Furtive Monologue 

January 30 [Sat], 2010, 2:10
It feels like special tests follow me everywhere I go. After the intermediate testing on the begining of this year in micobiology and clinical chemistry it's more quiet in writing test...
but anyhow.. It's curious to hay nothing to learn for the next weeks... I think we will become lazy the next month...

whatever, it's feels like I will become ill. Should eat and drink more salutary products!


November 19 [Thu], 2009, 22:03
We're minutes away

from saying goodbye

for all of time.


October 21 [Wed], 2009, 22:14

I forced myself to hold my breath,
do not open the mouth,
so could not escape
the last bit of oxygen. . .


October 19 [Mon], 2009, 23:21

Perhaps it's so,
that each person is only once in his life really happy.
Once a time.

And for that he will be punished afterwards.
The whole life long.

And the penalty is
that he can't forget this moment.

I think it would be the best
if you say 'goodbye' in the right moment.
and that is when you're happiest.
Iff and only if...

At the highest point.

don't read. 

October 17 [Sat], 2009, 20:47
well, this weekend was not special.
On friday I was on the 18th birthday of an old school friend in my old hometown.
I think everyone of you know how it is to be on such a birthday, so I mustn't explain.

The misterious thing was, that I couldn't sleep after it at 6a.m without the safety that someone fight with my POKEMONS'....
So it seems to still have some advantages
to be received into a relationship ...

long speach short meaning
It seemed so exciting to watch how [N] played this game, that I couldn't have a good night's rest...

on the next morning A big headache said 'hello~' to me...
(next to the sound of my DS Game..)

and the only things I asked myself was 'Which Lvl do they have now?!'

. . . .
[N]-c.a.n.n.o.t-d.o-a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g-r.i.g.h.t ! ! !

he slept away with the console in his hands..
the whole night.. it was 'on' the WHOLE NIGHT ! ! !
. . . .

nya.. not interesting this entry but I wanted to upload some pictures again to make this site not so.. dark(*wohoho*)
so I must write any shit... sorry.

Now I will try to sleep a bit more at this time~!


October 10 [Sat], 2009, 3:40

Es ist die zweifellose Angst vor meinen Schwäche,
die mich in der ungeduld trauern lässt nicht zu wissen,
was zu tun ist...

und zu zusehen,
wie die wunden der schwalbe dessen Flügel gebrochen wurden..
weiter aufreissen...

[die zeit läuft langsam und qualvoll ab.]


September 21 [Mon], 2009, 23:20

could someone believe that this is the same person ?

(404ERROR_this file was not found)



September 21 [Mon], 2009, 23:16
argh... exams are too stressfull...
I want a chocolate cookies.. NOW!!!!


August 25 [Tue], 2009, 14:51
wuuuyaaaaa guys!!!!

I'm awoken !!!!!!!

since the schooling starts again, not much happened.

Last week I was with [ K 9 in cologne at GAMESCOM and I must say spending time with [ K ] ... I won't forget it !! never...

on Sunday I was with [N] and his family in the Netherlands at GRUENER HUEGEL to diving under water.
It was something new for me but it was a wonderful feeling....
expect for the shrimp which pinched me under water!!! ___?

Sands of Time 

July 26 [Sun], 2009, 23:28
last week ended too fast, too.
The most time I spended with RIN and GAMES !!!
I fall in love with my created cell in SPORE :o
I called it HUBBABUBBA.... and I'm sure about it was a hermaphrodite..!
[ah.. it's not childish if someone should think this. This game is LOVE!]

As this days ended it became a bit boring...
I spended the rest of the week at [N]'s house and killed the time with sleeping and
playing with his hair...
The result: hair ties looks good at him.

Ansonsten alles langweilig.
Die letzte freie Woche beginnt morgen und ich hab keine lust mich
ans lernen zu setzen.


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