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August 15 [Wed], 2012, 15:05

Discount Original CHI Flat Iron

Company chi flat irons within two months of the second unit to auction yesterday. The title of one of mystery is again the chain of ownership, ultimate control over the suspect. Yesterday, JiNan City Intermediate People's Court auction hall, Silver Star Auction. Shandong CHI group holds auctions for sale of the unit to flow. This is already two months CHI group shares its 2 auction. Later, when the group with CHI Commercial Bank debt disputes commissioned by the JiNan City, Shandong province intermediate people's court auction. In Silver Star yesterday is for the second auction.

With the first auction, this times of the auction process, long a lot. A spokesman for chi hair straightener Vice President, the press reported yesterday on the reporter CHI clear: as the largest shareholder, CHI yesterday is very concerned about this auction. Final bidding for the buyer and CHI does not have any unit on the right. However, there are on-site CHI president said yesterday, at the auction site, and command 36 bid. Chan said yesterday in an interview with this reporter said in a telephone interview is very concerned about their own and who is the first CHI has become a major shareholder, but 2 is currently not clear.

In June 2003, the chi hair products on investment planning for General refrigerator project and a series of issues such as land and Yangzhou economic development zone had signed the project of the investment contract. Development zone management Committee in the contract commitments for CHI in the development zone was established in East China Refrigeration kellen electric appliance limited company provides more than 1100 acres of land for industrial development. On April 30, 2004, the development zone, Department of finance will be $ 35 million worth of development commitments by development zone management Committee of the Fund paid to CHI.