When S3 rolled out its Cheap FIFA 14 PS3 Coins Savage4

December 24 [Tue], 2013, 11:01
When S3 rolled out its Cheap FIFA 14 PS3 Coins Savage4 chipset last February, many gamers had hoped they would finally be able to experience S3TC-enhanced (S3 Texture Compression) games at a frame rate higher than that of S3's previous chip, the somewhat substandard Savage3D. Unfortunately, Savage4 cards failed to compete in terms of sheer performance in the face of Nvidia's TNT2 and 3dfx's Voodoo3.

Earlier this morning, S3 took steps to remedy that situation by unveiling its Savage4 Xtreme chipset. Essentially a Savage4 Pro, the Xtreme is bin-sorted and tested to run at 166MHz, significantly higher than earlier Savage4 production units, which were clocked at 125MHz and 143MHz. The increase in speed brings some much-needed 3D performance to an already value-minded product.

"Initial testing of a sample Xtreme 166 accelerator shows at least a 21 percent performance increase over existing Savage4 accelerators in every D3D and OpenGL-based benchmark we've tested," says Mercury Research analyst Dean McCarron.