I don't want to say goodbye. 

2006年04月05日(水) 1時40分
saying goodbye to you is like tearing me apart..
i wish you knew that i did give you all my heart.
I don't want to say goodbye
Let the stars shine through.
I don't want to say goodbye
All I want to do is love with you.
Just like the light of the morning
After the darkness has gone
The shadow of my love is falling
On a place where the sun always shone.
Don't you know that's where our hearts both belong?
'Cause I don't want to say goodbye.
Let the stars shine through.
No, I don't want to say goodbye
All I want to do is love with you.
Together our two hearts are strong
Don't you know know that's where our hearts both belong?
'Cause I don't want to say goodbye
Let the stars shine through.
I don't want to say goodbye
All I want to do is love with you
All I want to do is love with you

it's over, am i correct? 

2006年04月01日(土) 3時11分
i wish i ain't.

i didn't know what's happened, maybe time passed and so we changed as well?
i used to keep hoping that i'm coming over england to further my study, and by that time i would be able to see you whenever i want..but it's not gonna happen anymore, right?
i wish you would deny it, i wish you would say that you still love me and care about me blahblahblah.

cherry you're such a fool.
today is your day, 1/4!

it's been more than a month huh? 

2006年03月14日(火) 18時28分
wow time flies, it really flies.
i've been back from england for more than 1 month and a half already, and unfortunately i just feel like we're growing farther and farther apart.
i dont want to lose you, don't you know that?
sometimes i just don't know how to let you go, even i can see that you're walking away from me..

to be honest, i love you. even there're too many disappointments in our relationship..

finally i've come back. 

2006年02月08日(水) 19時10分
i guess you've changed?
you don't wanna see me anymore, right?

i don't know, i hope it's not true as well..but it's really the conclusion that i've had after the trip.
i'm really disappointed, indeed.
is my heart gonna be broken again?

Happy new year<3 

2006年01月03日(火) 3時32分
thank god i've had a wonderful 2005, hopefully 2006 will be as good as 2005 as well!=]
the day which i've longed for is coming very soon, getting more and more nervous day by day..sometimes i afraid that you'll not be willing to see me again, sometimes i afraid i'm too fat and too ugly to let you see me, sometimes i afraid that i'm no longer attractive to you..T_T
how come i'm so nervous!!?
i know, it's all because i care about you so much.

i love you joseph robert leonard prince, indeed<3<3<3

merry christmas=] 

2005年12月24日(土) 17時04分
the first christmas after we're together=]
it's a pity that you're not in hong kong.
how much i wish it will happen someday, and we're gonna spend every festivals and holidays together.

time really past so quickly, 19 days left before my england trip.
gonna be a whole new experience for me, as i've never left my parents for so long.
it's time for me to get independent though=]
and of course, the most important thing and the thing i look forward the most is that i can finally see you again!!=D
keep longing for this day for 6 months already..i really miss you so so much my love!!

by the way, you've got a job before the christmas is really a nice christmas present for me=] i'm really so happy for you my dear<3

time flies 

2005年12月12日(月) 18時29分
31 days left=]
heheee i can finally see you again!!
i don't care what bird asked me last night, i just know that my heart is all yours.
there's no room for any other guy.

i trust you and i love you.
i always do.

6 weeks left=] 

2005年12月02日(金) 15時10分
finally, 42 days left to the day i can see him again=]
i'm really so excited, missing him like crazy everyday.

looking forward to my trip in england and seeing my beloved baby<333

something stupid. 

2005年11月21日(月) 2時08分
after having a stupid nightmare last night, i found that i'm more into joe.
i felt really sweet when i found that i care about him so much, even much more than the way i expect/think.
he worths it, he worths everything that i've done for him.

plus, at this moment, i really cant wait to see him!!
i miss him so damn much=[
i miss his hugs and kisses<3
anywayz i'm seeing him in 8 weeks!! wohooooo!!

some random facts about me. 

2005年11月14日(月) 3時06分
1. I do care about you. ALOT.
2. I would love to be around you every day and night if I could.
3. In my heart you're always the one and only.
4. I've never compared you with other people. You're just imcomparable.
5. I always wanted to hear your voice, somehow i just hope that you could give me a call.
6. I need you to show me how much you care about me, it would be the best if you could do so EVERYDAY.
7. I've never doubted about you.
8. I know long distance relationship is difficult, but I'd love to try only because of you.
9. I'm to boylish to be a girlfriend that I know.
10. Somehow I'm too afraid to let you know that I'm so inconfident in myself.
11. I wish we'll have future, and I believe so.
12. Usually I cry when I'm too happy.
13. I just need your hug when I'm not feeling alright/upset.
14. I don't really care about what you'll give me as a gift, I just care how much you've considered about me when you're choosing it.
15. Actually when I saw that you're so happy talking to other girls, I got mad at that moment. Calmed quite quickly afterwards just because I understand that you need friends, as well as some room.
16. I appreciate a lot when you tell me what you've done or where you've been to. I feel so secure at that moment.
17. You always drive me crazy.
18. I spend like 80% of time thinking about you, apart from when I'm asleep.
19. I felt so sweet when I got up if I dreamt about you the night before.
20. I love you, Joseph Prince.
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