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September 16 [Mon], 2013, 18:07
( ) All the gods are Lianqu Mans , everyone seem to have been released out of the chains of hell , restored zìyóu. That was a thrilling , Shen Shaoyang through fear will kill them all . Shen Shaoyang body circulation This sparkling fluctuations. Myself full of energy . His desire to fight, to prove their strength. Shen Shaoyang and HORATIO absolutely empty clairvoyance . His eyes burst shè out two sharp Mans . Perishable eyes in the sea , endless sword in the strangulation world, flowers falling, I, desolate. Kill · · · · · · just a killing word export , Shen Shaoyang indifference toward the Hoare . Geshi sword in his hands , large-scale cooperation , Geshi sword of a program, that is earth shattering . The mysterious word out , boundless ancient word , with old crush strength , hit the Hoare . "You're up and how advanced , with four days of the repair you , do you want to compete with me ? " HORATIO cold voice said . HORATIO a foot down, shaking imaginary day , endless road lines turned out, closed day lock ground. Thorn · · · · · · Shen Shaoyang Geshi sword in the hands of large-scale cooperation , even in the realm Dawson Road pattern, also like paper being split, vulnerable. Shen Shaoyang Geshi sword HORATIO force , just as the road is open in the chaos , a sword , flowers baizhang wide avenues . Shen Shaoyang out like a dragon , unstoppable . Absolutely empty big hands repression comes , crushing vacuum , eliminate all blocked. When · · · Endless ancient character Canada Goose Mystique turned into a mountain, toward the large hand . Big hand to play in the tall ancient characters by the big hill, emits a metallic crash, sonorous sound move. The presence of monks horror , this person day four realm, and Dawson was able to master the realm of war . This means Guards , surprise Shaiya ghost fighting force , the same realm , who would dare to compete with them , Hero ? The same time, Shen Shaoyang sword stabs Hoare , then Geshi jianpi out forces than before the Shen Shaoyang hew force is much greater. Face Geshi sword edge, HORATIO dare to hand Yingjie . Suddenly, HORATIO vented to the outside of the chest million to bright gold, a bronze shield pieces flying out from his chest , rapid put , enlarged to the size of the two doors . Geshi jianpi in bronze shield , only uttered a sonorous voice, shock and spirit . In addition , no other effect. Shen Shaoyang surprised, this Geshi sword, though he did not know what level of weapons, but he knows Geshi conquering sword . But the encounter each piece of bronze shield, but lost the original edge. Is he in the hands of a bronze shield is the use of ancient times , cast bronze tripod casting material do ? If so , it is not surprising. Ancient bronze tripod casting material , which was the only thing called God . A strike failed, Shen Shaoyang successive scenes , a series of Pila few swords, at the same time , mysterious ancient character by character continuously from flying out of every pore of the body , blocking the absolutely empty offensive. Presence of everyone laments , Shen Shaoyang scared mining change my life , day vertical posture . With the sky actually realm for the repair, he just brief withstood other two as Dawson realm of the master . So combat power, and then it really can be compared to the eternal goddess yet ? Two years ago , the Qinling a war goddess eternal fame, in that war, the eternal sky goddess with eight for the repair, abruptly waved the two Dawson realm of existence into dust, dissipated in the sky. Alerted the world that war eternal goddess , in one fell swoop leapt to a younger generation the strongest position. Since then, whenever challenged her, have only failed. Whether older or younger generation . Have lost very thorough , very clean. Now people who see in Chen Shaoyang eternal goddess of the shadow , so do not come when you think of the eternal goddess . Red boxing · · · · · · · Red riding Shen Shaoyang shout, two kinds of peerless power law, while playing , the power of destruction hit the sky , emptiness shake , born of the breath as the smell of death , so that the presence of people , they can not breathe. H · · · masterpiece great crash , absolutely empty and HORATIO simultaneously shot. Shen Shaoyang inverted out again . After all, is lost . Difference is too poor a state . Every time a big crash , have only disadvantage. Watching Shen Shaoyang inverted , vomiting , everyone thought Shen Shaoyang certain death. But everyone's guess wrong. In the inverted out of the moment , Shen Shaoyang disappeared. Live quiet down. Where are searching Shen Shaoyang . Site are tense up , the air was filled with thick smoke . This is Tao Shen Shaoyang after the collision with the two , the consequences . Shua · · · Jian Qi flying a stunning , straight split to Hoare . HORATIO repair is amazing , the body reacts faster than the average person can fly . By virtue of his agility and skill , such as electrical reactions, such as the speed of light , abruptly Shen Shaoyang that escaped the sword . Shen Shaoyang that sword can be described as shaking ZZZZZZZZZ , did not say how its power . Is so unexpected emergence , Janus Lengmang , is sufficient to people dumbfounded . HORATIO though escaped the power of the sword , but it still was a handsome face Jian Qi across from the side , his face scratched a layer of skin . Let Hoare felt the slightest pain disgrace . Dawson dignified realm of the master , but also two , actually one was wounded . This is a great insult . From his debut, never had . Shen Shaoyang a hit back, once again disappear. All this occurred in the fingertips . Meanwhile absolutely empty shot , said pattern extroverted , sealing sleepy world. HORATIO punch hit , boxing Mans hide this numerous small road pattern, like a needle the same. Bang · · · · · Canada Goose Toronto Outlet · · endless road in the same pattern and steel fist Mans , the mortal world like broken glass , like jumping off . Shen Shaoyang appear in the eyes of the world . He found his fantasy footwork , fast out of the way . May , after all, it could not escape unharmed . Dawson realm of the master is not so useless. Their road pattern, on behalf of a strip road, every one channel , on behalf of a law , an order. Shen Shaoyang dragnet -like road pattern was detained in the road blockade lines , it is difficult to escape. Shen Shaoyang approaching threat of death . This time he also had the opportunity Mens North Face Gore Tex to escape it ? The answer is clearly , absolutely no chance. HORATIO big hands into a big slap in the face , towards Shen Shaoyang call . Shen Shaoyang give his shame , he wants to recapture . Pa · · · resounding slap in the face of this great mind which side vanity. The Shen Shaoyang heads are almost gone. If it is not his body was strong channel pattern imprisonment, probably already fly out do not know how many kilometers it. This is a heartbreaking picture. So young , scared only change my life , it is the Chula delicate features, transcend mundane . Mortals that cite sector may not be able to find out this beautiful man . Shen Shaoyang iron face Jueao rude , unmoved. What was intended . Unfortunately, he could not get rid of these enemy of the people . Unfortunately, the kingdom of his blind eyes, do not believe in themselves. Pa · · · is a big slap in the face . Shen Shaoyang mouth is played with blood. Messy hair , get it all soft. A Dawson realm of the master , even a gentle slap, not the average person can afford to . Shen Shaoyang is the sky realm of the master 's right. But the other hand Henla , there are strong slap in Yun Road , Shen Shaoyang even a few can afford ? Plus Shen Shaoyang of physical weakness . With only two major slap in the face , Shen Shaoyang was beaten senseless . Covered with blood-stained mouth spray of blood , the body was being detained . The pain , than the mortals in the kidnapping but also cruel. " Poof " · · · is a big slap in the face , Shen Shaoyang again ejected a mouthful of blood . Heartbreak . Do not know how many people do not believe to see this picture. But those who do not have the heart to people who are physically very weak mortals , they want to help, but they could do nothing. Just watched the beautiful boy was so tyrannical . So juvenile clearly knows his birth raised to his kingdom , alone in a battle with the enemy strongman . For Shen Shaoyang 's words , there are some many people believe . However, those are all mortal . Ha ha ha · · Shen Shaoyang you are killer , I see how long you can hard ? HORATIO shout, Yuehua Jian is a big slap in the face , beaten Shen Shaoyang unconscious mind confusion. Enemy thieves, as long as I have breath in , will not let you. Shen Shaoyang determination said. Face of unyielding perseverance face . Admirable , it hurts. He was too miserable, being two Dawson realm treat people so that will not die out forever crippled . Rumbling · · · Trick vibration, overcast, windy bluster , Montreal leaves dancing, in the void drift , telling sad , lonely and sad telling . Void in the air slowly cools down. Everything is no hope, no one attempt to save Shen Shaoyang . Grottoes sky Shen Shaoyang accompanied by pain , only filled by leaves with him . Who could save him , and who are willing to attempt to save him. Nobody knows Shen Shaoyang as China has done . Maybe he did so only for the sake of the Chinese nation 's common people . Enemy of the people would soon be invaded China , to China to bring endless killing it. Shen Shaoyang powerless said. Words sound so small that no one could hear. Just then, a snow white wins , temperament and refined , is simply a white prince, great temperament , Fengshen jade, a floated . His head a moon, bright Chu Chen , moon emit bright light . He seemed Tayue from, Fengshen jade posture, dress snow white wins , filling the extraordinary atmosphere. H · · smashing his head to the moon , rì month whom lost sè. Shen brother , I'll help you . It is a dream come cloud , Shen Shaoyang see he was very excited. I did not expect in his apocalyptic when he shot turned out to be rescued himself. Shen Shaoyang him a bright smile , a smile is natural and easy. Even this time , Shen Shaoyang still agile and easy, without the slightest fear . His calm and calm with an estimated few people can. Court death · · · loud shout never empty . His big hands turned into a mountain -sized . A slap to the cloud dream. H · · · · · · · clouds in the realm of dreams too low. Simply untenable . That round moon bounce his broken body inverted out . Dream on inverted out in the cloud , when a cute girl flying graceful , delicate hand call, with endless anger, palm shoot the absolutely empty . Poof · · · · · · blood flower bloom · · · · · · · · · · not · Shen Shaoyang sad cry . He did not have the heart , it was just a little girl , an innocent , adorable little girl. The girl was Jiang Yuexi . Jiang Yuexi is a pointing fly , vomited blood , the body go soft , the whole body of the gas machine at that moment been hollowed out . Inability to lie down on her period , she also towards Shen Shaoyang smile, smile, very happy, very satisfied.
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