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November 30 [Fri], 2012, 15:53
    The Wu Shaoxia ...... mountaintop suddenly came the so saying cries! Wu Ming-chi suddenly paused and stood there motionless! Im looking at you at the top of the hill, you do not come up? Want me how long you Ah? Wu Ming-chi, looked up to the peak point of view in the past, the heart can not help but be curious! Let alone at night even during the day it is difficult to see to the foot of the mountain people, ah! He actually said to see himself, really scared, but sound Tone was so close! Like in the ears, but can not see anyone! Wu Ming-chi, the wine slowly gourd on his waist, his legs flew up into the treetops stretched it out! Then called on the http://www.canadagoose-jacketsale.com/

force of the whole person is like a leaf, like flying on top of the hill! Good internal forces your internal force is not

Wrong but is not very good! You play out! So you wasted a lot of internal forces are on their toes! Wu Ming-chi is curious facing the hill shouting predecessors, how do you know ah?    Sound debate ... Wu Ming-chi, could not believe that lasts over a Zhancha Wu Ming-chi was on to the top of the hill, top of the hill is a temple! No one outside the temple, just an old man sitting on the roof, Trance to staring at Wu Ming-chi, see. Predecessors about I come here in the end there is anything at all? Wu Ming-chi was very curious, but still out! Ha ha ... predecessors you in the end laughing ah? You buried

Their own you know? You buried it is detrimental to a lot of people ... Wu Ming-chi, curious, how I buried harm others? Seems not ah! The old man jumped on the roof down, looked canada goose outlet at Wu Ming-chi, said your hand inside holding a ruthless sword, you know their responsibilities. Suddenly Wu Ming-chi remembered Master Promise Seno words to You must get ruthless sword, then unlock the secret of the Cape Palace! Rivers and lakes of a truth! You wake up yet? Wu Ming-chi, nor

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