesman, mixed reception.

He"the poor kid is from", 15 years old then stop schooling.Before starting a business, he is through 3 years, carpenter and 2 years, shoes salesman, now then an entrepreneur with well-known whole country, in many people's eyes, his story is the sample product concerning"individual struggle".He claims to be his own success to come from his brave, diligence and love to excel of personality, also and he many in the last yearses insist that the study is relevant.

"Measure feet to settle shoe"

Several days ago, Wang Zhen Tao's another new idea presented before people's eyes.The quantity feet that the Ao Kang group investment develops settle shoe machine to announce to publish.

It originates an unstrained viewpoint of Wang Zhen Tao:Which day of Ao the Kang open "the monopoly store that don't put shoe", in the store puts one set computer, and the customer measures a good feet type and chooses the style, color and material of shoes and delivers goods to come after making to order completion.

He associates "quantity feet settle shoe" from"quantity form dress".The viewpoint that several year agos by chance come out facilitated Ao Kang a set quantity feet settling the emergence of shoe machine.

According to understand, measure feet to settle developing of shoe machine to throw in more than 10000 dollarses 300, currently the first set machine is already been responsible for completion by the expert of University of Zhejiang, connecting down will carry on a product to turn.

Measure feet to settle shoe machine among nations not the first case.Wang Zhen Tao said that as he knows, England and each a companies of Canadases develops amount of the feet settle shoe machine, but"the machine is getting tooer costly, didn't expand".One among the companies develops of machine, the cost is more than 10000 dollarses 700.An Italian shoes brand has already made to order a point in Shanghai, each shoe price is in above 6000 dollars.

Different from them BE, Wang Zhen Tao's decision chooses a popularize direction, not aims at minority of high level customers.He conceives:"In 3~5 years, Ao Kang each monopoly store puts one set machine, each common consumers can enjoy to make to order service."

The popularize premise is to decline low cost.The head that the Ao Kang develops set machine, the cost is 200,000 dollars.The company's plan declines to the cost each the set machine 60,000~70,000 dollars' controling cost in a year 30,000 dollars is or so at the each set in 3 months.

Moreover, after adoption makes to order, the production cost of each shoe may rise.Wang Zhen Tao's introduction, because of these several years shoes production equipments of improvement, make to order to compare with batch quantity production now, the cost has already can'ted rise too many.

Someone puts forward, the Ao Kang develops to measure the meaning that the feet settle shoe machine and lies in characteristic service, zero inventory managments, and promotes the information-based construction of business enterprise.Wang Zhen Tao then thinks that also have more business opportunities Be worth scooping out.For example the quantity feet settle shoe machine to become an industry.The database also has business value.

"Let several must the feet type of the double feet data, all stay in the computer of Ao Kang, " Wang Zhen Tao says that"acquire these datas, and make their host become the for life customer of Ao Kang, this is my most acquisitive and precious wealth."

"The internationalization can not be eager to begging"

"The internationalization wants an one step one step, can not be eager to begging."This is Wang Zhen Tao to now realize.Several year agos, he is similar to a lot of Wenzhou entrepreneurs, keep in mind the heat slices of the mood start internationalizing of quest.

He admits that in internationalizing path, the Ao Kang once walked as well some curved roads.Several years ago, the Ao Kang opened many monopoly stores abroad, but, set up shop easily and made money difficult.Shoes business enterprise in Wenzhou opens of the oversea store, a lot of is the district that concentrates at the Chinese people, can not beat into a local essential market, be seen in order to win a low file product, have of even become stall goods;Set up shop in the district slightly very some places, again because the cost is high, sell an accomplishment to arrive however cost expenditure.

"The store that opens deficiency abroad, similar to chicken rib, the tasteless of food, leave of regrettable."Wang Zhen Tao says.

In 2003, Ao Kang and GEOX cooperate, is business enterprise in Wenzhou internationalization of a lately try.Both parties reach agreement:From produce sale, the Ao Kang is GEOX at local of with full powers agency, it can also ask for help of GEOX the sale network at the world, let the product of Ao Kang get into an international market.

Wang Zhen Tao of this with one action moves, someone evaluates for"bring in dangerous foe, help foreign capital to rob to have China market."Turn head to see now, he said, the one step that exceeded at that time was right, "if I don't cooperate with it, it will cooperate with other people, that becomes my competitor, and rather I cooperate to totally win with it."

This nations"marriage", after experiencing and matching to expect for whetting of more than a yearseses, both parties are just"harmonious".Wang Zhen Tao reveals that two business enterprise the all very satisfied other party is talking over to establish a joint venture company currently and establish in Shanghai.

GEOX has already had more than 100 sale nets to order in China, the sales was close to 100,000,000 dollars last year.In addition to from there is brand, it becomes another brand to make a contribution to the sales of Ao Kang, profits.Wang Zhen Tao's another result BE, because of GEOX to the OEM order in Ao Kang, the another foreign upscale brand also follows order.He is already a next year label next 300,000,000 order contract.

But, for make use of a GEOX network to"walk out", Ao Kang currently make progress not and greatly.After experiencing and groping for for several years, Wang Zhen Tao has more comprehensions to internationalization, "want to work well local market first, the biggest cake is at family, can not throw away", but the internationalization is the inevitable direction in future.

"Oneself can also do several more years"

The last few years Wenzhou business enterprise appears two poles to divide, minority of business enterprises quickly development, margin draw back and go together, lead more;The experienced industry has no the business enterprise that can rob to have several ex-s, rush through super go together more and more difficult.

The Ao Kang is one of business enterprises in Wenzhou that is placed in a rapid development stage."The business enterprise develops the scale of 1,000,000,000 dollars sales, we used more than 10 years, " Wang Zhen Tao says that"increase 1,000,000,000 dollars sales again now, probably takes a year."

Along with business enterprise strong, Wang Zhen Tao also compares before more mature, but speech talk in, he still express is smart and some simple personality true colorses.He says that on the news conference before, "long gun short cannon" meeting that faced a reporter was very nervous, now to any ask, he"very town settles, can tidy up a way of thinking right away".

15 at the time that year olds stopped schooling, Wang Zhen Tao's educational background was unwillingly a junior high school graduation, but he had been hasing a passion for study and not only had already read various interest in the dog's-ear, but also studied from with the other people's exchanges.

After completing the study in international work college of commerce in Central Europe, Wang Zhen Tao and then study to manage a course in college of commerce in Yangtze River.He thinks that the meaning that reads these courses isn't lies in acquiring educational background, also not only lies in "use knowledge armed brains" and reads that the EMBA fun lies in learning to have to use.

"Studying the knowledge is opposite and easy, difficult is how convert knowledge into own intelligence, and produce an actual function."Wang Zhen Tao says.He reads EMBA, much fun is from "standpoint collision" on the classroom, each lesson class is over, he almost will have a few new ideas.

Is similar to majority of Wenzhou business enterprises, the group of Ao Kang is also a household business enterprise.For aftertime's arrangement, Wang Zhen Tao means "he or she can also do several more years", didn't°yet further plan.

Wang Zhen Tao said that in the future whether is inheritted a business enterprise by own children, so far still not decision, "want the interest for looking after child, not ability compulsive he manages a business enterprise."But, he still has to consciously train a kid, for example son pimping time, Wang Zhen Tao usually makes the son audit a board of directors meeting.

Wang Zhen Tao:The top-grade business enterprise is "dream factory" Panasonic of"god of management" in Japan luckily it helped to once say:One of the great responsibilities of executive, be make the employee own a dream, and make great effort to point out a target, otherwise, have never entitled to be a leadership.

The top-grade business enterprise is top-grade"dream factory", can give the employee the satge, let the employee own a great dream.

As early as 1932, Panasonic luckily it helping and making a speech toward the business enterprise employee mission consciousness, described a programming of 250 years of company to everyone.Almost have no in the world how many companies can survive for 250 years, and even if can longer than 250 years, also very difficult assurance grows prosperous not Shuai, Panasonic luckily it helps and might it not is is dreaming?

But indeed and really in really because of have dream, just make the employee set alight work intense emotion, make them more brave, have mission consciousness more, let the intelligence that they deeply cover up burst out, make miracle become realistic.The Panasonic knows to make the employee own a dream, and build satge for employee, so the Panasonic company obtained a rapid development.

The Ao Kang is also top-grade"dream factory".In the Ao Kang, the main employee has viewpoint and ability necessarily have him the demonstration of satge, even the affair of employee active"want an officer" in general business enterprise very difficult imagination, will also take place in the Ao Kang.In the Ao Kang, promoting the mechanism is the mechanism that dreams of growth, is can see to touch wear.Want 〜only effort, will have the mechanism to make to dream of to come true step by step.

In the excellent business enterprise, as long as having ability, can own infinite development space.Thus, can not only make the employee find out to truely suit his/her own post, but also transfer the employee's aggressive, keep enthusiasm of work forever.Is much more than an Ao Kang in fact, take a wide view top-grade business enterprise in the world, all have such a mechanism, encourage that the employee owns a greater dream.In American G.M. company, the affairs of "wanted an officer" happened as well.

A young men are full of to with assurance walk into American G.M. company, want to seek a work.He of so arrive in general use companies to accept appointment, is because his father once said "the G.M. company was a company with good management", and suggested that he had a look.

In the personal interview, because of very self-confident, he gave the personal interview the officer to leave deep impression.But at that time company the post that only one left got empty to lack, the personal interview officer said to him:"Young man, the company just only one left got empty to lack a post now, you still needed to accept appointment?

"Certainly!I since came, can't return empty-handed."

"But, that post is very hard, also very difficult do, it is hard to deal with to get to be like your such a new hand."

Who know, the young man doesn't have some kind of words that bedcover tries an officer to"knock down" and still keeps saying very with assurance:"It doesn't matter, again bitter I am also not afraid.Because, I come to accept appointment of the purpose is to want into a G.M. to work."

"?That do you want to be engaged in what work in the company?"

"I want to become an in general use chief executive officer in the future!"

Is this words to let personal interview the officer decide to leave this young man, because he doesn't want to waste a talented person, he knows this young man in the future will have a day to carry out a dream.After 32 years, this young man Luo's hero ·Si the airtight Si indeed as expected became the president of G.M. company!

The person of greed is usually the most worthy person.Not vital part the afraid employee is insolently ambitious, have the greed the power that would pursue.Is contrary, those not dare to think of person, usually also not dare to do, end can become a little employee and bring to be worth of for the company also very limited.

So top-grade business enterprise exactly how become top-grade"dream factory"?

First, the business enterprise should own to completely promote and incentive mechanism, let the employee own vast development space, and want to allow the employee to feel his/her own occupation career control in the they's hand.Thus, so as to make the employee have the intense emotion of work, continuously challenge own work, own post, finally do excellent result.

Secondly, the business enterprise should truely concern employee, unlimited settle the employee's development, let the employee presume the viewpoint of putting forward they.

Presume "want an officer" and presume a competition moreover.Thus, so as to make the employee presume to dream, presuming to dream would presume an activity.

So, like to be top-grade business enterprise, will know to provide various opportunity for employee, build up a complete mechanism in the company, become"dream factory" of real meaning of business enterprises, the employee's dream can carry out in the business enterprise ability.

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