Catch that cat!!! 

January 17 [Mon], 2005, 9:20
I love cats
I really love cats.

I've been keeping cats since I was born in Japan.
So now I miss my cats so so much.
I rarely see cats here.
It seems like dogs are more popular in America.

By the way, the American believe
that the Chinese eat cats.
I'd never heard such a story before.
Is that true?

One time I saw a cat,
then I said
"Wow, he is so cute.I wanna eat him"
( you know, this is just an expression
that I really thought that cat was cute.)
And then my friend goes
"Oh NO!Don't eat a cat! That's a pet! Not for eating!!!"
... She was serious.
I've never, and will never eat cats....

1st period : English 

January 17 [Mon], 2005, 9:20
My first class is Langiage arts

My teacher is Ms.Bretz, who is getting married soon
She's really nice.
Her class is kind of difficult.
Well, it is because my English skill is not good enough.

We read nobels in the class, which is very complicated.
I kind of like reading,
but I can't understand this nobel
because it's too abstract.
According to Ms. Bretz,
it is difficult even for the Americans
to understand sometimes.
I'm struggling, checking my dictionary...

But recently,
I feel like I can read faster than I did.
Seems like I'm getting better.


January 17 [Mon], 2005, 9:18
I go to Clay high school.
According to My host,
there are about 1,200 students,
which is quite big for here
It takes about 10 min to get school by school bus.
It's pretty close.

Our school encourages sports among students.
football and basket ball teams are very good.
Last football season, they were the second best in Ohio if I remember rightly.

Our school symbol is a Eagle.
And school color is Green andYellow


January 17 [Mon], 2005, 9:18
She's an exchange and goes to Clay.
She's from Netherlands.
Do you have any idea where it is?
I'd never even heard of it.
Well, actually I'd known Netherlands before
for a different name.
NNetherlands, this name isn't familar in Japan,
is known as Holland in Japan.
We're good friend.
Anyways, she is very very smart
and speaks English pretty fluently.
Some of her American friends thought
that she was from Britain.
......... I'm so jealous.
She usually acts like an adult.
But here is funny story.
When she taught me how to use MSN,
( I'm totaly bad at computer..)
she was like absolutely different!!
She was yelling at computer like
"Come on slow computer"
"No!! Not this window!!"
"I hate you!!"
"Oh-come on, I'm sorry, please!!'
It was hilarious.


January 17 [Mon], 2005, 9:14
she is one of my best friends.
This is her nickname, I forgot her real name.
As you know, it means "a baby rabbit."
Sounds very pretty.
She is amazing tall, it's not even a grown-up rabbit.
According to her, her family members are all tall,
and she is the tallest one.
She is very smart and very poetic.
Actually she won a some sort of competion of poet.
She is very interested in Japan.
She's ganna take a Japanese class in University.
We promissed that she'll come over Japan
and visite me someday.

Host mother 

January 04 [Tue], 2005, 9:20
My host mom,Valerie Virag.
She is powerful woman!
She is a Coordinator for exchange students.
She's been coordinator for long time
because she likes kids and is intereted in other culture!
Now she has about 50 kids to coordinate.
And she also runs another job.
That's a lot of work!!

She loves Diet Pepsi. If I drank her pepsi,
she could kill me...
....... just kidding!

Val and her friend (left is Val)

Host Father 

January 04 [Tue], 2005, 8:57
My host father, Paul Virag
He's 45 years old.
I love him so much!!
He's so funny and really nice!!
I'm really lucky to be host son of him!!
He is really hard worker and smart.
He is a truck driver,so he is usually out on weekdays.

He helps his wife,Val, a lot.
He made dinner for us tonight since Val was busy!
He is awesome guy!


January 02 [Sun], 2005, 7:09
I live in Oregon,Ohio.
My house is pretty close to the Lake Erie.
It's cold here right now.One time,it got -20 degrees C.
According to host, it's especially cold this year.

Ohio is a kind of big state and the capital is Columbus.
I've never been there....
And the nearest city from Oregon is Toledo.
It's not big city ,
though president Bush came here when he was running

I don't have a picture of Toledo right now.
So I'll put them later.
This is my host's house!! I love those windows !

Happy New Year 

January 01 [Sat], 2005, 5:33
Happy New Year!!!
I start this page today.
I'm in Ohio, USA as an exchange stundent.
I'm ganna write something in English on this page.
As you can see,my English is not very good even I'm in USA
But I try to write everything in English.

I think I'm ganna write about life in here,friends,host family
and sometimes about myself but not daily.

Hope This year will be wonderful !!!
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