the heart bottom uncomfortable

March 01 [Thu], 2012, 16:27
Only saying with others is a , then move forward into the direction of the sun of Yuan Yu to walk.More is to close to, hand Zhong Xi the night more can feel a vestige department a view up strong dissatisfied spirit field in my body, especially hope in the sun of Yuan Yu toward after strong smiling of own vision and lips side idea open come.
"Elder brother!"The vestige department that completely takes no cognizance a flank to strongly release a dissatisfied spirit field view I, hand Zhong Xi the night embraced to embrace the sun of Yuan Yu, " you need not come to airport to connect mine, my promising you , Monster Beats Studio after coming back, will well talk with you, can't fail to keep promise."
The sun of Yuan Yu is Cheap Beats Studio or so to took a look hand Zhong Xi night, pull the hand of beginning the night of Zhong Xi, care ground read severals:"You are my younger brother, which have already done an elder brother not to come to connect a younger brother.You take for these several days whether is very hard, I follow you closely and lost, I made Li Sao be some nourishing soup water to drink for you and repaired body."
"Elder brother, I this where is to be subjected to, this is getting stronger.You are a body Be getting weaker, should drink soup water of is you just to."Hand Zhong Xi night heart bottom a warm, more and more feel like this good elder brother not ability cheapness vestige department view I.
But in the brothers two you an an earth's surface to me show the time of concern, the vestige department view my eye knife throws to the hand Zhong of one side national glory, reveal the not gorgeous information of in eyes, letting is full the kid of the hand Zhong national glory tube tube oneself, don't on every occasion hug and embrace.But hand Zhong national glory but seem there is no the look in the eyes seeing a vestige department a view me signaling hint generally, completely at easely stand over there.Just the that a little of the heart bottom uncomfortable but again is shortage is an outsider way.
After the black face seen an enough vestige department a view me, hand Zhong Xi the Monster Beats Studio night was so a to just discover to have individual ground, smile a way:"Is not the vestige department gentleman a vestige department financial group to inherit a person?How to have this empty come to connect me and national glory, can't be ……"
The words of behind that intentionally abridges, but Monster Pro Headphones leave infinite fancy.This some kind of words Monster Dre Beats sign department view my whole individual of Ma Rang Ji to armed to the teeth:"The originally big Ye is to don't trust Yu sun, some persons be still need not too imagine oneself as the favorite."
The sun of Yuan Yu looking at two again the Dou rise mouth come of guy, pressed to press the sum Cape, don't know these 2 people as well BE
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