over view of Aguasucalientes 

2005年02月01日(火) 12時53分
なり、別の航空会社の飛行機を見つけ約1時間 予定より遅れて寒い
I took these pictures on the flight from Aguascalientes to Dalas
at Dalas, our original AA`s flight has been canceled dut to bad weather of Charlotte
but, fortunately, my American co-worker and I could take us airway`s flight
as one our delay. we arrived icy Charlotte late afternoon

trip to Aguasucalientes in Mexico 

2005年02月01日(火) 12時37分
先週 木曜日の午後から土曜日に掛けてメキシコのアグアスカリエンテスという町に
添付の写真は、泊まった5つ星ホテルと夕方 町を散策した時 見つけたモニュメント。
I have left Charlotte last Tursday afternoon
then flyed to Aguascalientes in Mexico via Dalas. this city`s meaning is
*hot water* because, these area `s is 1800m above sea level
and has many volcanos and hot springs
attached pictures are five star hotel where I stayed 2 night and monument in the city

下の写真は、年に1度 業として100マイルくらい歩いて教会へ向かう人達と教会
below picture was interested. you can see many peaple who are walikng to the
area Churchabout 80mils during 1 day. this is a kind of training for religion

winter season 

2005年01月23日(日) 4時13分
ぐっと気温が下がり、今 午後2時なのに31°F(氷点下1°位)と寒く。
Charlotte`s this winter season was warmer than usuful so far.
however, from yesterday, it is getting cold. it is 2 PM. tempatature is 31degreeF
cold!! according to wheather forcast. it will be snow from tonight
last winter Charlotte had a lot of snow as like as attached picutres are Japanese
country side. what will be result tomorow morning??
I guess, some peoplw expect to see first snawing in this winter. but.....

I bought music DVDs 

2005年01月15日(土) 8時49分
今日 ジャズシンガ− NORAN JONESとカントリーシンガー
SHAIA TWAINのコンサートのDVDを購入した。2本で$30
日本だったら2倍はするだろう。早速 見たがGOOD!!
また 他の歌手のものを探してみよう。
I bought NORAN JONES and SHAIA TWIN`s concert DVD which price were
$15 each. total $30. it is good price
I guess 2 times price in Japan. I saw these DVD . so GOOD
I want to looking for another singer`s one
by the way, I am going to play golf with co-worker tommorow
last time, I did one month ago. temparature forcast is 40 degree
it will be not good condition. but I hope, I am getting better score
anyway, I will try

I am starting to make new site 

2005年01月09日(日) 20時52分
過去2年半分の記事は、少しづつ このアドレスに移動していきますので、よろしく。
この写真は、12月18日にシャーロットのMariott ホテルで会社のホリデーシーズン
last middle of December, I have shared with 40 peoplemy web-site address,
but I must close it due to some reason whcih was my mistake I think.
I am starting to make a new site.
I will put write new articles and move old articles which old sites`s articles on this site
plese give my best to all of you!!
attached picutures were took at our company`s holiday season party at Mariott hotel
in Charlotte. we had a lot of fun !!

fresh raw fishes 

2004年12月28日(火) 11時50分
12月28日 博多に帰省し、両親、兄弟で割烹`もめん`で新鮮なさしみを
堪能、この後 兄と甥と3人で中州へ飲みに行き、夜中まで楽しみました。
I went to my home town` Hakata` where is noth of Kyusyu
then, we have ate a lot of fresh raw fishes at Japanese style resraurant
after that my older brother and his son and I went to Nakasu where is
famous downtown. we were drinking singing until midnight. ha ha ha~~

temporary back to Japan 

2004年12月23日(木) 0時36分
12月23日 シャーロットからデトロイト経由で名古屋へ一時帰国のため出発。
溶かす作業のため、約30分遅れの出発。12月24日 クリスマス・イブに名古屋に
I have left Charlotte via Detroit to Nagoya in Japan on Dec.23rd for temporary
home return. at this time 5 times for home return since in 2002
Detroit airport had snow. our plane delay to departure 30 min for melting ice
on the plane.
I have arrived Nagoya on Dec.24th. my pretty daughter has picked me up the airport
then we went to Kisoji restaurant. we had ShabuShabu ( meat) and Sashimi

at Adamus restaurant 

2004年12月20日(月) 12時39分
次回は、Tin Tinで茹でカニをたらふく食べようね
I have Christams dinner with friends at Adamus restaurant where is
high class???these are main foods.
we drank white wine and crab soup and bread before
ate main. atmosphere and taste was good and also price was little bit high
but all right!! we have enjoed very much.
next time, I hope that we will go to Tin Tin ( chinese buffe )
then, eat a lot of boiled crab !

disney on ice show 

2004年12月08日(水) 11時36分
娘が小さい時に、名古屋で一度 見たことがあるディズニーonアイスショー。
ショーロットに`beauty and beast`をテーマにしたショーがやってきたので
at once , I have seen `disney on ice show` in Nagoya city Japan when
my daughter was child. oneday,`beauty and beast` was coming in Charlotte
then, I had a little bit ashaming to see it. but fortunately, I could to see
pro-skater`s thecnic and listen good music
I have ashamed a little to see such a show. because it is mainly for
family and children. but I have enjoyed !!

Blue Diamond 

2004年12月06日(月) 10時31分
I have saw this blue diamond at National Museum of Natural Histry
which is the biggest one in the world. it was so beautiful!!
do you want to get it? hahaha
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