1Z0-042 Getting Started experience

February 23 [Wed], 2011, 18:08
Oracle's system is too large, and for beginners, there are some can not start feeling, what want to learn what the results are not adopted, so the learning experience to share about the hope that the people just started Oracle 1Z0- 042 have a general understanding, less take some detours.

Oracle 1Z0-042 divided into two blocks, one is to develop, one is management. Developed mainly write stored procedures, triggers something, there is the use of Oracle's Develop tools to do form. Somewhat similar to the programmer, need to have strong logical thinking and creative ability, personally feel that would be more difficult, is the young rice; management of Oracle Certification database you need to have a deep understanding of the principles, there is the ability to control and close the global thinking, greater responsibility, because a small mistake dropped down the entire database will be relatively the former, the latter value the experience.

10g DBA Certification 1Z0-042 I learned the method is simple: reading, thinking, writing notes, doing experiments, and then think, write notes. After reading what the theory, their stop and think about it, ask yourself a few why, and then learned and the knowledge to make a point of note; not understand or have questions in the time to do some experiment, think about how can it be the same, the results of the experiment down. Thinking and doing experiments is to in-depth understanding of the knowledge points. The note-taking process, but also clarify their own thinking process.

Beginners often because people have a problem, no start, do not know where to find 1Z0-007 data, only the forum to ask questions. But I think the time in question, is not to ask others how to analyze this problem? Where can I find information? Rather than what is the answer to this problem? Teach others to fish and they will fish for a lifetime.Testinside is this grant a man a fish web site.

Here, a brief talk about Testinside Oracle's architecture, so that beginners have a general understanding of Oracle.
1, the physical structure (the control files, data files, redo log files, parameter files, archived files, password files)
2, the logical structure (tablespaces, segments, district, block)
3, the memory allocation (SGA and PGA)
4, the background process (data write process, the log writing process, system monitoring, process monitoring, checkpoint process, the archiving process, services, processes, user process)
5, Oracle routines: Oracle SGA memory structures and routines from the database used to manage the composition of the background process. Routines can only open and use a database.
6, SCN (System ChangeNumber): system change number, a serial number within the system maintenance. When the system needs to be updated automatically increase the time, he is the system in order to maintain data consistency and an important indicator of recovery.
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