CPU common troubleshooting ten cases

December 24 [Mon], 2012, 15:42
The CPU is the core of the whole computer, the CPU aspects if malfunction, the use of computers will appear all kinds of problems, here the author collected common 10 and the size of the CPU related fault, mainly including cooling failure, restart your failure, blank screen fault and overclocking fault, etc.

1, the chassis noise:

Fault phenomenon: the computer the upgrade HP Pavilion dv6-4000 Laptop cpu fan CPU, every time when the phone is switched on special big noise. But use a after the meeting, the voice returned to normal.

Failure analysis and processing: first of all check CPU fan is secured, some inferior case work and structure is not good, easy to work on in a resonance, increases the noise, and can give CPU fan, chassis fan motor add some oil to try. If it's because of the chassis housing single book cause, the best replacement case.

2, the temperature rise too fast:

Fault phenomenon: a computer at run time CPU temperature rise soon, boot in only a few minutes by 31 ℃ temperature will rise to 51 ℃, however to 53 ℃ is stable, no longer rise.

Failure analysis and treatment: usually, CPU HP Pavilion dv6100 Laptop cpu fan surface temperature can't more than fifty ℃, can appear otherwise electron transport phenomena in order to shorten the life of CPU. For CPU, 53 ℃ temperature is too high, long time use easy cause system instability and hardware damage. According to the analysis of the phenomenon, heating up too fast, stable high temperature should be the problem of CPU fan, only need to change a quality good CPU fan can.

3, CPU stitch bad contact, causing the machine can't start:

Fault phenomenon: general performance in suddenly can't boot, the screen no display signal output, eliminate graphics, display no problem, unplug the plug on the mainboard CPU, carefully observe and no burn mark, but just can't light up the machine. I later found out that CPU pins are black, bloom, the trace of the oxide and rust, then use a toothbrush to CPU stitch to do the cleaning job, then the problem will be solved.

Failure analysis and treatment: the cause of failure may be because of the refrigeration piece will chip surface temperature drop too low to have low dew point, causing CPU long-term job in damp environment. And bare copper stitch in the environment and the oxygen in air reaction made verdigris. Accumulate over a long period rusty spot too much cause bad contact, and cause failure. In addition, some bad motherboard, due to the CPU slot quality is bad, can also cause bad contact, a lot of material has the problem, the best way is to his manual installation and fixed CPU!

4, in summer dust caused crash fault:

Fault phenomenon: a computer failure phenomenon, for the use of average every twenty minutes will crash once, a few minutes after the restart again again crash.

Failure analysis and treatment: began to estimate is CPU temperature inside the case caused by high crash, the BIOS check the CPU temperature, the findings show that temperature only 33 ℃. I later found out that this computer boot BIOS check temperature also only 31 ℃, is easy to use one hour later, temperature only rise by 2 ℃, 35 ℃ or so at room temperature. It seems measured CPU temperature not accurate. Open the case found that the radiator fan because above the accumulation of dust too much, has turned to be not moved, then replace the CPU fan, at this time to boot, the computer operation in a number of hours of game also did not happen crash phenomenon. I later found out that the motherboard temperature probe by stick adhesive in fin up CPU HP Pavilion dv7-4000 CTO Laptop cpu fan temperature measurement, but now the probe and no and fin closely contact, the separation of a lot of distance, fin heat can not be directly to the temperature probe, the measured temperature natural big error. Replace CPU fan, the probe and fin stick together fixed firmly, so on twenty minutes later, in the BIOS measured temperature is 45 ℃, then use all normal.

5, CPU stitch bad contact lead to computer can't start:

Fault phenomenon: a Intel CPU computer, usually use has been normal, nearly time problems.

Failure analysis and processing: first estimation is graphics failure. After checking with substitution method, but sometimes and normal. Finally pulled out plug on the mainboard CPU, carefully observe and no burn mark, but found CPU pins are black, bloom, the trace of the oxide and rust (CPU pins for copper materials manufacturing, outer gold-plated), the CPU stitch made clear work, computer and can add electric work.

6, caused by the CPU crash:

Fault phenomenon: a computer after the boot in memory and self through crash.

Failure analysis and treatment: press [Del] button to enter BIOS setup, carefully check the Settings are no problem, then read the default BIOS parameters, after restart crash phenomenon still exists. Use substitution method detection hard disk and various boards, results all hardware is normal. The problem might be an estimate in the motherboard and CPU, the working frequency of CPU to reduce a little restart the computer, everything is all right.

7, CPU fan in crash:

Fault phenomenon: a computer CPU fan in turns and fast and slow, use the computer for a while will crash.

Failure analysis and processing: because now the ordinary fan are mostly use ball fan, need lubrication to lubrication ball and bearing, this kind of phenomenon estimation is CPU fan ball and bearing lubricating oil between no, cause fan rotational resistance increase, turn difficulties, make its and fast and slow. Due to the CPU fan can't continue to provide strong wind CPU cooling, make the CPU temperature rise eventually lead to crash. The CPU fan added after oil CPU fan rotation party crash phenomenon disappear.

Eight, constantly restart your host

Fault phenomenon: a mistake the CPU fin of buckle out. Then as it is the fastener installation back to the radiator. Reinstall the good fan and electric testing, the results just boot, the computer automatically restart.

Failure analysis and treatment: check the other parts are no problem, according to the conventional heat experience should be part of the problem. May be motherboard detect CPU overheating, automatic protection. But repeated inspection thermal silicone grease and radiator are no problem, reinstall back or restart again and again. Replace the cooling fan, all OK. Don't fin has a problem, after repeated comparison, it is found that buckle direction loading inside out. Result fin and CPU core part of contact space, the HP Pavilion dv7-4000eh Laptop cpu fan CPU overheating, motherboard, CPU overheat detection restart protection. The original CPU cooling fan installed undeserved, can cause Windows to be automatic restart or unable to boot.

CPU with the technology and integration level unceasing enhancement, the core fever is a more severe problem, so the current CPU cooling fan to request too more and more high. A cooling fan improper installation problems caused quite common and frequent. If you use a Pentium 4 or Athlon like CPU, please choose the high quality of CPU fan, and must pay attention to the correct method of installation. Otherwise the light is to restart the machine, heavy to CPU burned.

9, CPU frequency display not fixed:

Fault phenomenon: a computer in every start-up time display CPU frequency high low.

Failure analysis and treatment: is likely to be on the main board of the battery power is caused. As long as the replacement of the same type battery, then reset the parameters in the BIOS, the CPU frequency display can return to normal.

10, CPU super screen cause display blank screen:

Fault phenomenon: a computer will CPU overclocking, boot appear display blank screen phenomenon.

Failure analysis and processing: this kind of failure should be typical overclocking fault caused by the. Due to the CPU frequency set too high, resulting in the CPU does not work properly, and cause display point not bright and couldn't get into the BIOS Settings. This kind of situation will need to CMOS battery discharge, and reset can be normal use after. There are kinds of cases is power on self test normal, but can't enter the operating system, in the operating system crash, this kind of circumstance just reset start and enter BIOS will CPU change back into the original frequency can be.