I saw a Yinmang across the sky

September 17 [Tue], 2013, 17:59
) One hundred and eightieth Preparing Chen three points again to evil in yīn spent several rì, this time it is to begin to strengthen yīn gas refining yīn god , but he 's already very tough yīn God , far more than the same order monks , and after this period of time rì mysterious yīn raising the temperature of the gas has since strengthened somewhat , so he continue to be overwhelmed by yīn gas concise, but also on the basis of the original and then slightly improved a little , and did not produce any earth-shaking changes . / Digital rì feel this way after Chen three points on their own evil yīn enhance the strength of already useless , Canada Goose Men's PBI Expedition he received a five -day warning, physique an exhibition already speeding out, he is now big into cultivation , it is fast Dunshu , I saw a Yinmang across the sky , the people already to the crypt outside . Chen three hills back home , see what changes which did not , could not help a little sigh, he really is not afraid of a few rì back , cloud Xi trouble with what happened to him here, but Qingcheng Mountain , if really what's things, he also can not hold this woman . Chen three micro- one thought a while, then stepped directly into the room , and then they let the cloud matrix Xi for the time being dismissed , he would retreat back , it has been several months , if we do not go around , I'm afraid those of his fellow respect there he forgot the number of people. Chen three now already thinking clearly and he Yishensuoxue too heterogeneous , just can take advantage of the opportunity to sort out what , after all, he is now to break through to the level of the late attentively , rì after every further are extremely difficult , if you want to go farther , we must let their own jīng force more focused job. Of course, nine Yao G gold and red sun jianjue true character of these two he is certainly not discarded , both of which are very amazing jianjue , operation method , I got enough to make him the ultimate aspect of comprehension , he if this discarded, it can be called mind broken . Apart from these two , he is now practicing birth and death there is a large five patients , scheduled soul SG and thousands of magic refining Hun , etc., since this time yīn haze land line , this Big Five prospects birth and death surgery he is very optimistic , but to attend this door spell , he must also practice surgery method remaining four lines , so time-consuming jīng force must account not common sense to calculate, so this time he has also been a rì Insincere and uncertain , not knowing how to deal with this door operation method . As for the fixed soul SG and thousands of magic refining touches Hun does not conflict with , the two can simultaneously practice, but thousands of magic refining Hun only entry- Heart, he is bound not to practice wise level , if spend big jīng force in this door supernatural powers on , rì then looking up exercises is a laborious manual labor , you figure it is somewhat wasted. / Chen Sansi consider a long time, can not mind to come to birth and death surgery abandon these Big Five , after all, this is a promising magical spells, and had five scattered people deliberately exhortations he passed along, if discarded , is also somewhat I'm sorry the way him into monasticism a Master . "Well, go step by step , I now mainly nine Yao G gold jianjue with Chiyang true character, as these three spells with practice, saying I now big into cultivation , but also to go all day to see the Court , just to take the opportunity to look up whether you can solve the big Five birth-death surgery five department initiates problem . " Chen Yun Xi with three and casually asked whether this rì when someone came to see him, they listen to the cloud Xi said: "Oh, there are so few , but also the line fresh eye to see planted a matrix will have to go back, but which has a little girl, angry , Men's North Face Nuptse Clearance and I can not wait to see her that way will you dismemberment Caigan Xin you in the end how offended people of ? "Chen three hesitated and quickly asked clearly, listen to understand , but after it is wry smile , dark Ancun said:" He is clear that girl ah , presumably in order to adopt children summer things from, but I intend to take the little girl to stay in peak days , that is, to throw off her , if she was smart enough , this time in relation to home early , do not say she did not go ? "Chen three think the matter will be some headaches since he moved to the peak after Qingyang will indeed that girl almost forgotten about her peak in the next days is even more ignorant , but this time to see him pick up day peak is not possible , he managed to throw off these girl , and now again Coushang Hath the truth ? Chen three months they intend to turn a deaf ear on the matter , anyway, when rì a long time subsequently disappeared , he and HE Qing twelve years of friendship, how such a point that does not matter because it fell through , but these rì he is good to avoid the more Zheni Zi avoid a hit on the muzzle , it can be quite fun. Chen three spent a night in the mountains , immediately went to the Heavenly Capital Peak times rì morning rush , which are built in the Heavenly Capital Peak Tin House is a secluded location , where layers of matrix flat rì guardian , if it is the door a certain status of the disciples, no one knows the exact location of the fundamental , which is to protect the door classics , so coveted by some ulterior motive , after all the stuff inside the entire gate is too important . Although the rumors say , as long as six fairy door tactic preach the truth without losing its status will not be shaken, but Chen is now also considered three senior religious person, these things are basically still have some ability to distinguish , Take Green city ​​, as long as three typical six tactics yet can indeed keep handing class status, but a martial art if only these top law formula without it , etc. can be used for ordinary disciples practicing Ersan Liu Gong , a long time bound fault occurs , to the time I'm afraid that the name of the first -class large faction also a figurehead . Chen did not go to all three days of Court, but first went shangqinggong met the Aoba reality , this Court is not to enter both days is small , naturally, is going to look for approval , and then he would live in Aoba went under the direction of the Heavenly Capital Peak of an inner door elders, by the each other and then they took him to a far away shangqinggong Piandian in . "You came just in time , just a few of the peaks disciples to enter , and you 'd be able to go hand in hand , and in this little waiting for you , I went to a few people over their escorts ." Huang inner doors that were Elder walked away after leaving a few words , Chen three hundred bored beneath looked at this side hall , I saw no novelty , the moment they are at ease sitting, eyes closed , wait for each other to come . He did a few very familiar Heavenly Capital of the people, so these go in together with several of his fellow comrades did Men's North Face Nuptse Down Sale not expect much , because it is only to the security of, Who made him just the same Coushang with others approved it ? After about half an hour yellow elders who have brought four people came in , looked suddenly Yue Chen San , he just was thinking about Heavenly Capital Peak few acquaintances , who knows what will come of this two . Chen three and a few people have seen ceremony, he immediately grabbed by HE Qing , Zhe Nizi ferocious and said: "You guys rì where to run this time , I have been looking for you for days gone forever , actually still Dong Fu ago planted matrix , you are deliberately dodging me ? "Chen Zhe Nizi three palms quickly to poke , cried:" modesty, modesty, your disciples , but the core of the Heavenly Capital Peak , there is nothing we can not properly say Why ? " hE Qing fiercely glared at him , and then they find a location nearby stand , that the elders of the two yellow this scene seems like no , nothing exciting is still an expression, not that he did not want tube , but to discipline the identity of these two are not low , he was just a little real power of the inner door elders , in fact no need to go looking for trouble . Qinyue also riding on this opportunity and Chen three cackle a few words, Chen three when he first saw a little strange, Qinyue cultivation is still the old way , the level of the initial concentration, but Chen did not dare to look down at him from the outset three , but he clearly remembers his first meeting with Qin Yue , this can be is holding a sword Heavenly Capital Peak 's first order . " 's First make the sword , both day token , hey, do not touch many people on a lifetime , actually was the Qin Young to take the whole , it seems that this is not a common figure ah ." Chen three chuckle loudly , hearts it will enhance the evaluation on Qinyue several grades , but he is forgotten, he is also the peak 's first prayer flag with Chaoyuan all day to get all the tokens , the figure is not higher than the front of the poor. Another two Heavenly Capital disciples Chen three do not know, but all day to get the token characters , should be established with great merit , this way Daoxing naturally not too times , so he Actually, I'm with them too alienation , is still courtesy of the two . See the yellow elders are considered to know a few people , then pressure of the pressure hand and said: " You are an important Tin House are aware, in the escorts before you go in the door division Let me talk about the rules, according to which all go after the guidelines of you brothers to do things, not allowed to start work ; come out are not allowed to bring any private books, once discovered, immediately expelled from the door division ; out all day after the Court shall not disclose any information to outsiders , even loved brother does not work, if offenders is also the door rules disposal . " Elder said that yellow was very harsh, Chen three is also very serious , now is not the time to steal jiān Shuahua , a fix is really possible exiled downhill . Elder was very satisfied with the yellow humbly ask a few people look , the moment God sè micro loose, smiled and said : "You do not have to stress, there you go after you for Shishu uncles escorts , just follow their arrangements to go, nothing will go wrong , well , I have to say it so much , and this walk . " Chen three , as a few people would drive up from the escape of light followed , this strength is not weak yellow elders , according to the Chen Lian Gang should have looked at three mid -level, although not really in excellent shape , but is more than sufficient to meet a few of them , and they with whom he was among several people there is another one called Du Qing Chen 's days are peak levels of the late disciple attentively remaining two an interim one early strength of the gap is not small, had just recently met Daohai obvious, but this time applied to start once the escape light , it revealed itself as clear as noonday . Elder Huang Dao Yeting Guzhe that a few people did not cast much faster speed , this way it will be very CHEN three is relaxing , among a few people on Dunshu comparable with his one and only HE Qing , who called a disciple of Chen Du Xiu jianjue obviously not to Dunshu known , this way, he and hE Qing duo with the distance behind a few people will slowly pull the open. s
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