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December 23 [Mon], 2013, 17:53
Clothes for women is the most, as the same network ------ scattered pieces worldwide .

My most precious piece of clothing I know from talking about her husband , it is our understanding of the second summer Moncler Jakke Norge, my husband will graduate in July , we often take a walk in the campus of her husband , and he will always holding my hand, so I avoided the traffic , let me sit on a stone bench grazed his , or his soft legs .

Happiness always inadvertently passed , my thoughts and fly away infinite extension.

Husband family was not good , the family has no money to feed him plenty of food and clothing , he usually think of a way to work,

At that time , I really do not know the money is used to luxury , just thinking about the sweet feeling of love .

It was a very hot summer, we went to the South mall , her husband sent my first dress that is produced here , he was still a student , I spent 198 yuan to buy a piece of beautiful floral skirt Billig Moncler Jakke Online, in the 1990s this 198 dollars, asking too much for us , we simply can not afford that , but my husband insisted on buying . He said to wear on your body really nice , I was really speechless , not just moved, there a different kind of feelings, I can not say how we mention the skirt away , but the feeling still so clear .

Each piece flower dress to wear on my body, my face must shine a brilliant smile, my heart will be infinite love Siran Ran rises , as if he is the fairy tale angel. .......

However, students in a bike ride , a beautiful piece of floral skirt no longer appeared, floral skirt was twisted into the bike in pieces . My heart is like that skirt , like crumbled into a film. Legs are also smashes her husband to accompany me a few days Moncler 2013 Nytt, I did not ask her husband's mood , I wonder if he was faced with this tattered skirt is what kind of mood. Was taken to the hospital by classmates before notifying him , to see him at the moment, in my eyes full of tears , I do not know the pain of the wound or the demise of the skirt .

Indefinable regret , in this inadvertently let my love crush , now in my closet , no longer find the dress of the figure .

Decades, shredded piece dress, still I can not forgive their mistakes , although it does not change any of the status quo,Moncler Kvinner Jakker let me again miss, miss the share of affection .

Today, my closet lying husband bought me a few thousand dollars a dress , but I miss is the piece of torn floral skirt .

Flower skirt , can no longer see you in the closet , you can no longer touch , no longer.

Floral skirt , when I can get back your order to regain from you ....
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